561 – Work Less, Make More Overview
Published December 11, 2017
7 min
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    In the podcast:

    01:33 - Setting you up for success
    02:09 - How to get things done
    02:25 - The 80/20 squared
    02:49 - An essential chapter
    03:27 - The closest you can get to the holy grail
    03:51 - Simple and powerful
    04:24 - If you don’t know THIS, you have a problem
    04:42 - You need to get THIS right
    05:05 - Is your life going where you want it to?
    06:03 - At the end of each chapter…

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    Hey, James here. Today, I want to talk to you about my new book, which is called Work Less, Make More - The counter-intuitive approach to building a profitable business, and a life you actually love. Now, this book has been a fair bit of work in the making. I have recorded a podcast. If you go back to a previous episode, you will be able to listen to Kelly Exeter and I talking about how to write a book - the whole process that was involved in making this book. I also read the introduction chapter to this book. So, you can listen to that and read the transcript.

    James Schramko

    Today, I just want to go through the Table of Contents, and I would like to give you a brief overview of what is inside the book and why you should go and order it on Amazon in your relevant country. a

    Chapter One: Personal Effectiveness

    So, after the introduction is a chapter on personal effectiveness. This is where I really help set you up for success because a lot of the people who I've worked with are usually stuck in their inbox, and they're a bit out of control, so they're never going to get a successful business because they're really being consumed by other people who put things in their inbox, which is essentially the to-do list that other people get to add things to. So, the personal effectiveness chapter really helps you work out where your energy levels are, how you can get the right amount of sleep and how you can be the most productive possible.

    Chapter Two: Planning and Goal Setting

    Then we go to chapter two - planning and goal setting. I talk about the way that you might think about getting things done. Maybe it's different to what you've already learnt before. There's probably a few counter-intuitive things, and one of the keys there is to keep it on a pretty short time frame.

    Chapter Three: Focus and the Power of 64:4

    Then we go to chapter three - focus and the power of 64:4, and as Perry Marshall said in his review, "This book is like the 80/20 squared. It really gets to the point of how much of the things that you're probably doing in your business now don't matter whatsoever." I also talk about things that do matter and how to find out what they are and focus on them more.

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