575 – How to Convert, Retain and Grow More Customers (with Matt from Bonjoro)
Published February 12, 2018
35 min
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    Matt Barnett

    Episode highlights:

    02:43 - Just what is Bonjoro?
    07:29 - How to convert more people
    09:37 - Creating the one-to-one experience
    12:34 - The keys to retention
    16:07 - Retention in a car dealership
    19:36 - Bear suits and hoodies
    21:30 - Growing your customer’s lifetime value
    24:28 - The most powerful way to grow a business
    27:26 - The story behind Bonjoro
    30:02 - Simplifying stuff
    32:00 - What’s been talked about

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    James: James Schramko here, welcome back to SuperFastBusiness.com. Today, this is a great episode. It's actually an essential episode if you have a business, and I hope you do, listening to this or you're planning to have one. This is episode 575, How to Convert, Retain and Grow More Customers.

    And for this one, I've invited a new friend of mine. His name is Matt from Bonjoro. Welcome!

    Matt: Hey, James. Thanks for having me on the show.

    James: Or should I have said Bonjour?

    Matt: Bonjour, Bonjoro, Buongiorno. It's all the same.

    James: So I was in the city speaking at my friend Dale Beaumont's event and just as I arrived, one of my other friends, Ilana Wechsler, who is a previous guest of this show, said "Oh, Matt from Bonjoro is here." And I said. "That's strange. What would he be doing in Sydney?" And there you were. And I was quite surprised that you were here in Australia, because I'd been doing business with you already and I had no idea that this business was local to me. You must have an international audience base, I'm sure.

    Matt: Yeah, we do. So we are born and bred in Sydney. I'm actually English originally, but I, like many of the smart ones, left that place. But we have a team here, a few guys in the UK and the States. Most of my customers are now US-based. But I was sending out some bear suits today to certain customers and we're shipping them to Canada, the US, Queensland, Sydney, Germany and Poland. So we're starting to get quite an international base already. But likewise I was surprised to see you, because I also thought you were US-based or somewhere else. So it's great to see some great businesses here in Sydney.

    James: Well it's quite interesting. I was in a regional part of the Philippines in December, and I was surfing up the coast in a reasonably remote place, it's still relatively undiscovered. And there was an older Australian there, he was probably in his, I think he said he was 67 and he goes, "Where are you from, mate?" And I said, "Sydney." He goes, "You don't sound like it." Maybe because I travel a lot or something. But born and bred in Australia.

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