580 – How To Transform Your Extraordinary Mind With Vishen Lakhiani
Published March 22, 2018
45 min
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    Vishen Lakhiani

    In the interview:

    03:08 - More than a publisher
    03:58 - A drive for community
    10:18 - Where Mindvalley is headed
    14:43 - When it started
    16:10 - Questioning the rules
    19:24 - A monk and a poem
    21:40 - The problem with business training
    24:59 - The poem that shifted things
    27:23 - A quality of great entrepreneurs
    29:23 - Richard Branson’s success secret
    31:10 - Outside of Mindvalley
    32:53 - The constant surprise
    36:23 - Before you achieve your goal...
    40:01 - Paying to play
    42:36 - Action for listeners

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    James: James Schramko here, welcome back to SuperFastBusiness.com. This is Episode 580, and I've brought along a special guest, Vishen Lakhiani. Welcome to the show.

    Vishen: Hi James. It's such a privilege to be here, because I've been following your podcast now for several years.

    James: Well it's a super privilege for me to have you here, because I've been aware of you for probably almost a decade, when you were featured in a newsletter that Yanik Silver published in a private group. And I was really intrigued with your strategy of blogging and email marketing. Back then, you were doing a pretty impressive job of building an audience, and that model, I think, is still the core of what I do now.

    And I have a huge debt of gratitude to you because I remember when I was in the Dominican Republic at your event, you generously gifted me your speaking spot for a morning session and I was able to share my own blogging technique with your audience. So it's like the karma balanced back out for the show.

    Vishen: Well, that's a testament to your brilliance, right, James?

    James: Not really. Maybe my persistence the night before, I'm not sure.

    Vishen: Well, 10 years ago, I was teaching meditation in New York and London. And you know, when you teach meditation, it's one of the surest paths to going broke unless you know how to get an audience. So I had to rapidly teach myself everything, from blogging to working with email newsletters, just so I could start filling my meditation classes. And now, of course, things have changed a lot.

    Now Mindvalley is more of an edutech company. We don't really do a lot of the internet marketing stuff anymore. We focus more on building really great technology, really great apps. And I'm primarily focused on curriculum design. So I work with many great teachers and I work to integrate the learnings and the teachings from masters around the world and bring them to our two-million-strong audience through Mindvalley.com.

    More than a publisher

    James: So would you say that you are a publisher as well?

    Vishen: I'm a lot more than a publisher. See, publishers might publish a book. They might publish a podcast. They might publish some form of content. We do something a little bit more. What we are really building is a massive global tribe dedicated to self-improvement. And this tribe has its values, it has its protocols, it has its unique beliefs. And the tribe is based on a platform called Mindvalley. And the platform is both online,
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