S2E2: Unexpected Homeschoolers - with The Homeschool Sisters
Published February 20, 2017
52 min
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    Today we are talking about the Brave Writer lifestyle and how it shows up in homeschooling families all around the globe. Our guests and partners in crime, Kara Anderson and Caitlin Fitzpatrick, co-host the wonderful The Homeschool Sisters podcast.


    “I think Brave Writer brings joy because it gives the parent permission to let school be a lifestyle, and take the school away from the education.” –Caitlin Anderson


    Caitlin is a school psychologist, a mother of three and calls herself an “unexpected homeschooler.”

    Kara never imagined herself homeschooling either, when she was working at the newspaper. She brought her passion home with her and works part-time while learning with her two favorite people on the planet.


    “As a writer and somebody who love books, I want my kids to love it, but I know it’s not going to work if I try to force them to love it. Brave Writer has been a perfect solution to that, and the whole lifestyle has taken that worry and anxiety and turned it into joy.” –Kara Anderson


    So… what is an unexpected homeschooler?


    Caitlin works as a school psychologist and she is a product of public education. Her vision was that, when her kids were old enough to go to school, she would go back to work. Things don’t always go the way you envision.

    Caitlin and Kara both had to reassess what they knew about school and education when their kids experienced difficulties during the first few years of public education. The public classroom didn’t address their kids’ needs, so both of them decided to go on a new journey with their children.


    “It was a very unexpected, impulsive decision and one that I haven’t regretted for a second.” –Caitlin Fitzpatrick  


    Support can be a vital part of homeschooling, for both the child and the parent. The Internet makes finding that support easier than it has ever been. Kara and Caitlin have never met, but they support each other through every step of the homeschooling process.

    You can connect with like-minded, brave individuals online – and it can be vital for your own well-being as a homeschooling parent. Online communication can bring you together from hundreds of miles away to help each other, at any time.

    Kara and Caitlin are a gentle, supportive and nourishing presence in the homeschooling world. If you haven’t already, head over to TheHomeschoolSisters.net and listen to the podcast.




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