So incredibly amazing
I admire Aubrey Marcus because of how thoughtful and wise he is. Great show with cool guests
Great guests, esoteric topics, mediocre host
I hate to love this podcast. The topics are great and some topics which are rarely covered in depth elsewhere. 90% of that quality comes from the great guests that Aubrey is able to book. My only problem is that he’ll have an A+ guest and he hosts/interviews at a C+ level. Also, Mr. Marcus, we get it—you are friends and partners with Joe Rogan, you don’t need to name drop him every hour. And quit plugging your books/retreats/supplements during the podcast. It’s gauche. Ads are fine, just keep them separate from the conversation. My 2 cents.
Talk too much
icy worlds
I enjoy the people you put on the podcast, and I think you should let them talk more and not interrupt. We came here to listen to the speakers for the most part, not you as the host. Specifically the episodes regarding psychedelics, it might help to let the experts talk and not interrupt them. We want to listen to what they have to say not your personal stories and beliefs about psychedelics. I appreciate your work. The guests just need to do the majority of speaking. Keep up the good fight.
Aubrey has a lot going on
Thoughtful, insightful and juuuuust bro-y enough.
AMP Books
Aubrey’s soul speaks in all of his work and he is an important voice of our time because he is a truth seeker and radically honest. His AMP book series has been particularly wonderful to listen to. I believe his words are what the world needs to hear.
Cutting edge information
This podcast may have the best content out of all the podcast. Valuable knowledge on spiritual matters, from a perspective of a honest hard working seeker. Someone who isn’t close minded about the journey and who has experienced much, this gaining lots of wisdom to share with all his podcast family. And alot about what he talks about is so taboo, but it’s on the cusp! Mushroom and mdma therapy for ptsd? We all need to know about things such as ancient shamanic practices become mainstream! It should be talked about!!!
Amazing Podcast
This Podcast has been my go to for quite some time, and provides so many great lessons and stories to learn from and enjoy, Thanks Aubrey
Great podcast
Love the topics explored in these episodes, and the great guests who show up to share and to teach.
Alternative to the alternative
Jaime 605
As a long time student have this type of philosophy, it’s so nice to finally hear someone talk about it who doesn’t mind using curse words, cares about his physical shape as well as his spiritual, and pushes all those stereotypes. He’s real! Yes he likes to himself talk a bit, it’s called the ego and he calls himself out on it all the time so no need to do it for him. Get over the fact that he looks like a CrossFit guru and just listen. I have the hardest time talking people into giving him a shot just because of his appearance. Get over it and give them a chance. I have learned so much from these podcasts and now he’s adding books too? I can’t get enough! Thank you Aubrey!
Too much cursing
Love his topics, real interesting conversations. Absolutely hate his f-this f-that. Too much cursing.
Why have Ads in the middle of the show all of a sudden?
Love this podcast. Love the topics discussed. However, I have been really irritated lately that Aubrey has been dropping an ad or two in the middle of the show, at what seem to be like very inconvenient points. Doesn't make any sense, and is very annoying. Please clean this up. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's irritated about this.
Aubrey please listen more than you speak about yourself
I appreciate the opportunity to hear from your brilliant guests, but I had to stop listening for a while because I was getting tired of always hearing Aubrey’s story. He definitely has many interesting insights, but often he riffs on them so long that the guest and listeners lose the train of thought and the flow of the conversation! I just checked back in the with Tim Corcoran episode to learn about how to help our kids get through adolescence as healthy adults through rites of passage. I got frustrated when Aubrey kept falling back into the groove of taking about his own vulnerability. We got it! I want to hear the guest talk about what they know, not hear them impatiently saying “yup...yup...yup...” as Aubrey give examples and quotable feel good summaries. All in all it’s a great idea - the guests are people I want to hear from and the questions are good, just think it could be better
Eye opening and seed planting
Aubrey has a way of explaining a different view on life that is eye opening. Even if you don’t buy into some of it he’s planting the seeds of thought for you. His main view is that of love. Love is the answer and key to our happiness as an individual and a society. You don’t need to have the same views as Aubrey to enjoy this podcast, just listen and keep an open mind. I wish that his podcast were a bit longer and more frequent with the healers and soul searchers. I definitely look forward to hearing this podcast every Wednesday and frequently go back to old ones. There is something here for everyone, the health nut, soul searcher, fitness enthusiast and psychonauts. Listen with an open heart and mind and you won’t be let down!
This podcast has opened up a BEAUTIFUL avenue in my self-development journey and impacted the manner in which I operate with family, friends and coworkers. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU After listening to an excerpt (my son had me listen to) from Joe Rogan’s podcast, I instantly resonated with Aubrey Marcus’ spiritual, mental and physical teachings, . Today, I religiously listen! I’ve listened to Own the Day (Aubrey Marcus’ book👍🏽👍🏽), use Onnit Protein Powder, taken a workshop at Onnit (Amazing Gym, Cafe and Trainers) attended a 3-Day Master Mind in Santa Monica and listen to meaningful music; Nahko, Porangui and Citizen Core (all artists I’ve heard on the podcast).
Narcissistic rich pseudo intellectuals
Wow 🤯
I’m very grateful and thankful to have found your podcast !
The best
Thank you for providing so much insight on so many topics!! Love to start my day listening to this podcast, much love
Hokahey Aubrey!!!
Thank you so much ! Words cannot describe my deep gratitude for encountering you in my path and learning from you. KalmanV.
Love it
“Who I is. Who I be.” had me LOLing at work.
Keep up the good conversations!
Overall this podcast is straight 🔥🔥🔥! Aubrey’s perspective on life and everything has helped me see life from a different view. I’ve learned many great things from this podcast, but I got to say I absolutely love when Aubrey and Paul Chek get together and have a conversation. I’m thankful that Aubrey has made a platform to have people like Paul Chek on his podcast and to be Able to Learn from someone like Paul. Can’t wait for more episodes with Aubrey and Paul!
Beautiful podcast
Beautiful people, beautiful sharing, beautiful intent, beautiful podcast
Brother 🙏🏼
Danielle DelVecchio
Thank you for walking the path with us ♥️ My husband and I love your podcast. You help men take down their masks of masculinity and its such a gift. We just started our own podcast to spread the love together, The Divine Nourishment Podcast 🙏🏼 Thanks for inspiring us all xo
Grateful 🙏🏼🥰
So much gratitude! Thank you for teaching.
Devil episode with Paul Check
Interesting but I thought this would be a little less ego (sorry Paul, I could really hear it in your tone A LOT) and more focused (Aubrey you were gracious). It would have been more interesting if Aubrey shared the specifics in sequence of his plant medicine experience with “seeing the devil”. I honestly wanted to hear more from Aubrey about his noticing of resistance in relation to “the devil” because I think that is wise to explore. I feel like this would be a good topic to repeat with a theologian, the perfect guest would probably be Meggan Watterson. Waddya say Aubrey?
New listener
Siri Chand Khalsa
Appreciate you and the artistry of your expression. Grateful to have come across your content. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Does this dude ever let the guests talk?
Yikes! Self-serving much? Talks and talks and talks... never lets the guest finish a sentence, because he’s jumping in with HIS opinion, thoughts, story, loud guffaws, etc. Very frustrating to listen to. Is he just nervous? Or excited? Or full of himself? I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, because he may be the nicest guy in the world, and he *seems* to be genuine, but he also needs to settle down, be in the moment, and let the conversation unfold. So painful otherwise. Also? And I say this as someone who curses like a sailor, the F-bombs every 3rd word got really old, really fast. As my former guru used to say, (overuse of) “Profanity is not a sign of spiritual growth.” Just sayin! In any case, I think the message he is trying to get across to his audience is a good one, he just needs to tone down the overt Dude Bro stuff imho.
Rature and Awe Indeed
The AMP in general has been amazing for me in my growth, but I had to come on and leave a review specifically for the episode with Jason Silva. I've listened to it 6 complete times and each time I want to cry, scream, jump for joy, laugh, etc ... You guys left it all on the table and really hit home with your conversation about love, how we experience it, and how it's maddening, joyful, exciting, saddening and amazing all at the same time. This podcast is important. Especially for men since I believe men don't necessarliy have enough outlets for their emotions. Keep on fighting that fight.
Gift from the universe.
Today is my birthday and this is the best gift the universe & these amazing souls. So empowering and the level of consciousness is beautiful.
Deeper in therapy
Awesome podcast with you and jason. I would love to hear about the alternative medicine and therapies you talked about in the latest episode. For PTSD serious anxiety all those serious mental illnesses that are being ignored. Make it mainstream I’ll share the hell out of it
Expecting more
Love Joe Rogan he tells you all about what makes him Joe. Then Aubrey ruins it with talk about how hot saunas are like being born out of a womb. He literally pussified everything Joe said with talks about forest walks, and crying in his “alpaca loins” Oh and he drowned out JR with all his banter. I will stick to JRE
Let the guests speak, please
There is often a lot of informative ore to mine from these podcasts, and I appreciate the earnestness and intention behind them. That said, increasingly I find that Aubrey monopolizes the conversations and takes the reins too often and for too long. He is clearly well meaning and would be better served if he allowed humility to be more of a guidepost during his conversations.
Soul food
His podcasts are the best meal of my day. Raw, deep, meaningful and so natural that you feel like you’re sitting with a friend engaged in a mindful conversation about life. I love his quest for self improvement and the guests he brings on who are all treasures of wisdom. I find Aubrey to be this down to earth person who we can all relate to in some form. Especially if you’re on the up and up in your life and seeking to be your best self. A great listen (plural) for your commute or workout or bedtime!
Absolutely Beautiful
So I’ve been listening to Aubrey Marcus since I downloaded his book to listen too. I love how true he is to himself and the listeners. Today I listened too the podcast with Nahko about today being a good day too die. And I was completely amazed and intrigued by how in between Nahko doing his thing, Aubrey would go on his little rants. I loved it. When I listen to Aubrey, I feel like he’s a close friend. Such a beautiful outlook on life. I find myself looking forward to my drives to and from work so I can listen to my friend talk about stuff.
Truth with a capitol T
After listening to Aubrey for the past year, I feel like he is a friend. Despite us never having a two way conversation. He comes to each conversation with his own experience and insight. He’s raw and honest and that takes more courage than most of us will ever have. I really enjoy hearing him talk about his struggles. It helps me put mine in perspective. I must admit I wrote this review in response to a negative review that painted Aubrey in a very dishonest way. This podcast may not be for everyone, but personally I have found it profoundly interesting and beneficial. Thank you Aubrey!
The worst thing about this show is Aubrey Himself
Human Beeblebrox
This man needs some more 5MEO, because his ego is on blast. Aubrey often hosts interesting guests, but to get their stories, you have endure Aubrey himself. He is so full of his self-image of being a “warrior-poet” that he’ll often launch into speeches to demonstrate how “wise” he is, often to the detriment of the interview. It makes me cringe. It’s too bad, because Aubrey’s own personal stories would be great if you subtracted the over-inflated self-importance.
Kind of disappointing
I was really excited about Nahko on this podcast, but Aubrey just kept going into these vague tangents and it was kind of cringey and uncomfortable to listen to. Nahko has such an interesting story and so much he could say about the world and his work, but it’s like Aubrey never bothered to ask and only wanted to talk about himself or offer his own “wisdom”.
So raw
This podcast is so raw and honest. Aubrey really shows a side of himself that is so raw , authentic and easy to connect with regardless if you agree with the viewpoints or not. Love this podcast. Thanks Aubrey.
Please let your guests speak
I want to like this so much. There are some really good messages but I’d love for Aubrey to talk less about himself. I’m 13 minutes into the nahko podcast and he finally was able to get a full sentence in amongst Aubrey’s rant.
Aubrey please talk less 🙏🏼
Love your passion and enthusiasm but remember, we have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason. I’m sure it’s tough to balance but I’d love to see you dig into and question your guests more versus sharing your own story. Respect and appreciate you regardless 🤙🏼
Thank you!
Great podcast. Thank you.
Thank you so much for all the dedication and hard work, so grateful for this podcast life changing, so knowledge and filling.
Lost in privilege
I am open to all learning and ways to expand and grow and for that, I appreciate the information Aubrey connects with but every time I listen, I walk away sad and pray. Only in privilege can one be so lost and attached to the pleasures of life and need for the external (multiple beautiful women, plant medicines, etc) to bring enlightenment. Empty are the stories of serving others (unless serving only the elite white counts!).
The ultimate cool philosophers podcast
I am obsessed with this podcast, I treat it like a higher consciousness curriculum. Listening to Aubrey and his EPIC guests and stories helps me better understand MYSELF and how to find my own epic greatness! Thank you from my formless soul and every cell in my body!
Love it
Andy Hnilo
Can't even tell you how much I have learned from these podcasts.. thank you! Keep going! -Andy
Love, love, love this!!!
I just finished the interview with Mike Posner- I cant say enough how much I enjoy the comradery and exploration that happens on this podcast. Listening to Aubrey and his guests helps me to sort through lots of things that are happening in my own mind and my own life. It is so beautiful to hear someone articulate the pitfalls that we all fall into, as well as the ways we can all dig ourselves out. Thank you SO MUCH. Listening fulfills me in ways I can not articulate.
Better than I expected
After reading Aubrey’s book (which I loved and am reading for the second time), I was skeptical about the podcast only in that I assumed his book had been heavily edited by other experts and professional editors. Instead of the bro culture I was expecting, I've been pleasantly surprised by the depth of the interviews, the varied interests of the guests, but especially Aubrey’s humanity. He is so well spoken, articulate, and just the right amount of humor and f-bombs. I’m finding myself with a new stack of books to read and instead of just the usual one profound takeaway, I’m getting multiple per episode. This has totally risen to the top of my must listen to list.
So Real
Such an epic host! Humble and kindhearted ~ For knowing and sharing such hippy woo woo he has a grounded real vibe. The balance is real in Aubrey ~ thanks man
My favorite podcast show!
Such an experience listening to all of these podcasts. Truth is felt with each story from all these interviews. Always look forward to tuning into the next podcast. Thank you Aubrey for your words, authenticity, truth and love! Much love for you and all the exceptional people you have on the podcasts!
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