566 – Shrak and Carlton Rant On Life
Published January 4, 2018
37 min
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    John Carlton

    In this episode:

    01:54 - Some background on John
    03:34 - I’ll show them!
    05:46 - The Schramko roots
    06:46 - From suit to surfboard
    08:51 - The power of choice
    09:51 - John’s introduction to goals
    11:13 - The resource you can’t replace
    13:49 - Right brain versus left brain
    16:04 - What’s your excuse?
    18:58 - How much is enough?
    20:56 - Planning and future vision
    23:57 - The customer that started it
    27:59 - A practical approach to future-gazing
    28:53 - Lessons from the aging
    30:44 - Waiting for that better wave
    33:10 - Remember when...?

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    James: James Schramko here, welcome back to SuperFastBusiness.com and today is a very special episode, just a regular episode, number 566, but today's special because I've brought back my guest from episode number one, from 2009, which actually seems like some time ago. Welcome John Carlton.

    John: Shrak, how are ya?

    James: Good. We should explain that you may occasionally refer to me by my AKA, which is Shrak. I remember you famously produced an interview of ours, at one point you took a variation of the spelling of my name on your website and when I pointed said error out, you said, "No, no mistake there," and you sent me a long sales letter style email explaining to me why I really should change my name to Shrakmo. It would be easier to spell, I'd be doing future generations a massive favor, that I might as well confront the reality of it now and it was hilarious. I remember getting a lot of entertainment.

    John: It didn’t work. It was one of my biggest failures in sales, I have to say.

    James: I'm still thinking about it, so maybe I need to be just pushed over the fence.

    John Carlton’s origins

    John: I don't know the genesis of your family name, and so I suppose it's some runt English name, you know. I had my DNA tested. Have you done that? With 23andMe.

    James: Oh, yeah. I have done a few variations of it.

    John: Yeah. I am exactly what we always thought I was. I'm mostly English, a little bit of French and some Scandinavian and that's pretty much it. So a mongrel European. And it's just fine because I'm sure that although my name Carlton sometimes appears in hotels, the Ritz Carlton and Carlton cigarettes and things like this, my family is strictly working class and I'm built to be slave labor. So I'm sure we were, my original grandfather, great, great, great grandfather was brought over to America in chains as an indentured servant. And you know, my history, my family only goes back to my grandfathers on both sides, so it's like this empty vast wasteland after that.

    So I don't know, I find where we come from to be very interesting because both you ...
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