582 – How To Use Your Flaws To Attract The Best Buyers With Laura Belgray
Published April 3, 2018
41 min
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    Laura Belgray
    In the episode:

    01:53 - A shift in approach
    05:26 - From suits to hoodies
    07:08 - Are emails still important?
    08:04 - The rule that gets broken
    09:51 - Long or short?
    11:42 - What about PSs?
    13:04 - From matter-of-fact to story mode
    18:00 - The audience you attract
    20:12 - Fresh versus automated
    22:50 - Conversing with your audience
    24:38 - Connecting with big players
    28:41 - Go to events and speak
    31:11 - Flaunt your flaws
    35:52 - When your audience sends stuff
    38:41 - What’s with the name?

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    James: James Schramko here, welcome back to SuperFastBusiness. This is Episode 582 and I'm speaking with Laura Belgray. Welcome to the call.

    Laura: Thank you. Thanks for having me.

    James: So we got introduced through a mutual friend over there in New York, who I met in Texas of all places, and she said you're doing some interesting things with some of the celebrities we would know online and in the business marketing space. I think you co-created a copywriting course with Marie Forleo, is that right?

    Laura: That is correct. That's funny, when you said celebrities, I wondered who you were going to say, because I forget that about her. Yes. We have a course called The Copy Cure, and we created it in 2015 and it's evergreen, so it's there, ready for the taking.

    James: So with the way that you operate now, I believe you're doing copywriting work with people, but that's a pretty boring way to refer to that topic. I think you've mentioned a different way you'd say that you help people find words that work, and you're helping people put more personality into their brand.

    A shift in approach

    Do you think there's been a shift in the last five years in the way that people are approaching copywriting and emotional storytelling?

    Laura: Yeah, actually I do. For better or for worse. Because when you know, when I got in the business, that is of helping entrepreneurs, (I've been in copywriting for years and years since the 90s) but when I started getting into this weird little world, there was almost nobody who was writing with personality, who had any kind of attitude in their copy. Everything was very businesslike. And I don't know if you know IttyBiz, Naomi Dunford?

    James: Oh I've heard her name.

    Laura: Yeah, she's one of the like, kind of old school from back then. She was the only one - somebody, I think Marie, said, you should look at IttyBiz, because she is writing fun stuff but for business. And that was the only person that she could come up with who was writing in a really personable way and had any kind of attitude to her brand.

    And now, I've found that the pendulum has really swung all the way, like too far in a way. And so now there is a ton of like, super sassy, hey gorgeous, kind of copy out there, at least in my circle.

    James: Yeah. Your circle, is that, I imagine it's closely related to that, what I would call the female market that Marie Forleo's really fostered. And when I said celebrity, I'm really sort of saying in our world, in the online space, she really has made a name for herself with big launches of her products; her training schools have generated lots and lots of stud...
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