570 – How To Start And Grow An Online Membership From Scratch
Published January 23, 2018
38 min
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    James Eager

    Podcast Highlights:

    02:12 - The difference a five-figure income can make
    05:25 - Why a membership?
    08:17 - How SuperFastBusiness ought to be used
    10:52 - The early bird pricing strategy
    13:21 - How much content do you really need?
    15:27 - How active does a founder have to be?
    18:08 - Getting a team together
    19:40 - Content marketing tips for memberships
    22:59 - Price point best practices
    25:16 - The power of goodwill
    28:13 - Just how bulletproof is a membership?
    31:41 - Leadership and sharing
    34:07 - Let’s talk attitude

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    James S.: James Schramko here, welcome back to SuperFastBusiness.com. This is Episode 570, and we will be talking about how to start and grow a membership site from scratch. And for this episode I would like to introduce our special guest James Eager. Welcome, James.

    James E.: How are you doing, James?

    James S.: Doing well, thank you. You're in the UK. I'm in Sydney. That means we're at polar opposites of the day - my day's ending and yours is starting, which must be fun having a new baby on board.

    James E.: Yeah, certainly it's been a bit of an early morning. And I've had to learn to become an early riser from being a professional musician in my past and kind of being up all night. And now, yeah, I see a totally different side of the day.

    James S.: So, we'll do the very abridged version of how we got to this point. I'll give it a shot and see if you can fill in any gaps.

    You're a professional musician, got quite the talent, aside from charming looks. And you came to SuperFastBusiness as a member of SuperFastBusiness membership when you had an event company. And that was a difficult business model, and at some point, you decided to flick the switch and you wanted to capture your music knowledge but in a more leveraged way, so you decided to start a membership. And that was about a year or so ago, just over a year ago, and I've been able to watch this from zero to now.

    Some of the perks

    And in terms of income, let's just say that you have a five-figure annual income from this business at this point, at just past year one. But I will ask you this - has it made a difference in your life having this five-figure income?

    James E.: Yes, made an absolutely massive difference. As I said earlier, I became a dad about five months ago and because of the knowledge that I've learnt from SuperFastBusiness, working with you, building a team which was something you encouraged me to do right from the off, actually. When Oliver was born I took the best part of three weeks off and did kind of next to no work. It was the moment I deleted the support app off the phone, because I didn't want that sort of being a distraction and it's kind of never gone on back since.

    James S.: Wow. So OK, this is like the first major point, is that a membership has allowed you to take three weeks off with the birth of your son. Congratulations, by the way.

    James E.: Yeah,
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