594 – Play Your Way To Success
Published July 19, 2018
27 min
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    Dale Sidebottom

    Episode highlights:

    01:57 - Play for adults
    06:14 - Just 20 minutes a day
    07:20 - Play is life
    09:47 - Pick three things
    11:58 - When working the 12-hour grind
    15:17 - Has sleep anything to do with it?
    16:19 - How it affects business
    17:39 - Looking at the options
    21:46 - Has it not worked?
    23:16 - Surprising results
    24:45 - Post-school education

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    James: James Schramko here, welcome back to SuperFastBusiness.com. Today is Episode 594, and I'm chatting with Dale Sidebottom from Energetic.education. That's actually the name of the website. Welcome, Dale.

    Dale: Thanks, James. Thanks for having me, mate. Yeah, that's the name of my brand and the website, correct.

    James: Is it possible you have one of the most fun jobs you could ever invent?

    Dale: By listening to your podcast, I reckon yours is pretty good, surfing a couple of times a day. But, you know, I'm quite fortunate that my job is basically all play, go around and get people moving and try and bring the fun to every situation.

    James: So you got introduced to me from our mutual friend Jarrod Robinson, who has appeared on our show before as a case study, and he's also been talking about automated webinars and applications through TheAppMatch.com. And he was a PE teacher, and that's where you met. Is it way back in the PE education system?

    Dale: Yeah, so we actually grew up together and I’m a really good friend of Jarrod. We both taught PE together, and Jarrod was actually the one that said to me, “Right mate, you need to…” (I've got a couple other businesses), and he goes, “It's time that you quit teaching and really focus on the two sort of passions you have. And it was a big call and I'm pretty sure that you were the one who sort of told him to do a similar thing back in the day. And yeah, so since then, mate, going on leaps and bounds and very fortunate to love what I'm doing, and be able to sort of provide play opportunities for adults, teachers, students all around the world.

    Play for adults

    James: Okay, so let's just get the brief version of what it is that you're actually doing with these businesses and students all around the world.

    James: Yeah, so what I found was, and as a teacher you see students all day. All they do is play. They don’t have a care in the world, they’re present, they’re so happy, nothing to worry about. And what I found was, I also run a boot camp business as well, and what I found is that adults would come to me and I would start using play games in my boot camps.

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