109 The Good Dinosaur - Brought to You By Montana!
Published December 5, 2015
114 min
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    In episode 109 of the Animation Addicts Podcast, the Rotoscopers review Pixar's second feature to be released in 2015, The Good Dinosaur.


    • Nerdy Couch Discussion: Why is Pixar held to a higher standard by critics and viewers?
    • Main Discussion: The Good Dinosaur (2015)
    • Mini discussion about our thoughts on the new short Sanjay's Super Team.
    • Better titles for The Good Dinosaur brought to you by Mason Smith!
    • The film's troubled production history. To understand the film, you need to understand this.
    • Real talk: photo-realistic backgrounds. Did they work?
    • Animation: wow, they nailed it!
    • Characters: small cast, but lots of favorites!
    • Best parts of the film in our opinion: T-Rexes, Arlo and Spot's relationship.
    • The story is good, but not necessarily totally original.
    • The rotten fruit sequence. Some people think it makes it seem like doing drugs was fun. Agree or disagree?
    • Would it have been better for Spot to be domesticated or to run free with his kind? Is there some sort of anti-domestication message going on here?
    • Voicemails: Alissa, Gabbi, Rachel, Ryan, Sarah
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