October 14, 2019
My #HoneyDew this week is Jamie Kennedy! The youngest of six kids from Philly, Jamie talks about losing his parents and the pain and guilt that comes with not being able to say goodbye. He also shares a story about being cut from the Brad Pitt movie Ad Astra and some choice HoneyDew Hollywood moments! It's a different side of Jamie Kennedy. Subscribe, download and review! Hurry to to find out HOW LOW your Upstart rate is.
October 7, 2019
My #HoneyDew this week is Josh Potter! The cockroach is back and he shares stories about his pitfalls with dating, moving to LA and working in radio. He's had almost as many jobs as he's had appearances on The Dew! It's always a pleasure to sit down with the pride of Buffalo! Subscribe, download and review! Sponsor: Head over to and use promo code HONEYDEW to activate your offer
September 30, 2019
My #HoneyDew this week is Sam Tripoli! When your brother is the best bowler in all of NY state and you flunk the first grade?...It’s all downhill from there! Cut from every basketball team in high school, his senior prom date left him for a 10th grader and later in life he developed cocaine and sex addictions, Sam Tripoli opens up about all of it! Subscribe, download and review!
September 23, 2019
My #HoneyDew this week is Joey Diaz! We ended Joey’s first episode at the age of nine and we pick up right where we left off. Joey talks about hustles he learned along the way, the abuse he suffered in Catholic school that led to fighting a nun, and a family that took him in and treated him like a son. One thing about Joey Diaz - he loves hard. This was emotional for him and seeing him shed tears made me love him even more. If you’re a fan of Joey’s you’ll love this episode. Subscribe, download & re
September 16, 2019
My #HoneyDew this week is Steven Randolph! Steven opens up about the night before 8th grade. When he woke up in the morning, he had grown breasts. Overnight. Real breasts. Instantly his whole life changed. What happens next is a story that needs to be heard - addiction, getting kicked out of school and being caught with drugs in Tijuana that almost led to 10 years in a Mexican prison! This is one helluva story! Subscribe, download & review!
September 9, 2019
My #HoneyDew this week is Pete Holmes! Pete and I get deep and discuss past relationships with family, people, religion and more. Pete has a unique POV on life and I admire the work and growth he's done personally and professionally. He's busted his ass to be where he is today. And today, Pete Holmes is on The Dew! Subscribe, download & review! Sponsor: Head to and use promo code HONEYDEW to claim your bonus today!
September 2, 2019
My #HoneyDew this week is Brian Redban! Brian shares a lot on this episode. We talk about his parents divorce, what it was like being the outcast, getting bullied as a kid, and an arrest that could’ve put him behind bars for a long time. It's a different side of Redban! Subscribe, download & review! Head to and use promo code HONEYDEW to claim your bonus today!
August 26, 2019
My #HoneyDews this week are Jason & Randy Sklar! You know I’m a big fan of twins & these are two of my favorites! We get into embarrassing moments from last week, embarrassing moments from their career, embarrassing moments from childhood, embarrassing moments from life. The Sklar Brothers get it and I’m stoked to have them on The Dew! Subscribe, download & review!
August 19, 2019
My #HoneyDew this week is Adam Ray! Adam shares stories about his parent's divorce and the strain it put on his relationship with his father and his family. Adam talks about being a kid and seeing his mom go on dates, and some of the dudes that rolled through his life, like the guy who wanted to do "basket shots" with him. Adam talks about his dad's new family and what is was like the night he witnessed the first time his mom kiss another man! This episode is as open, honest and sweet as it is funny!
August 12, 2019
My #HoneyDew this week has 4 legs, 3 DUIs, 2 Passports and worked at Channel 1 News - it's the King of Fleece, Josh Adam Meyers! I say it all the time, The HoneyDew is all about the stories behind the storytellers and this week we dive deep into Josh's relationship with his father, Josh's drug use and the struggles of being an addict. It's a different side of Josh and it explains a lot about why he is who he is. Subscribe, download & review!
August 5, 2019
My #HoneyDew this week is Maronzio Vance! Maronzio goes deep into his past and openly discusses the trauma he suffered from being molested and how that has played a role in his relationships and his life. Trauma isn't an easy thing to open up about and it's definitely not something that's easy to laugh about. The HoneyDew is a safe space to dive into the darkness and find that light and laughter and we go there! I can't thank Maronzio enough for being so honest! Subscribe, download & review!
July 29, 2019
Joey has lived a life that very few, if any, have lived. I love talking with Joey because he's an open channel. His memory is incredible and his stories are so vivid. You can't sit down in one episode and get Joey's life story. This episode covers birth to age 9. I'll have him back again and we'll pick up right where we left off but when I tell you that the things Joey lived through and the things he did by age 9 are more than most adults have ever done in a lifetime, I'm not kidding.
July 22, 2019
My #HoneyDew this week is Adam Ferrara! Adam opens up about his father's death and how that triggered a whole bunch of stuff for him and his family. We talk about the worst audition he's ever had and how the best night of his life became his worst. Subscribe, download & review!
July 15, 2019
My #HoneyDew this week is Matt Balaker! Matt’s mom fled the nazis for a better life. He was born on Halloween with Cerebral Palsy and blood in his lungs that caused brain damage. Teased and ridiculed by kids and adults, he persevered. He’s now an author with a new book out called, “Greg Giraldo: A Comedian’s Story”. Matt Balaker is lucky to be alive & I’m lucky to have him on The Dew! Subscribe, download & review!
July 8, 2019
My #HoneyDew this week is George Perez! George was born and raised in Orange, California. His parents moved there to give their family a better life but George couldn't stay out of trouble. At a time when George was turning his life around, his past came back to haunt him. He was spotted on tv and that led to his arrest. We talk about gang banging, gun fights, "Sawed-off Sundays" and so much more! George opens up about life in prison and getting acclimated to society once you're out. It's a Dewzee!
July 1, 2019
My #HoneyDew this week is the one and only, Dr. Drew! Like a lot of you, I’ve been a fan of Dr. Drew for a long time and I’m fired up to have him on The Dew! He opens up about his strained relationship with his parents growing up, his early days at KROQ working around the clock, his prostate cancer & some untold stories from Celebrity Rehab! Subscribe, download & review! Sponsors: Visit and use code HONEYDEW to get 15% off your order!
June 24, 2019
My #HoneyDew this week comes from Hall of Fame foosball roots and she seriously wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for table soccer! Kelsey Cook joins me on The Dew to talk about her parents’ divorce and her incredibly honest and open relationship with her mom - like so open she asked her mom to go to a movie so she and her boyfriend could lose their virginities. We talk about an ex with borderline personality disorder and the dangers that come with living in a one bathroom home when you have IBS!
June 17, 2019
Dewers! My #HoneyDew this week is Brad Williams! Brad was born with achondroplasia dwarfism. He shares stories about growing up, losing his virginity, driving, and orgies at dwarf conventions - yeah, you read that right. He also talks about his dad’s battle with skin cancer. It’s a must listen! Subscribe, download & review! Use sunscreen and get those moles checked!
June 10, 2019
Dewers! My #HoneyDew this week is Andrew Santino! Santino grew up in Chicago where his dad was in and out of prison. Now, doctors are in and out of Santino trying to help with his chronic prostatitis. Anger issues, poor SAT scores, failure after failure - we cover it all! And just look at my boy now! Subscribe, download & review!
June 3, 2019
My #HoneyDew this week is Dan St Jermain! I asked Dan to send me some things he wanted to talk about and the first thing he wrote was “My 2nd time in rehab”. Just jumped right over the 1st stop in rehab and the addiction that made him decide to get help. Dan opens up about addiction and relapse and the consequences that come with the bad decisions you make, like losing your dream job. Subscribe, download & review!
May 27, 2019
Happy Memorial Day! My #HoneyDew this week is Kira Soltanovich! Kira shares a story about the month of December, 2009. It’s a story of strength and love and naps on the freeway. Kira is as strong as she is funny and I’m grateful she shared her story! Subscribe, download & review!
May 20, 2019
Dewers! My #HoneyDew this week is Jeremiah Watkins! I’ve know Jeremiah for a while and I had no idea he was a skin cancer survivor, mostly because he kept it quiet. Jeremiah opens up about that scary situation and a lot more! He was a late bloomer to the self-love game and tells us all about his delayed discovery and shares some cringy audition stories. But when they put him on the B Squad basketball team in middle school, he showed them what was up and let them hear about every day!
May 13, 2019
Dewers! My #HoneyDew this week is Beth Stelling! From as early as six, Beth knew how to get the party started! I’ll just say the party trick was something you needed to hear. We talk about struggles with weight and how it feels when you hear things like, “You’ll never be thin” and “I’ve never slept with a bigger girl”. Beth is tough as nails and shares some crazy stories about growing up with divorced parents and getting caught by the cops in a frat house when she was in 8th grade! And her poo
May 6, 2019
My #HoneyDew this week is Doug Benson! Of course we talk about weed but we also talk about the time Doug’s cousin’s dog attacked him! It’s Doug vs Dog on this ep of The Dew! Video goes up on #toozdees! Subscribe, download & review!
April 29, 2019
Dewers! My #HoneyDew this week is Matt Braunger! You ever date your manager, break up with them but still work with them, go to their wedding, be a friend through their divorce, start dating them again, break up with them again, get back together with them again then marry them? No?? What the hell kind of romantic are you?! Matt Braunger tells us all about it. Video goes up on toozdee! Subscribe, download & review!
April 22, 2019
My #HoneyDew this week is one of the main mommies, AKA the water champ, AKA the chopper champ, AKA the hat comic, AKA DJ Dad Mouth, AKA Bunz, AKA Tommy Bunz, AKA T-Nutz, AKA Mystic Rick, AKA Teddy Loons, AKA my mom’s favorite comedian, Tom Segura! We talk about some of Tom’s most embarrassing moments! It’s a fun one! Video goes up on toozdee! Subscribe, download & review!
April 15, 2019
It’s mundee! My #HoneyDew this week is co-host of the Dollop, Dave Anthony! Getting punched in the face by your dad doesn’t feel good but neither does being neglected, embarrassed and humiliated by him. Dave shares stories of growing up, growing older, growing wiser and ultimately growing tired of it. Video goes up on toozdee! Subscribe, download & review!
April 8, 2019
It’s mundee! My #HoneyDew this week is the main mommy, Christina Pazsitsky! What do you get when you’re the only child of Hungarian refugees who fled to America for a better life but forget about you? You get a helluva lot of craziness! From her single and ready to mingle dad to her schizophrenic mom, we talk about going to bars as a kid and dancing with sailors to stepdads getting their windshield shot out on the freeway. There’s so much more! Video goes up on toozdee!
April 1, 2019
Dewers! My #HoneyDew this week is one of my favorite people from one of my favorite podcasts, My Favorite Murder, “Keystone” Karen Kilgariff! Karen tells stories about walking to school a mile each way, without adult supervision, when she was SIX! She shares tactics she’d use as a kid to get her mom’s attention - like setting her grandma’s bed on fire. We cover alcoholism, Alzheimer’s, her cousin’s sweet ride & so much more! Subscribe, download & review!
March 25, 2019
Dewers! I’m excited to announce that we’re finally moved in over atcha Mom’s House! Podcast audio will now be available on mundees and you’ll get video on toozdees! My HoneyDew this week is Josh Potter! Born 4 months premature + 5 eye surgeries later = 0 vision in his right eye. We talk about growing up without sight, driving without sight and getting arrested without sight. Y’all wanted video and my first guest won’t even be able to see it! Subscribe, rate & review! https://TheHoneyDewPodcast.
March 20, 2019
My HoneyDew this week is none other than Cleveland’s stepson Chad Zumock! Seven years of college earned him a general studies degree but growing up without a father, watching family die around him and drinking himself into trouble earned him that #HoneyDew status! Subscribe today!
March 13, 2019
Dewers! My HoneyDew this week is Jamie Kilstein. You ever slap your dad’s glasses off his face? Jamie has. He also opens up about mishaps, mistakes and where he is now. We cover a lot in this ep. Subscribe, rate & review!
March 6, 2019
My HoneyDew this week is Jessa Reed. Jessa’s story is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. By the age of 16 she had already lived a life that most people will never experience - bong hits at age six, addiction, abuse, being a teenage mom, death threats and severe meth addiction. Did I mention she died? Oh yeah, SHE DIED! It’s one hell of an episode!
February 27, 2019
My guest this week is none other than the King of the Black Palace, Steve Simeone! He's is a middle child who grew up in a Philadelphia suburb. He opens up about being one of the kids at school who sat next to the kids who lived the luxurious lifestyle with a private jet. He shares some great lessons from his family life, his personal life as well as some embarrassing moments that might bring tears to your eyes on a treadmill next to Denzel Washington. "Be careful, it'll do that to ya."
February 20, 2019
My guest this week is Tim Dillon. Tim is a great comedian with an incredible story. This is from his Twitter: "I'll be honest about my shit. I spent time in crack houses and I got into drugs; I started doing blow at 13 and was a closet homosexual; my mom is schizophrenic. That's why I'm like this. Now I want to know why everyone else is like that." What else needs to be said? Tim has plenty more! He's a ripe HoneyDew. I really enjoyed talking with him.
February 13, 2019
Our guest is none other than the Drama King with the small patellas, Carl De Gregorio! Carl D is a hilarious comic and a great friend. Born a "love child", Carl D was 10 years younger than his closest sibling. He grew up hanging out with the old folks and adapted to being the baby of the family. Carl D gets personal about his ongoing battle with anxiety and how it affects him. We also discuss being kicked out of college, his father's death and what it's meant to him.
February 6, 2019
My guest is Jeff Danis of Danish & O'Neill! Jeff was a fat kid when he was younger. He got made fun of a lot but he wasn't a fighter so he armed himself with wit. Jeff shares some crazy stories - he was falsely accused of gay sex in front of a roommate, he was involved in a riot, he was humiliated multiple times by the college football team, he was involved in a road trip with a deadly ending and that's just his first semester of college! Jeff has some stories!
January 30, 2019
Carlotta is the first friend I made when I moved to California in 1997 and we've been friends ever since. I actually heard her before I saw her. When I told her I was going to use her voice some day, she looked at me like I was crazy. It took me a while, but 22 years later, she's the voice that introduces every episode of The HoneyDew. She’s not crazy about me using a picture of her with sunglasses but this pic is from a coupla years ago and it’s exactly what she looked like the first time I met her.
January 23, 2019
Josh Wolf isn't only a great comedian, he's a great husband, a great dad, a great granddad and he'll probably live to be a great great granddad. At the time Josh was a single dad raising three kids, he was trying to be the best dad he could be and the best comic he could be. Well, he's done a pretty damn good job at both. Josh's story of love, hustle and HoneyDew is a great one!
January 16, 2019
This week my guest is Eleanor Kerrigan. When you're 1 of 10 kids born 7 raised in South Philly by a single mom and you're dad splits when you're 8, you're destined to be a HoneyDew. I love talking with Eleanor. She feels like family, just not to her dad - we can't say the same about her sister Karen. Eleanor is a remarkable woman. Her strength, courage and desire to forgive and love is nothing short of amazing and so is this episode. Josh Adam Meyers joins as guest co-host.
January 9, 2019
Dan Van Kirk is on The HoneyDew! My guest co-host is Josh Adam Meyers. Family is everything to Danny. He opens up about what it was like growing up without a father, how he coped with it then, how he copes with it now, and how the adversity has helped shape him into the man he is today.
January 2, 2019
Welcome to The HoneyDew podcast, y'all! This week I introduce/re-introduce myself, share a bit of my life story and an understanding of what this show is all about. My guest Co-Host for this ep is Josh Adam Meyers, AKA Jimmy Josh Adams, AKA The King of Fleece, AKA the 4-Legged Comedian! I'll be dewin it every #Wenzdee right here at the Your Mom's House studio. Enjoy The HoneyDew!
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