571 – How To Create Money Making Deals From Your Knowledge With Matt Wolfe And Joe Fier
Published January 26, 2018
59 min
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    Show notes
    Joe Fier and Matt Wolfe

    Episode highlights:

    00:57 - What’s in a name?
    03:45 - First impressions
    04:58 - Bloggers turned podcasters
    07:48 - Splitting the work
    11:01 - A growing trend
    14:24 - Blogging the journey
    15:49 - A recommendable angle?
    19:30 - What Matt and Joe do recommend
    21:48 - Stakes and rewards
    27:19 - After selling out...
    30:19 - Are there points of conflict?
    35:14 - The system behind the podcast
    38:00 - Episodes that got cut
    42:44 - Who names the episodes?
    45:29 - Most interesting podcasts?
    49:11 - Creative approaches to dealmaking
    52:25 - Do metrics count?
    55:46 - Serving the public and your members

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    James: James Schramko here, welcome back to SuperFastBusiness.com. This is Episode 571. And I've invited two guests to this episode. Hopefully that makes it twice as good. Welcome, Matt and Joe.

    Matt: Hey, hey.

    Joe: Thank you.

    What’s in a name?

    James: Now Matt, your last name is Wolfe.

    Matt: Yes.

    James: And I remember having a neighbor, this Italian neighbor. Once, I moved into a new house and he leaned over the fence and he said, "Hello, my name is Lupo. It means ‘wolf’". I was a little bit frightened.

    Matt: That's funny. My dad's nickname at the company that he used to work with was Lobo. Everybody at the company just called him Lobo.

    James: Well, it does have an "e". I guess that differentiates you from all the other Wolfs.

    Matt: Yeah. Yeah. So it's Lobo-e.

    Joe: Lobo-e. Wolf-e.

    James: And what about Joe? Your name's a bit unusual.

    Joe: It's different, yeah. It's pronounced "feer" but I like to, if I'm feeling fancy, it's "fi-er". Fierrrr.

    You know, it's a little intimidating. My wife's like, "Do I really want your name?" You know? She was a Hemingway. Well, she still is. She's like, "I don't know. I had kind of a cool name too."

    James: Wow. So you could have stuck with the Hemingway if you wanted to go down the mother's...

    Joe: I was thinking about taking her name. Yeah.

    James: I've ended up with a very difficult name to go through life with. It's hard to spell, hard to pronounce. But it does stand out. That's a positive.

    Joe: What's your favorite nickname? Like, involving your last name?

    James: Probably the most interesting one is the one that John Carlton gave me. He just calls me Shrak. He dropped the "c", he just went S-h-r-a-k. He said that's much simpler. It's easier to spell, it sounds good.

    Matt: One syllable.

    James: He actually wrote me a full-length sales page on all the reasons why I should change my surname to Shrak. He thinks it's his biggest failure to date in the copyrighting, ever. But it's kind of cool.

    Joe: Sounds like someone with too much time on their hands.

    James: Well, it started out because I did some piece of content for his members in his action coaching group and someone misspelt it on the URL.
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