598 – What Has Changed With Content Marketing With Kerry Finch
Published August 31, 2018
42 min
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    Show notes
    Kerry Finch

    Episode highlights:

    00:55 – How it all started
    03:09 – An interesting time
    05:35 – Changes in the field of marketing
    10:58 – The London adventure
    15:44 – An incident in Dubai
    17:11 – From organizers to members
    19:27 – Giving a result first
    21:03 – Since the heyday of the press release
    23:24 – Other content Kerry does
    24:58 – Content issues to consider
    26:04 – The actual crafting
    28:02 – The surprise that is LinkedIn
    30:05 – Repurposing factors
    31:45 – Memories from the past decade
    36:42 – Where are things going?
    38:26 – The case of the lawyer client
    40:18 – The things that work
    41:39 – Some words in parting

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    James: James Schramko here. Welcome back to SuperFastBusiness.com. Today is a very special episode because we will be taking a trip down memory lane and we'll be uncovering some of the back story to some of the stories you might have heard me mention on this particular podcast. And I've brought along a dear friend of mine, one of my earliest contacts in the industry. Kerry Finch, how are you?

    Kerry: Yeah, I'm well. Thanks, James. Lovely to be here.

    How it all started

    James: Kerry, we go back a long way. I met you when I still had a job. That's how far. And I met you at the job, which is even more interesting. And as I recall, I was the general manager in my last job and I had been building up my online business on the side and I was pretty excited about the idea that I might one day be able to quit my job.

    And I feel like I was getting close to that sort of quit point, and at the time, you had come into the dealership and were helping out in a front desk reception role as a temporary assistant. Because you were doing other stuff like travel, tour guiding, and it was just a fill-in thing for you.

    But I do recall you did an exceptionally good job, and our receptionist was away and I think we'd found out she wasn't coming back. And I asked you if you could have a look at a job description that I'd written on, and I asked you about, you know, what sort of things are important for that role, having done it for a while, because you had contextual experience. And you took the draft away and then you brought it back straight away with changes and I said, “Well, that was quick,” and you said, “Yep.” And I looked at and it was really good. You'd made some incredible refinements.

    And I said, “Why are you doing this job instead of writing articles from home in your tracksuit pants?” And you said, “What's writing articles?” And I said, “Well, let me tell you.” I said, this whole internet thing and you can get $10 per article to write for Americans, and you can go into forums. And you were very interested in how this all works and I said, “You know, I'm into this too, and I'll be doing that.” And you said, “Well, why are you still here?” I said, “Well, watch this space.” And then I think I commissioned you to take over writing my articles, because I really sucked at writing articles back then. And you had an extraordinary talent for it,
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