Always full of gold nuggets!
Every podcast is a joy. I’ve learned so much & grown so much since listening.
A Gift
I am so grateful to have found Julie and Brave Writer so early in my homeschool journey. I have gone back to the beginning of the podcast and listened from start to finish and I have to say, something in my spirit just knows that what I’m hearing is true. This approach to homeschooling gives me a sense of grounding. It helps me identify my own philosophy and provides a community that spurs me on and offers resources. There is a sense of freedom in the choices I make while also feeling confident that my feet are on a firm foundation. Thank you for sharing your passion and experience with us. I am truly grateful!
This podcast has been absolutely inspirational
T-town homeschooler
Thank you so much for this podcast Julie! I have absolutely been encouraged and inspired by listening to your words of wisdom and insight. I have even been brought to tears at times because of what you have said. This podcast and your book The Brave Learner have come to me exactly when I needed them in this season of life. Thank you for helping me to learn to relax and trust myself and my children, our choice to homeschool and ultimately connect with the child in front of me. Thank you for using your gift of wisdom and encouragement and sharing with others.
So Thankful
I’m so thankful to have found this podcast! I am more of a box checker than a list maker, and have been trying to implement a freestyle learning atmosphere in our home for years. There are so many great ideals out there (“Math is a beautiful language, a melody!” ...what!?) that grab at my heart, but have no boxes for me to check. I love how Julie gives completely practical advice on how to achieve these beautiful styles of learning for the stuck-in-a-box, daughter-of-a-public-school-teacher people like me. I‘m so encouraged to go in to this next school year and feel like I have the tools, for the first time ever, to achieve my number one goal in homeschooling: reaching my children’s hearts. THANK YOU!!
So insightful
I love love LOVE these calls where Julie helps homeschooling moms with an issue. Every single episode has helped me in some way.
LOVE Julie!!
HR in TX
Every time I listen to this podcast I feel like I gain all these incredible nuggets of wisdom. Thank you so much for the wisdom, inspiration, and positivity. I can’t get enough! Thank you for all you do!! And thank you everyone behind the scenes that make this podcast possible. You are such a blessing to me!
Love this podcast
Julie’s confidence is contagious. It’s her reassurance and encouragement that inspires so many listeners. I always listen to this podcast weekly and always have something to take away from her words. She’s restored my faith in homeschool when I wanted to quit, and I recommend this podcast to almost every person I talk to.
Julie is my Awesome Adulting Mentor!
From education to Awesome Adulting, Julie Bogart has the uncanny ability to meet us where we are on our Adulting journey - be it as home educators, parents, sisters, daughters, and bring us into her fold of permission to be ourselves while helping us to choose our relationships over all else. Julie’s love of people and being a life coach and mentor has been a gift - no ads or Patreon subscriptions — just amazing content. Thank you so much for all your encouragement through the years, Julie!!
Binge listened!
Now I’m sad I’ve listened to them all... but no worries! I’ll just listen to my favorites again. So good and so encouraging.
Never Disappoints!
Julie has built an amazing and inspiring educational and mothering brand! Her podcast is always heartfelt and passionate. Her advice is never condescending. She really wants us and our kids to succeed! Listening to this podcast always picks me up when I'm down and inspires me when I feel I am at the end of my rope!
My Homeschool Cheerleader is Julie Bogart
I LOVE Julie’s encouragement! There is not a better homeschooling podcast to help discouraged moms find their way through the daily drudgery of schooling to a place of joy and learning! Thanks BraveWriter!!
A Deep Sigh of Relief
Cortney Brazil
This podcast is ALWAYS an upbuilding experience! It never leaves me feeling like there’s more academic work that I need to do with my children. Rather, it helps me to truly value what we have already done academically. And I’m inspired to see the meaningful connections we had throughout the day as a necessary education that builds their heart and soul, not just their mind. I am almost caught up to the most recent podcast, and I can’t wait to go back to the beginning and listen to them all over again. Thank you, Julie and the entire Brave Writer team, for this free resource that brings me so much peace!
Take Most, Leave Some
I really enjoy Julie’s perspective on homeschooling (I say just “Julie” because she’s excellent at making listeners feel like old friends). Though I agree with most of her philosophies, I don’t agree with some of her parenting ideals. For example, in one podcast she said something along the lines of “I don’t want obedient children, I want thinkers”. I wholly disagree with her first statement. If a child is being disobedient, then they’re being disrespectful. Period. I want children who obey because they trust their mom to give commands that are good for them. That doesn’t mean I want them to stop asking “why”. They can ask why and we can discuss it, but I want children who respect their parents enough to obey. And having obedient children doesn’t mean that they can’t also be thinkers. Does that make sense? So sometimes I have to skip over the parts where she gives parenting advice. BUT, I love most all of her educational advice. We are about to finish up our Grammar/Language curriculum for the year and I can’t wait to join her Brave Writer group! Thanks Julie for the awesome information!
Fuel for the Homeschool Soul
As a former classroom teacher but new home educator, I have been searching for guidance that rings true to my philosophy on education (now a far cry from what it was in those classroom days). My family has been so blessed to be involved in a play-based preschool and progressive education co-op private school for the past 5 years. When homeschooling became a necessity this year, I felt overwhelmed with the choices and the stress of having to create this ideal learning environment all by myself. I didn't feel prepared enough to continue the traditions of enchantment and philosophy that I loved so much from our co-op school. I needed direction and though I had been searching, I was not finding it. As a charter homeschool family, I felt pressure to comply with expectations set by state standards even though I as an educator have never felt they were appropriate for or indicative of real student learning. Enter, Julie and the Bravewriter podcast. As I have said to so many, Julie's words - her podcast, her online communities, her curriculum materials, and her new book The Brave Learner - are a guiding compass leading me towards the home educator and parent whom I strive to be. Her experiences make you feel at peace with your own, her wit keeps you laughing, and her wisdom gives not only helpful suggestions but the sense that its going to be ok! This huge undertaking is worth the journey and tuning into your child and their unique needs and strengths and interests? It is exactly why you're here and exactly what your child needs. Beyond all of that, Julie's coaching regarding writing instruction and development is perfectly in line with the writing philosophy from our co-op school. It was my favorite aspect of the school and I am so thankful to have found Julie's work to help me guide my children's writing development in a way that I believe truly honors their voice. I love listening to the Bravewriter Podcast because Julie is not afraid to challenge her listeners to think differently about education. I LOVE that about her and I think anyone - parent or home or classroom educator - benefits from listening to what she has to offer!
Love this podcast!
Julie is so down to earth and real! She has great ideas and real encouragement for homeschooling moms! The struggle we all face is real with the rollercoaster and risk it takes to homeschool and do it well! I feel the freedom to focus on relationship with my kids rather than results or getting through a curriculum. I loved season five! The questions the moms had were ones that we all have! It was great to hear Julie’s response and then be part of hearing how it turned out implementing Julie’s suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to do this podcast! I recommend this podcast as well as Julie’s books to all of my friends. 😊
So encouraging and helpful.
I found this podcast a few weeks ago and it was exactly what I needed. I was feeling burned out by trying to check everything off my list and keeping up with what traditional schools expect but just in an home environment. Julie has helped me to see things in a different light and brought fresh life into my heart and my home. We are making intentional steps towards finding joy in learning instead of just checking off our list everyday!
Great podcast for home schoolers!
This podcast is always great and full of great insight and ideas about how to educate your children (and yourself). The latest season has been especially good - a parent asks questions about something in their homeschool, generally asking for help with a problem, Julie brainstorms with the parent about how to address it. Then the best part - checking back with the same parent several months later to learn about what worked and what didn’t! I’m sure this is logistically much more challenging than simply recording a podcast - but it’s what has pushed an already great podcast to be even better. Genius!
Love and Need This!
A fellow homeschool mom introduced me to Julie Brave Writer almost a year ago, but only in the last week have I discovered her podcast. I’ve been homeschooling for over 10 years and I find myself in awe of the FREEDOM she gives us permission to have with ourselves and in our schooling experience with our kids.
Brave Writer
This podcast is what I need each week (sometimes more than once a week) to feel like someone is holding my hand, encouraging me to try new things and think new ways. Most importantly...cheering for me during this wonderful and exhausting journey of homeschooling.
Look forward to every episode!
The Bravewriter podcast is my favorite ever. I find myself volunteering to mow the lawn or some other task so I can put in my earbuds and binge listen! Julie’s ideas have shaped so many things about how I am approaching our homeschool in this season (in our 9th year with 3 kids), and I’ve gleaned some spot on parenting advice as well! She is so real and honest and shares great experience and stories. I love learning from her wisdom and experiences, and can tell she has a true passion for helping families. Season 5 was felt like I was at the table having a discussion with some other moms (they just couldn’t hear my comments)! You won’t regret listening. Thank you Julie and the whole Bravewriter team! 🧡
Julie is a gem
Julie Bogart is a treasure for the homeschooling community. The Brave Writer podcast is a great way to add snippets if the BW lifestyle to your week. I particularly love season 4, which was the audio of Julie’s YouTube sessions. I was so excited they made this available since I have gleaned much wisdom from Julie’s videos, but it is hard for me to sit down and watch for long periods of time - much easier on audio, so thank you BW team! Season 5 has also been wonderful with Julie’s coaching sessions.
Thank you!
I love, love, love this podcast! Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom with those of us who are still in the trenches! This podcast is such an invaluable resource!
This is the best resource
I love the new season of the Brave Writer podcast. They hit the nail on the head providing detailed suggestions about issues all homeschoolers either are facing or will face. I’ve often longed for more info about how to use the Brave Writer philosophy in our homeschool and our family. Now there’s a whole season of examples to help me see how the Brave Writer lifestyle works. This is a great resource and companion to Julie’s books and other Brave Writer resources
Best season!
I have thoroughly enjoyed this season of the Brave Writer Podcast. I really appreciate the follow-up conversation with homeschool families as Julie helps them tackle and tweak homeschooling dilemmas and nagging quandaries. Thank you so much, Julie!!
Fan Girl!
I’m not sure how to put into words what Julie has done for our homeschool. She has calmed my fears all while giving me strength. If I ever get lucky enough to meet her in person you can bet she will get the biggest hug! I recommend Brave Writer to everyone because we all deserve to have a little Julie wisdom in our lives.
Thank you, Julie!
This podcast has been so spot on and enriching. Thank you for creating such a gem.
Most listened to Podcast in my family!
Julie is so refreshing to listen to. It’s like having a seasoned homeschooler holding your hand and helping you feel validated in your choices - something all of us look for because being a mother and homeschooler can be scary and immensely satisfying all rolled together. We crave validation and here it is! My kids listen to Julie with me, even when I think they are otherwise engaged. Sometimes I forget myself and my oldest likes to remind me of something she heard Julie say by saying “that lady you listen to said...” She’s 7. I like to think of listening to Julie’s podcast as having tea with an old friend. Her insights are invaluable and she’s so easy to listen to. I hope it’s also like listening to my future self. Someday I will meet this Julie Bogart in person and give her the biggest hug. She’s helping me shape our homeschool into a place I enjoy being every day.
#1 Homeschool Podcast!
This is one of my FAVORITE homeschool podcasts. If I could only have one podcast in this category, this would be it! Julie is incredibly encouraging and tackles real life challenges with grace and kindness (for everyone -- mama and the kids!). I appreciate her perspective and I want to deeply ingrain her philosophies on parenting, educating, and everything in between in my brain so I listen a lot and even take notes! I can't say I do that for any other podcast. THANK YOU, JULIE!!!
Julie is the actual best
Carissa L. S.
I am a new mom, with plans to homeschool my now almost 3 and almost 1 year old sons. I’ve also been homeschooled my whole life and have been interested in homeschooling for over ten years. I LOVE Julie’s wisdom and perspective and encouragement so much. I’ve passed on a few episodes to moms online and one mom was so encouraged and thrilled (I had her listen to the “embracing elements of home” episode)—she said it answered all her questions and addressed her fears. I hope to be like Julie when I grow up. 💚
Julie is My Homeschooling Coach
I downloaded an episode today as we’re returning to Homeschooling after a 1.5 year break to try public school and WOW!!! I WISH I would have had this resource years ago. I found so many helpful tips to apply to areas of concern. Julie somehow nailed exactly what was on my mind. It was like having a session my own personal homeschool coach. Can’t recommend this podcast highly enough. Thank you, Julie, for the applicable solutions that really resonate. You truly have a gift.
Listen and be invigorated!
I love this season of the podcast so much! Not only is Julie’s advice indispensable and so spot on, but I am always surprised how much I identify with ALL of the mothers that share so much of themselves each week. This is helpful reassurance that we are all in this together and living through similar situations, and I also glean fresh and valuable insight on my issues.
A must for homeschoolers
If you are a new homeschooler, listen to this podcast. If you’re an experienced homeschooler, listen to this podcast. You will find no better source of wisdom, experience and support than Julie.
So helpful and inspiring!
I can tell how burned out I am by how many Julie Bogart talks I listen to in a given period. This podcast (and her books) helps reinvigorate and inspire me when I'm frustrated or unhappy with our homeschooling, and it gets me back on track. I listen out of order, searching for tips or advice applicable to whatever we're facing, and it's just so darn uplifting and helpful!
Always inspiring!
The current season of the podcast is fantastic! I have found something in every single episode to identify with or take away and try in our homeschool.
Most useful/helpful homeschool advice ever
I was so happy to find this podcast. I have loved Julie Bogart’s YouTube videos and blog for a long time, and a podcast I can listen to while I walk is a welcome addition. Julie always has a perspective on homeschool topics that I find helpful, workable, and malleable to my own family’s particular needs. So much advice to moms in the homeschool world comes off as preaching the ‘only correct method’, or comes with the implication that anything less than perfect execution will not yield good results. I appreciate Julie’s approach of thoroughly researching many different methods, and then talking about the ways in which she has used parts of them, or combinations of them, and how she advises families to look to the student and be willing to take parts or wholes of various methods and use what works for the child at that time. She dwells in reality, and wants to help home educators and students have a fun, meaningful experience while they learn. I find her advice invaluable, and I know my own household has benefitted immensely from the wisdom she so generously shares.
You can do it!
“You can homeschool!”- this is what I hear listening to Julie’s podcasts! I am so grateful for encouragement and advice on the subject of writing and beyond! Thank you for sharing you wisdom!
Or, How To Be an Amazing Homeschool Mom
My title could be the alternate title for this incredible resource for homeschool families. Julie is so real and pleasant to listen to, all while offering well thought out, expert advice on how to give your children ideal experiences at home. She focuses on what really matters-the closeness we all desire to have with our children. She is teaching me to be a more approachable and comforting parent, something I was not raised with, so in desperate need of guidance. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate her, and this new season with follow up interviews is just fascinating! It really helps to hear how other struggling parents have incorporated her lifestyle into their own. This podcast is food for my homeschooling soul.
My #1 go to podcast
I am a habitual listener to this podcast. Every episode feeds my homeschooling and parenting soul. Julie’s words and reassurances are always exactly what I need to hear. Whenever I re-listen to an episode I will inevitably hear a new piece of wisdom in a new way. Thank you for sharing and all you do at BraveWriter.
Fantastic for All Parents
I have found Julie Bogart's centered philosophy on homeschooling and parenting so refreshing! What a great message of balance and finding what works for you. I'm so glad I found both her podcast and other inspiring materials. Thanks for this great resource!
Embracing the elements of home
embracing the journey
Once again- Julie is cheering you on in your homeschool journey, but in a whole new way! She combines her skill, encouragement, and experience, as your guide- and and it’s such a good guide 😀. She walks along side you and your family with practical, realistic ways to make homeschool learning warm, comfortable, and productive. She is a stellar source of encouragement!
Love this!
This podcast helps keep me sane and grounded! Thanks so much for all the inspiration!!
Julie gets it.
She gets it. She is somehow able to relate to me, comfort me, and challenge me all at once. Maybe it’s just the season I’m in, but this podcast is so helpful to my sanity right now.
Love your positive encouragement in every episode!
Poseidon is cool
Thank you Julie for doing these podcasts. I truly feel your encouragement after each episode. It feels like getting a pep talk from a friend who has been there and done that! Thank you for being so honest also about what life can be like sometimes. It's not always sunshine and rainbows, which we all know, but it means so much to hear your advice because we know your experience is hard won. Every episode is like treat to myself! Thank you!
Julie Bogart is my Homeschool Hero
Her Brave Writer products saved and completely renovated my homeschool. I’ve just started listening to these podcasts, and always feel like she’s talking just for me. Thanks so much for all you do, Julie. You have showed me a new way of being. I’m happier. The kids are getting happier. Winning! ❤️
So encouraging!
Anne Trott
I love listening to Julie’s podcasts. She has such great insight and her thoughts and ideas bring so much encouragement. She is authentic and shares from her many years as a homeschool mama. Everyone needs some Julie in their lives. 💕
Inspiration and encouragement - even for secular homeschoolers!
I’m so glad I found Julie, her wonderful podcast, and Brave Writer at the beginning of my homeschool journey. As a secular homeschooler, it’s been a challenge to find programs and podcasts that inform, encourage, inspire, and sympathize without being preachy. This podcast has been a fantastic source of information, ideas, and resources for my homeschool. Thank you Julie!
Just the Encouragement I Needed!
I started listening to Julie about three months ago, and it has been a wonderful support to me starting year #7 of homeschooling. She’s brought a different perspective and ideas, while reassuring IT WILL BE OKAY! Her experience and ability to look back on her days as a home educator is exactly what I needed to become more of the educator my ‘different’ kiddo needs.
I adore these podcasts! I was fortunate enough to hear Julie speak in Atlanta this summer. I already knew she was an engaging speaker as I’d listened to a podcast she did with Susan Wise Bauer last year but didn’t know she had a regular podcast of her own. I typically don’t like listening to homeschool “stuff”- I’d rather read and absorb the information via written word. However, these podcasts have been so interesting and informative-I’ve been gobbling them up like a greedy toddler does Cheerios! Excellent information presented enthusiastically.
Love This
It feels like you are sitting down with a friend and sharing stories while learning together. Her experience and wisdom is priceless
Wow! What a relief.
Wow! Thank you, Julie, for alleviating some of my mom-guilt. As someone who is new to homeschooling, many of my ideas come from the public-school world that I grew up in. Thank you for letting me know that writing doesn’t have to be the stiff, formal process that we all learned in school. Thank you for encouraging me to be the encourager of my child. Championing his creativity will do more to inspire him to better writing than hammering him with a set of rules. I finally get it! He will learn the rules by doing; and he will do more by enjoying the process. Thank you for explaining and breaking things into bite- sized pieces so that I can educate my son better.
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