These guys work hard and do a great job.
One of my Favorites
Crooked Democrat
These guys are some of the most entertaining reviewers in the Pod World. They bring deep insight, are funny and really help give me a break from real problems as I drive to and from work. They do a great job of incorporating the best fan questions into their pods and it takes the entertainment value to soaring heights. Thanks for all of the laughs Jim and A. Ron!
Love this podcast
Robert Henry Holtz
Enjoy it live and the breakdown of past seasons. Wish the would not mention politics, in here for entertainment.
Don't waste your time!!!
Bad Wolf 09
They strike again, if you like Game of Thrones don't listen because they rip on the last episode like they do on every series finale they review! They should quit their day jobs!!!
Where's the Series Wrap-up?
GoT Git Gone
Just listened to the 'Series Wrap-up' which was mostly about grading their 'predictions' from day one. What is it with so many podcasts that seem to be overly concerned with either flexing or whining that their killer predictions panned out or not... as if anyone gives an S? Where was the review?
Burned out
I enjoyed initially your recaps and observations about one of the most beautifully crafted tv shows. However your intense anger and hostility about how the final episodes did not meet your standards was simply obnoxious. It’s a shame because I enjoyed your insights. But you’ve taken it all to far. You ended up doing the same thing with westworld. Your not getting a third try. I’m done.
Was good
Colombia's finest
Used to be good till Aaron started knowing everything
Great companion to the show
I just started watching the show the day after the series finale. Wanted a podcast to help me follow along. Listened to a couple others but settled on this one. I’m 4 episodes in and these guys do a great job!
⚔️🐺🐉👩🏻‍🦳💀👧🏻👩🏻‍🦰🏰 👑 ⚔️
From “us” quitting the Walking Dead to the End of GOT, I have enjoyed you guys for years and years and years. Thank you. I will listen to your Stranger Things review when S3 drops. Tho I need a weekly tv show to run and listen to you two afterwards. Dead and Thrones were all I watched for years. I’m getting desperate now and might try to force myself to watch TWD, naw no Rick. Can’t do it. See on the GOT prequels maybe.👩🏾👍🏾
Thanks for the GoT pods
You guys are great. Love the honest feedback. Will check you guys out on your film and tv review podcasts.
I never missed an episode! Thanks dudes.
la ra g d
I’ve tried listening to around 7 different GoT podcasts and this one is the best. The hosts know their lore and have unique takes not just ripped theories from Reddit. Most importantly, they don’t try to be a “comedy” podcast and shoehorn bad jokes into their banter. Soo many GoT podcasts (cough binge mode cough) at unwatchable because of this. I tuned in after every episode for both the main cast and the spoilore one- sad to see the show go but I’ll definitely try the other bald move shows.
Great Podcast
Bryon Rickerson
The Bald Move Game of Thrones podcast is by far the best podcast on the subject. The two hosts are extremely natural together and I've enjoyed re-listening to the whole of their catalogue several times. Well put together, laid out, researched, and discussed - definitely a cut above the rest. Check out their other podcasts as well. They also have pleasant voices as well which make for a much better experience. I've had problems with other podcasts were the content was fine but couldn't get over my dislike of the host's vocal presence. None of that here. I look forward to whatever Bald Move gives us next - THANKS FOR ALL THE HOURS OF HARD WORK AND SHARED FAN EXPERIENCE!!! It's been a great ride.
Smart and honest breakdown
Patrick McGriff
As someone who is a big fan of the show and also frustrated by the rapid race to the finish line, I really respect the analysis and conclusions this podcast brings. Two guys who are obviously passionate about the show and also share my frustration. I think the critiques are genuinely honest and mostly inarguable. Have always looked forward to this podcast more than any other. Really big fan.
Best Review Podcast!
Great review podcast! Love their setup of three episodes over the course of the week to review one episode. Obviously true fans of GOT. Good balance of letting their honest emotions out and then being objective and talking through all aspects of the show. Thanks for getting me through the emotions of season 8!
Great Podcast
Kevin in NH
Love Aron and Jim. Always a fun listen. Great insight into the show
Whiney and Negative
This was my favorite podcast for the last few seasons, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s always provided good analysis and commentary. However after episode 5 it’s turned into a podcast of how much you hate the show and how everything’s wrong with it. Couldn’t finish the last podcast, all they did was rant and it provided no interesting commentary. Just negative confirmation bias. I’m done with it
All complaining, all the time
If you are one of the people who truly dislikes GoT this season, this is the podcast for you. It is ridiculously critical.
LongTime Listener- First Time Reviewer
I love Jim & Aa-Ron (sp?) and have been following their Pods since the Breaking Bad Days. I literally keep tabs on my clock at work to click on Podcasts to see when their GOT pods become available. I love their stuff: their insights are quite real to me, they care ALOT about the development of characters, and are insightful and intelligent on what and how writing works on shows and movies to an extent (especially A-Ron). However, these past 2 seasons I definitely feel compelled to say they have become quite negative in content. I don’t blame them, with all the time they’ve invested into creating feedback for this universe, however, instead of hearing the negative on what the show has done at every turn, I would genuinely LOVE to hear their versions of how they would’ve approached each episode with their knowledge of the GOT world. It feels like we get snippets throughout the recap and I become intrigued when they get past the opinion of a scene and touch on their interpretations of how it would’ve better been formatted and how. Anyways, it’s my favorite GOT Pod by far, and definitely worth a listen, just some feedback to the boys. They’re hilarious too :)
End of an Era
Always a fan and will ride with the podcast! Thanks for all your dedication and rambling, I always appreciate the post ep banter and I chime in, you can’t hear me... but I’m chiming! Keep up the dope work, on to new thangs!!
Whining and complaining
Awesome mall guy
A-Aron wrote a books about Westeros so he feels entitled to complain about every single thing he can imagine about the show. Takes the fun out of Game of Thrones. Wouldn’t recommend unless you love being surrounded by nitpicking and complaints.
You always want your podcasters to be passionate but you expect a level of maturity and self-control. When they love something their are no better podcasters but when they hate it, there does not seem to be any level low enough for them. The pettiness especially is off putting. If you like this sort of thing then have at them. I am glad I never have to hear them again.
Thank you
I am disappointed that I just now found your podcast as this series ended. It’s really fun listening to your past episodes and hearing your inner summer-child fade, as did mine.
Just started listening to this podcast halfway through this final season of GOT. Very insightful and informative. Overall after checking out several podcast on the same subject this is the one that stood out.
Constant Complaining
So tired of the complaining, it ruins the show. Just because the show didn’t turn out how you expected doesn’t mean it’s bad. Maybe have someone on who enjoyed the ending to get a different perspective on it and get yourselves out of the toxic hole you’re in.
The worst of the internet
louie Winthorpe
I found this podcast before the latest season. I first just found them to be pretentious but not smart and mildly entertaining. Their hand wringing over this latest season is great. They’re literally the personification of toxic internet culture disguising themselves as interesting critical thinkers. When I found out this was one of the more popular podcasts about GoT I was pretty shocked. Then I remembered they’re the personification of stupid internet commentators
GoT final episode
After this review I’m done with both of you.
Hosts give honest analysis, even if it costs them
Bourbon and Vernors
Jim and A.Ron give intelligent, thoughtful analysis about GoT - for free - every week, multiple times a week. They give their honest opinions, even if doing so goes against their business interests and alienates fans, as seems to be the case given some of these reviews. They have said before that it would be better for their business if they loved GoT’s last season, but they haven’t loved it and they haven’t tried to pretend they did. I respect that honesty & still enjoy their analysis of the show. I think their idea of fan bankruptcy was intended to try to salvage some enjoyment from the season, which I appreciated as someone who hasn’t been thrilled with the writing this season. If you want mindless fan boys praising every episode, then, yeah, probably not for you - but if you want thoughtful, honest discussion, then this is a great podcast.
I love this.
This podcast has meant so much to me. I’ve listened to every episode and find it insightful, informative, and enjoyable. Thanks so much!
The negativity is draining
GOT is fun. This podcast is not. Life is too short to listen to someone drain the enjoyment out of television you may enjoy. They are caught up on some ideal of what television should be instead of realizing it’s exists as escapism.
These men really have perfected a whiny voice. Not fun to listen to and a bit obnoxious.
A-Aron and Jim, in my humble opinion, are true fans of this show. seems to kill them how this show is ending. They do stay positive.. but not fake.
The Iron Throne Instant Take
Grandma Go!
Hi! Enjoyed your quick review, and I definitely see so many options for sequels. Where is Drogon? Taking Dany to the Red Priests to be resurrected? Are the children of the Forest all gone? If not, could they create another ”Night King”? Actually, white walkers have been seen and vanished several times in history (Old Nan’s story told to Bran). What might Arya discover or bring back? What happens at the next ”election” with only 6 kingdoms if there is a 3-3 split? Does the wheel start turning again? What about Gendry? As the Lord of his own castle/territories, why wasn't he present at the election of the new king/leader? Will he and Arya ever re-connect? And this occurred to me: Every time Brienne paused while writing Jaime’s history in the white book, I expected her to write something like ”and sired a child with Ser Brienne of Tarth.” And who is going write HER name in the book? Ser Podrick? So many opportunities for possible sequels... Lady Debbie the Pensive...
Love it
GOT us my all time favorite show, and these guys help me understand SO much more about the world I didn’t catch my first time through. I have since gone back and done a watch/listen coupling
Throughly well done GoT podcast
Jim and A. Ron have (“had”, now that the show has concluded) me refreshing my Apple podcasts every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday just so I can listen to the material the instant it comes available. They are a great duo, with one being a show only guy and the other knowing book and show. I have read the books twice through and seen the show at least 7 times through. This is the only GoT podcast listen to on a regular basis. The mistakes they make are minimal, and even so, they amend them almost immediately. They are very perceptive to feedback and all types of objective opinions. Along with the deep analysis, they provide some much needed humor. I highly recommended this to anyone from new show watcher to avid nerd about the whole universe. Keep up the good work Jim and A. Ron, and please continue to put out work with new material after the show. THANKS!
Not here for your politics
Yo stop with inserting your political opinion in your GOT commentary, it alienates half your audience. Also, I’d respectfully challenge you to watch the entire movie “Unplanned” with an open mind.
My fave.
There’s other good podcasts out there but this is my fave because it has a good balance of in-depth views from a serious book-reader and a show-only guy. Their back and forth is thoughtful, funny, and a little richer because of this balance than the other podcasts. I’m a closet geek when it comes to fantasy shows and have been listening a couple years now to this one, and look forward to rewinding and listening to Bald Move’s assessment of other shows now as a result. Good job, guys!
John Drum
I always feel like a smarter human after listening to these guys talk about something I just watched and complain about things I never thought about complaining about! These guys are the best!
A politically correct view of GoT
This podcast is a look and review of Game of Thrones through a left leaning and politically correct lens. As long as you are used to that (and if you listen to a lot of podcasts you know this is par for the course) then you will be fine with this one. They reason through things to the best of their abilities and I find the podcast pretty enjoyable.
Really hard to listen to. I hate the way season 8 is going too but these guys just whine about pretty basic things that don’t actually matter...get over it already. At the end of the day it’s still great television.
I have subscribed to these guys for quite a while - GOT and other podcasts. And I had genuinely enjoyed their analysis and insights on the show within the context of the overall ASOIAF canon. Until season 8. Jim and A.Ron can't help themselves when it comes to the toxicity of their feelings about this show of late. They try to dial it back with thinly veiled "fan bankruptcy,” which just comes across as smug and passive-aggressive - but can’t even keep that approach for too long before spiraling back into angry rants. Has the GOT writing and plot decision-making the last few seasons been as good as earlier ones? Definitely not. Are the GOT showrunners sprinting to the finish line and struggling to wrap this up coherently? For sure. Can Jim and A.Ron spend their final GOT podcasts water-dancing the line between snarky criticism and outright bashing? Of course they can - but I won’t be listening.
Millennials Boys
Jumped the Shark when these two dorks went off on in uninformed political trope. Not only do they exhibit the “I get all my opinions on Facebook” but also that Millennial whining that “I did not get a trophy,” in this case a symbol of the ending they want based on PC BS.
Bottom of the barrel GoT podcast
I’ve been listening to these guys for the past few seasons. I think Jim is probably a measured intelligent person. A ron is not.
Ruined My Commute
Animal lover 22
Traffic already puts me in a bad mood. Don’t need these guys incessant negativity to add to it. It used to be enjoyable filler waiting for my #1 GOT podcast to drop, but I cannot stand it anymore. I have unsubscribed.
Good back and forth on ideas
One Ohm
Yes they can complain a bit, don’t we all? The material is well thought out, and there is a good back and forth between the hosts.
Good, reliable podcast- ignore the naysayers
I really like this podcast. As someone who arrived late to the Game of Thrones party at the end of season 5, this podcast has been really helpful in understanding the show and relating it to the books without revealing major plot details that aren't present in the show. The hosts are down to earth and offer a reasonable and thoughtful review and analysis of the show with candor and humor.
Negativity ruined it for me.
I look forward to GoT podcasts after every episode. If you are a generally positive person who loves the show, move along to the next. This podcast has been incredibly negative lately and it hinders the excitement of finishing the greatest show of all time.
This podcast has become worse than the Double Ds dialogue writing
This podcast used to be my go-to and it has become unbearable. All they do is whine and complain now. They think Season 8 has taken a dive? Their podcast has taken a dive far worse. Unsubscribed.
I get these guys don’t like season 8 and can even understand why. But there are some good things happening as well. The only real problem with this show is the fact that in the rare instance they like something that happened, they still go out of their way to rip the thing they just said they liked. They’re all over the place this season.
An Honest Review
This is a great podcast. You may not always agree with their opinions, but they will always give you an honest review of each episode.
New to it.
I found your podcast right before season 8 started and I’m really bummed I didn’t find you sooner. I enjoying listening to your opinions and thoughts (ads run a little long for my taste but I get it) love that you upload so often as you do really enjoy the contrast between the insta take and the more thought out episode that follows.
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