581 – Online Business Industry Update With Special Guest Ezra Firestone
Published March 27, 2018
41 min
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    Show notes
    James filming for Ezra at T&C in San Diego

    Podcast highlights:

    01:30 - The next generation of online marketers
    02:33 - Coming from Australia for a US event
    03:42 - A big event
    07:59 - The return on investment
    09:36 - Done for the year
    10:27 - No longer in that phase
    12:34 - Where the ideas come from
    13:43 - Do you need a lot of notes?
    14:34 - Automation and computer games
    15:30 - What could have been better
    16:19 - Still a niche community
    18:20 - The advantages of going broad
    20:07 - E-commerce vs. software as a service
    21:48 - Business opportunity or business education?
    23:48 - From gen pop content to business ed
    25:18 - Pros and cons of information publishing
    29:48 - James’s debt to Ezra
    30:41 - Growth for the sake of growth?
    32:45 - No need for a watch
    34:06 - The marketing around the event
    37:09 - Some interesting themes hit on
    38:42 - Wrapping things up

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    James: James Schramko here. Welcome back to SuperFastBusiness.com. This is episode 581, which is a lot more episodes than we managed to put out on Think Act Get. Welcome Ezra Firestone, my buddy, it's so good to have you back on a show of any kind.

    Ezra: Whoo-ey. Five-hundred and eighty-one. Boy!

    James: My favorite quote of yours, Ezra, was just a few weeks back, we were chatting. We got on to Skype and you said to me, "Hey, we should do more Think Act Get episodes." You crack me up, bro.

    Ezra: You know, the occasional episode. I think it's important that you bring it back.

    The next generation of online marketers

    James, I want to paint a picture for you, okay? So, just see this in your mind's eye. There is a legion of, I want to say 14 to 19-year-olds, alright? They're running through the conference halls, they got their iWatches strapped on, their noise-canceling headphones blaring tech music in their ear. They're banging down two liters of Pepsi and they're just devouring online marketing content. I cannot tell you, you and I just came back from a series of different events and I was at three or four different events in that tour. And I am just so over - I don't think "overwhelmed" is the right word, but impressed by this next generation and the fervor that they have for the subject matter.

    And just like, they all are kind of wearing hoodies, and they all have like a similar look in their eye and they're just like, it's interesting to see another wave of folks coming up through the online marketing world, because, you know, we were those guys 10 years ago.

    When you come from Australia to attend a US event

    James: I was reflecting on that. The most recent big event that I went to was Traffic and Conversion in San Diego. And it actually sort of came to my frontal sort of focus that this is my 10th year campaigning to the US. Now, it's not quite the same as hopping on a plane even from the East Coast of America. It's a big deal to come from Australia, we have to go....

    Ezra: Twenty hours, man.

    James: Well it's not just that, you've got to go from your home to the airport.
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