562 – Can The Subscription Model Work For You?
Published December 18, 2017
25 min
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    Russell Kempster

    Podcast Highlights:

    02:14 - What Russell does
    03:23 - The online challenges
    04:39 - These ideas are genius!
    07:08 - Overcoming the doubts
    09:15 - When you question your assumptions…
    12:52 - Making the big switch
    15:32 - The personal effectiveness factor
    18:49 - When it’s time to get help
    19:15 - Other things to look at
    19:44 - Three essential things to have in place
    22:13 - Where Russell’s at now

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    James: James Schramko here. Welcome back to SuperFastBusiness.com. This is episode 562, Can the Subscription Model Work for You? And this is a case study and I've brought back a long-time friend, Russell Kempster. Welcome to the call.

    Russell: Hi James. Thanks for having me. Looking forward to chatting.

    A bit of background

    James: I've really enjoyed catching up with you, Russ, because many years ago, you attended an event that I ran at my house, which at that time was for SilverCircle members only. And you were a business partner with another lovely fellow, and you came along to my house in a very small group setting and we talked about your business at the time and it was the first time I'd ever heard of the beep test, which is a test they use for emergency services and policemen, I think. It was really interesting to learn about that.

    And then recently, you purchased my book and got into contact with me, basically expressing gratitude. And when I asked why, you were telling me this amazing transformation that you've had in your business. And I just wanted to share this because I think, firstly, you're in a market that is not the online money market, it's not the crypto currency market.

    So that makes it actually interesting to a bunch of listeners, especially if someone's in a market that is not the online-make-money type market or the coaching space or the crypto space and this is going to have some really relevant points. And also, I think that it's just a great example of some of the challenges that you can go through.

    What Russ does

    So firstly, I'd like to welcome you to the call, Russ, and say, if you want to check out Russ's site, he's got a site called primemotiontraining.com.au. But could you just tell us what you actually do at that website, Russell?

    Russell: Yeah. Sure. When we came to see you for that training, we were focusing very much on just one small element of what I'm actually doing now and that was focusing on helping people improve their beep test score, which is just a fitness test.

    But what I really do is actually help people who want to become police officers. I mentor them through the application process, help them get a competitive score so that at the end of their application they can score well enough to get to the front of the queue and then actually be offered a position in the police force that they're applying for, because there are far more applicants applying for positions that are avai...
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