597 – Fine Tuning Your Marketing Funnel With Josh Marsden
Published August 24, 2018
37 min
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    Show notes
    Josh Marsden
    In the podcast:

    01:44 - A bit of background
    03:11 - Where the analytical bent comes from
    05:18 - A certain kind of client
    07:37 - Why not off-the-shelf?
    08:35 - The tools they use
    09:51 - The recommendation process
    11:38 - Are messes normal?
    13:32 - The four-stage Facebook strategy
    16:15 - Selective advertising
    18:39 - Best-working lead magnets
    20:00 - The biggest mistakes people make
    24:01 - The offer is everything
    25:01 - Picking the ideal client
    26:18 - The tools that track
    28:52 - From engagement to conversion
    31:25 - What is Josh excited about?
    33:33 - A three-item checklist
    36:15 - Parting thoughts

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    James: James Schramko here. Welcome back to SuperFastBusiness.com. Today we're talking about traffic. We're talking about funnels. I've brought along a friend of mine, Josh Marsden, to talk about such things. Welcome, Josh.

    Josh: Hey, James. Thanks for having me.

    James: It's really good to have you along sharing some stuff, because I know how generous you are. And you've been in this, I suppose we'll use the word “funnel business” for quite some time. I think you were one of the very early certified people in some of the popular software applications out there.

    Josh: Yep, yep, that's correct. Yeah, Infusionsoft. Also Digital Marketer, which, you know, isn't a service, but I was the second Digital Marketer certified partner back in late 2014. And yeah, I've been doing this now for over five years. I'm still loving it. I'm just very fortunate, very blessed to have found essentially my niche, something that really drives me every single day.

    A bit of background

    James: So just a little bit of history. We met in Austin, I was at Ryan Levesque’s ASK master class, and you were there, learning the craft. I think it's great to go to events like that to educate yourself to see what the best techniques are. Of course, you probably implement those sort of things for clients with your agency, which you have over at CVOAccel.com. Do you find that that sort of continuous education is a big part of what you do?

    Josh: Oh, yeah, absolutely. I mean, in this crazy world of online marketing that we both participate in, especially if you sell services that have to do with implementing the latest and greatest strategies and tactics when it comes to digital marketing, I mean, you have to stay up to date on everything that's going on in the industry.

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