Great info!
Very helpful and motivating information!
Thanks for everything!
Love your YouTube and your podcast
Fascinating scientific guests
Derek brings on some great scientists that blow away opinions with cold hard science. I love it. -Will Chou
Thank you
Delighted Jim
Derek, I love your work, and your generosity in doing this podcast is greatly appreciated. Here's hoping for more!! The Michael Fishman conversation rocks :-)
Derek… come back!
I love this podcast. I’ve always been fascinated by learning about human behavior, (because simply put, people are crazy) and you absolutely have the best information I’ve ever come across. I’ve learned a lot from from what you’ve taught in your YouTube videos (which I also can’t get enough of) - but the stuff I’m learning in here is incredible. Please come back and make more of these! I have about 11 more episodes to go through before I’m finished…. So get on it! :) Just kidding… no but really… 11 episodes… :) Thank you very much for this… and for the YouTube video’s. You have a hilarious personality and there never seems to be a dull moment. You’re also a fantastic host too by the way. Hands down… this is my favorite podcast I’ve ever listened to.
rachael 4444
As a fan of everything Derek puts out, this podcast doesn’t disappoint. Thanks Derek!
Yay! Derek’s Back!
Captain Schwilly
Not that I missed you all that much;) I get your blogs, watch your videos, and even bought Zippy Courses. But I’ve really missed this podcast since it’s been quiet. And now you’re back and brought on the OTHER guy that has transformed my career, Tim Ferriss! You’ve my fav! I’d like to buy you a beer;)
This is very original and upbeat information and advice. Derek is Great at what he does, successful both in life and with this podcast! Very motivational
Always some AHA moments
Rock Your Culture
Sorry this is no longer ongoing as Derek always has some great guests who offer true AHA moments!
marketing schlep strikes again
Mike Ralls
Not much here other than sales copy, misleading headlines and fluff to squeeze you to his email list. Next!
Finally, something useful
No spin, no buzzwords... just fresh fun insight that ultimately cuts to the core of what it takes to get the job done. Thank you!
Love this podcast!
Derek … Wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I enjoy your podcasts. Keep cranking out the good stuff my man! We need it out here … Jim Jacobus - In the Sales Arena
More Podcasts Please!
Kari Gormley
Derek is a fascinating guy and brings on very interesting guests. What makes this such a great podcast is Derek has a way of really getting to the heart of the content quickly and easily engages the guests. Every time I listen to Derek’s podcast I learn something new about what makes people “tick”. Derek, please release some new podcasts.
Reviewer swank
Fun interviews. Great value
Love this guy!
I've been subscribing to Derek's newsletter for quite a while now and I love his straight to the point, no frills approach to business and life. I've gone and bought two books recently which he recommended and have not been disappointed. These podcasts are brilliant!
Outstanding podcast
Derek has great advice on marketing, using his thorough knowledge of psychology.
Great information
Derek cuts every episode to the chase and shares great tips with action plans that can used immediately. All his info is backed by facts and he interviews people that you don't see anywhere else but here. I pretty much get my reading list out of this podcast. Always great recommendations.
A great listen
Way of Cats
I'm so impressed. What a broad range of interests! What fascinating guests! I listened to learn about marketing. I stayed because I'm learning about people.
Derek Halpern gives GREAT tips and info!
I look forward to all of Derek Halpern's Social Triggers podcasts and videos. He gives great information, that is not only helpful and highly informative, but interesting as well. He has a fun delivery style that makes it entertaining to learn. I recommend him to anyone!
This young punk knows his stuff
Dad of KART
At first appearance, Derek appears to be a cocky kid. However, he backs up he enthusiastic assertions with data and facts. He does a great job with giving his real world experiences as a platform to explain science behind it. As a sales/marketing guy I find it really interesting. He is also ready to make fun of himself and keeps the programs entertaining and interesting. I have always learned a key take away point with each of his posts or podcasts.
Great content for a startup
I've listened to Derek and read his blog for over a year now. His content is perfect for technical founders of a niche startup who want to get clear, actionable marketing advice.
Sales and marketing with facts and research behind it
I have been listening to Social Triggers since it first started and very glad that Derek has brought it back to life. This is a solid podcast quite different from most of the ones in this area. First of all, Derek started several successful businesses before this so he knows what he is talking about. There is also a very high caliber of guests such as professors and authors. The skills and tactic Derek brings to the show and his other channels are backed by research and facts not just the latest hype. If you are in business or just want skills to improve all aspects of your life you must listen to this show.
Best Podcast For Marketers Period
Derek has the bests guests on his show and focuses every minute on actionable information that is broken down in an easy to digest format. If you are not listening you are missing out big time.
Always something good...
Jill Underhill
I don't ever feel like I wasted my time when I'm listening this podcast. It's a great resource.
Strategy vs Tactic
strange loops
Social Triggers is about learning the psychology of your potential and current customers. Most people can't tell if a particular marketing idea will work or back fire for their business. Derek teaches you how to understand what lies behind your customers decision to buy vs pass on purchasing your product. This will help you create and apply strategies on your own rather than relying on the newest marketing fad. A must listen!
More than business
Derek has a keen ability to interview some of the most interesting people out there. Although the blog is aimed at business and entrepreneurship, the information covered in the interviews extends into other aspects of life as well. Not only will you get valuable insights directly from the innovators he speaks to, but if you are like me you will gain a new list of resources to turn to when you. My library has expanded significantly since I began listening to these interviews! If you have any interest in understanding what intrigues people, how our brains tend to tick, and human behavior in general, not to mention if you need marketing help, I highly recommend listening to this podcast.
Derek's Great!
Derek is a great story teller. He really has an originial spin on how marketing should be done!
Insightful and extremely listener friendly
teacher of Oz
Derek manages to inspire even the people he interviews. He reviews the material being discussed so that it doesn't get lost among all the information being presented. He is also able to restate his guest's thoughts so that anyone can understand them. He is by far the best interviewer I have heard. His guests are intelligent, helpful, and provide useful information.
You lost Me At Mother-BLEEP-er
Bill Kerwood
Looked like a good podcast. When the show opens with a casual disregard for profanity, I'm makes me wonder about the character of the interviewer who is leading the program. Yes, I only gave him one shot, but when your kids are in the same room listening to it with you, I'm guessing you'd tune it out too.
Fantastic information if you are looking into building a following.
I have been reading Derek's blog posts and watching his videos online for over a year. Each one contains a nugget of wisdom you can use to help build an online following for your blog and future business.
Really top notch interviews
The Dude is not in
Derek really breaks down the interviews in a way that other interviewers don't, to make the information practical.
Consistently Blown Away
I am new to following Social Triggers, but am consistently blown away by the caliber of content. Derek probes experts using exceptional questions to find the best tactics they have to offer. Such as, "Think of decisions as experiments." Genius.
Being new to "podcasts" I was very selective about who I would spend my commute listening to. Social Triggers Insider resonated with me. Derek blows podcasting OUT OF THE WATER! His guests are fantastic and the questions he asks of them are exactly what I need to know. The industry you're in is entirely irrelevant. The guests and information provided is applicable no matter what you do! Not one minute is wasted!
Derek always delivers the goods on Buyer Psychology + more!
Social Triggers podcast has been one of my faves since the start! The insights you learn on this podcast can absolutely change your business. The guests on the show are simply extraordinary and always over deliver! Can't wait for more Derek! Kris
Lots of learnings
Having launched my own ski and snowboard travel company last year your information is helping me deal with industry professionals. I am slowly being able to understand how marketing really works so I can ask the right questions and move my business forward.
No surprise than Derek is at it again
Derek is the most transparent, raw, and real dude that gives it straight up. can't deny him his awesomeness with social triggers and now the insider podcast. keep doing big things Derek.
Amazing content…every time
Derek always has fantastic and well researched content…every time. He boils it all down to the essentials and delivers very powerful information. You won't regret subscribing to this one….and it's free…so even more of a reason!
Highly applicable content & entertaining
Derek is gifted in condensing a broad and sometimes confusing topic into the most important and useful information. Not only does he explain it in a way that makes sense, but he also gives you examples and suggestions to really apply the knowledge. As a bonus, he's also entertaining and picks industry leaders as guests.
Outstanding content with actionable take-a-ways!
Teresa Capaldo
I've been a fan of Derek's for over a year now. I trust in his work because I know when he delivers information it is taken seriously and he's done the research to back it up! I believe his ability to deliver great content that is both motivational and inspiring is what sets him apart. His ability to connect the emotional component of selling into practical steps to follow, is a unique gift!
The other Jon Pugh
Derek's advice is so bad, I just subscribed and downloaded all his podcasts. I love his style, approach, and information. He definitely has a "system" for disseminating information, and it works! Thanks for everything Derek!
No-nonsense business and marketing advice
Derek's no-nonsense style and ability to keep the conversation moving so that you really 'get' the useful points makes this an easy listen-- it's both informative AND enjoyable.
Engaging and inspiring, particularly for those with entrepreneurial aspirations. His content and commitment empower fearlessness.
I've learned so much
London Road Vintage
I'm starting a blog and a business (two different things) at the same time. Derek's advice COULD NOT BE MORE helpful. <3 I've applied so many different techniques to my blog. He inspires me to think about my business in ways that I couldn't have known that I SHOULD be thinking about it. Thank you.
Simply brilliant
Derek nails it every time. Great guests, insightful questions, excellent research and actionable takeaways.
Simply a light to the fire...
I dropped out of school at 13yrs old, right after the 8th grade. Moved away from all my family clear across the country, living in a 20ft motorhome all by my barley 14yr old self, to pursue a dream of becoming a professional Motocross Racer. Dreams did come true, but at 17yrs old I was physically destroyed from many injures and could no longer compete… Going from young success to a overnight typical boneheaded kid, I was lost and worried about life. No Education. No idea what to do. A daunting future pressed upon me and I became depressed… Wasn't until March of this year I stumbled upon this podcast "Social Triggers" that the light inside me turned back on… I just turned over my teenage years, 21 now to be exact, and in the last 6 months I have applied myself to the to framework, insights, and strategy this podcast delivers and I can truthfully say I am running faster than I ever thought I could. I have spent the last 3 months (Locked in a room - sleeping maybe 4hrs a night on avg) building a system that will revolutionize and transcend a complete industry all the while creating a completely new one that really doesnt exist yet... The marketing & training system just launched on Sep15 and I cannot describe the difference its already making in peoples lives. It has taken its toll on me, but completely worth it all. And this project has only been a happy medium for whats really in the works… This podcast as well as the wealth of other resources was the Light to that Fire in me. I honestly don't know how I have been able to do what I have. I may be the only one that believes it, but it was sure powerful enough for me to write my first review of any kind EVER!!! Just wanted to say, you planted a seed in me… Thank you Derek for diligently doing your research and sharing with not just me, but the world, your gems of knowledge, understanding and the abilities to observe, connect, and deliver are of great value. Theres not a person in this world that couldn't learn something life changing from this Podcast. All you need to do is apply yourself. ACT. Daily I water that seed that was planted in me, simply planted by the unexplainable greatness within this podcast, and I have now a beautiful flower growing taller everyday! Haha I'm not trying to be poetic, just trying to illustrate something cause I can't explain it in words... Good Work Man. You better believe dude, that no matter what the "Top Podcast" rankings ever say, the Virality of your works your seeds, has already begun to literally change the world for the better. Your a master of connection and connection is everything… Cheers Buddy! Looking forever forward to it all...
Good Guys Finish FIrst
Derek is the best resource for marketing tips, trends and insider info. He breaks it down and keeps it quick, relevant and actionable. There is no one else who delivers like he does.
glad it's back
I've been listening to this podcast for a while and I'm so glad it's back. Lots to learn here.
Love Social Triggers, Excited for Podcasts
Presto Logan
Derek offers great advice whether written on his blog, performed on Social Triggers TV, or via podcasts.
Social Triggers Insider with Derek Halpern
I always learn a lot from this guy PLUS I truly like his style. An upfront, open, tell it like it is kind of person that I like. Great info, great guy, a no brainer.
Always Interesting and Useful Too
Kristin Northup
Thanks for the applicable info, Derek. I can actually absorb things so much better the way you break them down - and it's easy to figure out how they relate to my work.
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