601 – How to Recruit a High-Level Agency Team
Published September 18, 2018
46 min
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    Raj Jha

    In this episode:

    02:15 - From lawyer to business owner
    03:28 - When you don’t want to be the front man
    06:38 - What is a customer worth to your client?
    08:16 - The key to hiring great talent
    10:54 - Systematizing the hire
    13:48 - After setting coordinates...
    20:48 - When you need to let them go
    24:43 - Do people like working for you?
    30:46 - Roles with the most leverage
    32:08 - The no news update
    36:37 - Wrapping does count
    41:05 - A team horror story
    45:03 - Summing things up

    Build your team with direct help from James who has been there and knows how to do it.

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    James: James Schramko here. Welcome back to SuperFastBusiness. We have a special episode today. We'll be talking about team, and we’ll be particularly focusing on the topic of building a team from your Western labor force, not just an offshore team, which we talk a lot about on this show. So, it'll be really fun to have a discussion around this. I've invited a special guest, Raj Jha, welcome to the show.

    Raj: Hey, James. Thanks for having me on the show.

    James: This is an absolute privilege for us because I've been tracking your success for a number of years now since we first met in Los Angeles at a Strategic Coach workshop. I’ve watched you evolve your business model, because I think you've gone from being a practicing lawyer to building out a successful agency catering to law firms. Is that about the gist of it?

    Raj: Yeah, that is, and even within that, some of the changes from a relatively low-end commodity service business to something that commands a significantly higher price point, so we've had to undergo a lot of changes to do that.

    "It's healthy to embrace change and to see the opportunities in it."CLICK TO TWEET

    James: Yeah. As we all do, we have to navigate the changing fabric of business and adapt. And I think it's healthy to embrace change and to see the opportunities in it.

    Today, I think it will be worth covering some of the things that have happened to you over this journey. You run a firm called PracticeAlchemy.com, which I'm sure would be very appealing to any lawyers listening to this, especially if they're United States-based and they need some help with their marketing. But assuming that not everyone listening to this as a lawyer, a lot of people who listen to this show do have service agencies or are building a business where they need to have team beyond just themselves.

    From lawyer to business owner

    So, I guess we should start with this first part, and that is, let's talk about the shift that has to happen when you go from Raj the practicing lawyer, to Raj the business owner. I imagine there's a few steps that have transitioned there.

    Raj: Yeah, in various ways. I mean, fortunately, when I was an attorney, I did build a firm that had a team. So, I had some exposure to that.
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