The interviews are good but the hour of trying to make YouTube clips funny is annoying. The little sound bites are terrible. And the fags in the background laughs at anything they say likes it’s the funniest thing ever.
Wayyy downgrade..if your trying a new podcast don’t pick this one
My jeans were so low and loose...
Elijah of The Black Pool
I had denimtis for years. Thanks to YMH I am on the road to recovery. I was going to die of low and loose jeans. Thanks for making mine high and tight again. You’ve saved lives.
Best in town!!!
Order the chicken it’s , TO DIE FOR.
Repeats the same clips every episode (has become repetitive)
Used to be one of my favorite podcasts but recently my interest has been waning. All they do now is have guests on and play the same 5 clips of them making fun of retarded people to see how their guest responds. As of now, this podcast has become a weekly pass for me... unless they have a good comedian guest then I may listen to see how they react to the same 5 clips
Tik Tok
Stop with the TIK TOK please!!!
Mr. H2O
Good lord, what is happening to this palmcast?!
Are you guys Scientologist??
What’s the deal man?
What happened??!
This was my favorite podcast and I keep trying give them the benefit of doubt and it seems every week it keeps going down. Tom and Christina’s chemistry is no where and the guest have been horrible. I’m ready to unsubscribe.
Literally 1 star because the intro is so short
Make it 12 minutes and I’ll change it
Have you ever wondered
Love this podcast been a fan for years every episode is hilarious except the Grant Cardone one not sure if that was a troll or what but why would YMH fans want to hear that jackass for an hour?
What happened?
This used to be my absolute favorite podcast. I looked forward to listening every Wednesday but since they moved into the new studio this is just another interview pod. Everything that made this show great is gone now
Longer Intro Song
Petey Wubbz
Great show, I just wish the intro was longer
LOLs for days
They are the best. Bert is fat and Tom’s mom can fart like no other.
Funny but...
The burping and the long ads out of nowhere are V annoying
Laughing for days
Collin Work
This podcast is great. When are you going to have Brandt Tobler on again?
Try it out
mason jeans
Try it out.
Corey MF S
Does this shirt make my nipples look huge?
I’m a tik tok
Cant Get Erect By Broken Glass
I love everything about this show I learn so much hearing the tik toks it makes my imagination roar wondering who those scholars are. Only thing i complain about is I wish there was a warning before the show on how much brown/white/yellow I make while listening to the pod. All fans should get a free MeUndies subscription.
I have abs now
Shining Shadow
Laughing at this podcast until I’m crying, and then suffocating is a common occurrence. Luckily all the muscle tearing had given me washboard abs. Thanks Tom and Christina!
every time these two have any kind of music involved i tell myself im gonna unsubscribe
Love this pomcast. Only wish we could get more of Mommy Tina’s curations from Tic Tok. Also would appreciate a longer intro 🤷🏼‍♀️
try it out
despite the obnoxiously brief intro song this is a great podcast. better on YouTube, but still a worthy listen. try it out.
Dramatic Hippogrif
Absolutely love this podcast, Tim and Kierstena are so freaking hilarious! This show definitely helps me get through the work week but the tic toks need to stop!
Drop tik tok
Get rid of this. It brings the quality down.
trucker Logan
Please please make the tic toks stop sooo dumb if I had hair I would pull it out
Annoying guy in background laughing at inside jokes
Some funny moments but full of inside jokes with some annoying producer or whatever constantly laughing in the background.
I tried my hardest to sit through a podcast, and the first 10 minutes was a combination of ads and a very Caucasian and very awkward, and I’m assuming fake argument to try and get laughs. I couldn’t even listen to this podcast in the background while cleaning it’s just so boring.
Been listening for awhile. This a vlog not a podcast. I can’t follow 90% what is going on unless I’m on YouTube. You have been around awhile and progressed but this has continually frustrated me. I sit on 12-15 hour flights excited to listen to jeans and I can’t get any of the jokes because you rely entirely on media. Rethink your platform
44 stroke
Two bears is better,lets get one a week
A great in depth investigation into the savage life of Garth Brooks and all the murders of innocent women he has committed. Best podcast of all time.
This is my long work trip podcast. Both are funny and the guests are great.
Tom being rude to Christina P in 509
Tom was so rude to his wife in 509 it really made me uncomfortable. He could have at least had a little fun with his wife while going over her Tiktoks. Felt bad for Christina. Anyways I’m a mommy I just didn’t have a good time this episode :/
Jeans up!
Benjamin button claus
My jeans were low and loose before I found Tom and Christina, thanks for helping me keep them high and tight for years.
Todd coughing
I’d give them six stars but Todd can’t seem to wrap his head around the fact that he should leave the room if he is going to cough. Unreal.
you are tick touched if you dont want a 12 minute intro. Piss on me beat me longer intro please
This podcast is like Mary Poppins for yard work
Try it out!
No tik Tok
I’d rather drink my own piss than listen to anymore tik tok clips.
Do you ever wonder if you’re retarded?
Well... you are! Subscribe now and you’ll find out why.
longer intro would get 5 stars
Go back a year
This was easily my favorite podcast for years. Been on the decline since Josh Potter, the new studio, and especially TikTok. Unsubscribed after Alyssa Milano episode. Why did you ruin a great thing?
Try it out.
How come the intro is so short? Piss on me, beat me. Jeans up.
Great show, better intro
The show is great but I mostly listen for the intro. Please make the intro AT LEAST 10 minutes longer. Try it out.
Sexually adventurous tips, Ceiling fans galore, both high and tight, try it out
To the Mommies
Review Champ
Great show. Only complaint I have is is the intro seems oddly short.
Get that hitter
I see too many complaints about the ads, there is a fast forward button. Best podcast out there.
Alyssa milano seriously? Unsubscribed
If you give your moms house...
joylynn p
A one star review.... You might be a tik-tok.
I took 12 Benadryl
Gojira Yesh
This podcast only took me 4 strokes.
Oh no
Have we gone to the nut bag left for guests now?
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