092 Watership Down - Complete with Criterion Snobbery
Published April 10, 2015
101 min
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    The Rotoscopers go across the pond to review a cult classic and highly requested 1978 British film Watership Down.


    • Main Discussion: Watership Down (1978)
    • First thoughts of hearing about the film and ultimately seeing it.
    • Mason breaks down the bonus features on the Watership Down Criterion Collection Blu-ray.
    • Based on a popular and famous book of the same name.
    • One of the highlights of this film is the sense of realism.
    • Overview of bunny religion.
    • Beautiful watercolor backgrounds juxtaposed with bad animation.
    • This film can be broken down by the three different societies they encounter.
    • Oops...we forgot the females.
    • Chelsea breaks down the soundtrack.
    • The last 10 minutes are insanely bloody and violent.
    • CGI reboot news!
    • We rate it!
    • Voicemails: Jemma, Sarah, Chris
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