May 28, 2020
Our guest is Misha Mansoor! He is an expert guitar player, the lead guitarist for the band, Periphery, and a huge car nerd! He dailies a Lamborghini Huracan, has instructional videos about making music, and shreds. @mishalovescars @mishaperipheryCheck out his band! Fight your traffic violation using Off the Record! Go to the link below or download the App and use CODE: TST10 us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman Watch the show on  YouTube:
May 26, 2020
Kevin Czinger is the founder and CEO of Czinger, a 3D-printed hypercar. The CZinger 21C is offered with 1,233HP hybrid powertrain, weighs less than 3,000lbs, and goes 0-60MPH in 1.9s. The Czinger 21 in insanely light, thanks to its use of carbon fiber, titanium, and inconel parts, many of which are created n 3D printers. The technology allows CZinger to create parts that are strong, light, and unique in shape.See their cars here: us! Ti: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapmanWatch the show on  YouTube:
May 21, 2020
Larry Kosilla is one of the world's top detailers, founder of AMMO Autocare, and also one of Matt's oldest friends. We'll be talking about his new shop, his cars, cleaning cars, and probably drum up some hilarious stories from back in the day.Wath his YouTube channel to learn EVERYTHING about cleaning/detailing: us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @ammonycWatch the show!:
May 19, 2020
Tom Segura is stand-up comedian known for his hilarious Netflix specials "Completely Normal, "Mostly Stories" and his latest, "Ball Hog". Check out his excellent the podcast he hosts with his wife (comedian Christina Pazsitzky) called "Your Mom's House". FIGHT your ticket! us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman Watch the show!:
May 14, 2020
Frank Mecum is the consignment director for Mecum Auctions. He also works the floor as a seller’s representative, working to lock in sales during live auctions. We'll be talking all about the collector car market, auction stories good and bad, and everything else. About Mecum Auctions- Auction Schedule- out the Mecum digital magazine: Mecum's 33rd Original Spring Classic- Featured Lots- John Atzbach Collection- Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapmanNEW SHIRTS! the show on  YouTube:
May 12, 2020
Mike Musto is a pillar in the muscle car community. He was the creator and host of The House of Muscle, and /BIG MUSCLE (on /DRIVE). Jump to today he's the Director of New Media for Hemmings. He's also a fast driver, having logged many miles at some of America's fastest tracks. He has stories and opinions. Topics include muscle cars, motorcycles, how to make an old car handle, some buyers advice, and old stories. Find more Musto at us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @MDMustoIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @mike_mustoNEW SHIRTS! the show on  YouTube:
May 7, 2020
Jonny Lieberman is a a self-described horn tester at Motor Trend. He's the co-host of Head-2-Head, Ignition, a seasoned automotive journalist and possibly the most passionate enthusiast around. He's opinionated, but he's got the knowledge and experience to back up those opinions, which is why he's one of our favorite guests.Watch Head2Head: your traffic violation using Off the Record! Go to the link below or download the App and use CODE: TST10 us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @mtlovermanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @jonnylieberman  Watch the show on YouTube
May 5, 2020
Fight your traffic violation using Off the Record! Go to the link below or download the App and use CODE: TST10's it like to run a dealership? What's it like to build custom cars for TV shows? How can we save car culture? Beau Boeckmann might have the answers. He is the President of Galpin Motors & Galpin Auto Sports (GAS). Galpin Motors is the number one volume Ford dealership in the world (Matt bought his Raptor and Focus RS from them). In 2006 Beau launched Galpin Auto Sports, a customization shop. They've built movie cars, cool customs, and now it's the site of the new Discovery TV show, "Car Kings".From Discover: "Beau Boeckmann, president and COO for Galpin Motors Inc., custom car builder Dave Shuten, and customization specialist “Mad Mike” Martin, are revving up engines to save automotive history and rescue car culture from oblivion in the brand-new Discovery Channel series, airing Monday nights at 10PM EST/PST. us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @beauboeckmannWatch the show on  YouTube: 
April 30, 2020
Jonny Smith is a British motoring journalist, TV presenter and more recently, car content maker on Youtube. He is best known for his eclectic car taste - both old and new - and hosting Fifth Gear on Discovery. He is one of those strange people who imports American classics to countries where the roads are narrow. Jonny still holds the record for the world's quickest street legal YT channel and Podcast with 'Sniff Petrol' Richard Porter called Smith & Sniff: Website: Follow us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman  Watch the show on  YouTube:
April 28, 2020
Ted Gushue is a photographer, writer, and digital media consultant. Previously the Executive Editor of Petrolicious, you might follow his current work on @type7, a Porsche-sponsored Instagram account that's more daily digital magazine than just photos of cars.Follow Type 7 on IG @type7Check him out at @tedgushue.Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman Watch the show on  YouTube:
April 23, 2020 dear Vinny Russo is moving to Texas, so we should give him his own send off. Vinny has worked in the automotive industry for a long time, and owned a lot of cool stuff. He always has an interesting perspective on things, and killer buyer advice. So ask away!Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @vinnyrusso1IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @vinnyrusso1NEW SHIRTS! the show on  YouTube:
April 21, 2020 Car Reviews describes themselves as "Car reviews mixed with toilet humor." but that undersells the creativity, intelligence, and research that go into their videos. Their unique style of POV and voice over helped separate them from other channels but it was really their ability to project a strange personality and backstory onto cars and their owners that has furthered their success. Underneath the odd voices and jokes lies insightful context and automotive history. Give them a watch. their VW special! Ivan's work us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapmanWatch the show on  YouTube:
April 16, 2020
Taro is one of the great minds behind GT Channel, one of the original and best automotive media channels on the internet. He's also one of the brains behind Best Motoring, easily one of the greatest tv shows in automotive history. It was the only place you could see press cars raced wheel to wheel. Find it, and watch it.Check out GT Channel: out Taro's channel is Best Motoring us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapmanNEW SHIRTS! the show! 
April 14, 2020
Christian James Hand will make you appreciate music like never before. He's the host of the KLOS radio show -and live show- "The Session" where he breaks apart a famous song into each element (guitar, bass, effects, drums), helping us appreciate the work that goes into creating great music. Give the show a listen at and find a live show at Follow us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman Like Cars? Check out our podcast!! NEW SHIRTS!  Watch the show on  YouTube:
April 9, 2020
Rob Ferretti was in the automotive video game before just about anyone. He used to sell DVDs featuring automotive mayhem, rallies, burnouts, and speeding tickets. He's also been the man behind several exotic car rental companies, so he knows all the ins and out of just about every exotic car, including which ones break and how to fix them. He has a wealth of knowledge and we're going to get into all of it.Check out his YouTube channel at YouTube.Com/SuperSpeedersRob Get the Cannon Ball shirt! Only available for another week! us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @superspeeders @robferretti Watch the show!:
April 7, 2020
Thaddeus Brown was a founding member of The Smoking Tire, the DP of /TUNED and /BIG MUSCLE. It was his brain that thought up the crazy idea that became our "All Cars go to Heaven" series. He now lives in Dubai, working as a creative director for various ad campaigns. NEW SHIRT ALERT ON SALE UNTIL APRIL 18: Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @brownbrownbrown1 Watch the show on  YouTube:
April 2, 2020
Mike Spinelli is probably nearing auto journliast knighthood. He was a founding member of Jalopnik, a founding host of the /DRIVE Network, a host on NBC Sports, wrote the voiceover for two films, and is now the Executive Producer at The/DRIVE. He joins us from New York to talk about the state of the car market, racing teams turning bio tech, the Maserati , his agin Jaguar, recession-proof cars, Lamborghini valves, and a lot more. He's one of our favorite guests, and for good reason. the Omaze giveaway to win the dream road trip! Follow us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @MikeSpin IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @MikeSpinelliNEW SHIRTS!  This show is also a video:
March 31, 2020
We went and drove the Maserati Levante Trofeo in the canyons and discovered we had a lot to say about it. We actually filmed a 23-minute review, so there's a lot to discuss. Vinny used to work for Maserati so he helps us understand the Levante. We also talk about the Cayenne comparison, car news, driving, and answer your questions.  Watch our Levante review here Enter the Omaze giveaway to win the dream road trip! Follow us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @vinnyrusso1 IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @vinnyrusso1 NEW SHIRTS!  This show is also a video: 
March 26, 2020
On this episode, Matt takes the V60 Polestar Engineered to the canyons, we talk about what makes electric steering good (or bad!), and answer questions about bad engine swaps, fast commuters, and which is the better buy: a JDM Land Cruiser or a used G wagon.  Follow us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman  IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman Like Cars? Check out our podcast!! NEW SHIRTS! Get the audio-only version of this show wherever you get podcasts (except Stitcher) or get it from our source page: This show is also a video:
March 24, 2020
We talk about the big changes in press car protocol, auctions values, used car prices, the upcoming offroad Safari 911 trip, gear bags, and more. Q&A topics include track choices, used cars during recessions, watches, bad commuting ideas, and more. us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman  IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman NEW SHIRTS! This show is also a video:
March 19, 2020
Corona virus is having an impact on everyone. Events are canceled, auto shows, races, press launches, not to mention the impact on people's businesses and jobs. We feel for everyone who has and could be effected. But we are not infectious disease specialists. We're car nerds, so we find a way to talk about cars. There's Geneva debuts (good and terrible), whether or not the Gemera will come to America, million dollar safari cars, and a TON of Q&A.Watch the show! Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @vinnyrusso1 NEW SHIRTS!
March 17, 2020
Sam and Pete are two of the founding members of the band, Chevelle. Sam plays drums/percussion and Pete is lead vocals and guitar. We'll talk about music, muscle cars, and everything else. Check out their songs on Soundcloud at Watch this show on YouTube! us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman  IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman Like Cars? Check out our podcast!! NEW SHIRTS!   
March 12, 2020
Topics include getting fined for rolling coal, the new Bronco, what it's like to drive the McLaren GT, and lots of Q&A! Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @vinnyrusso1 Watch the show!
March 10, 2020
Aurora Straus is a professional race car driver, a full-time student at Harvard, and founder of Girls With Drive, a nonprofit that encourages young girls to pursue careers in motorsports. She currently runs with partners Richard Mille and Arch Capital Group in a BMW M4 GT4 in IMSA. @aurorastrausFind out more about the women's track day: racing camp! us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman  IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman Like Cars? Check out our podcast!! NEW SHIRTS! WATCH the show!
March 5, 2020
The crew is back! Matt and Zack return from a week of sailing, with all their limbs intact. We'll talk about what we've driven, hybrid 911s, the amazing trucks of Tahiti, weird street legal side by sides, car news, and answer your questions!Use code "TST175" for $175 off a purchase at Crown and CaliberFollow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman Watch the show!
March 3, 2020
Stephen Serio is a vehicle acquisition agent - if you're made of money and want the best, you get a guy like Stephen, or, more likely, Stephen himself, to find it for you. He is also a photographer, Sports Car Market contributing writer, and collection management expert. IG: @therealbondgroup Use code "TST175" for $175 off a purchase at Crown and Caliber  Follow us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman  IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman WATCH the show!
February 25, 2020
Dan Edmunds is an experienced automotive journalist, vehicle test and development engineer, and vehicle marketability evaluation specialist. He knows everything about testing cars, off-roading, and how to make suspension work. Read his articles here: and here the show!: Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman NEW SHIRTS!
February 18, 2020
Alex Goy is a British motoring journalist whose work can be seen on Jalopnik, Carfection, and DriveTribe, both in words and video. Like our similarly-named, similarly-styled, and also bald friend Alex ROY, Alex GOY also drives a Morgan Three-Wheeler.Follow us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @a1goyNEW SHIRTS! the show!
February 13, 2020
Ralph Guerra is a standup comedian and automotive journalist. We talk about cars we've driven, where you can buy a monster truck, and lots more!Find his tour dates at @saveralphguerraFollow us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapmanNEW SHIRTS! WATCH the show!
February 11, 2020
Jacob Agajanian is the co-founder and President of Race.Service, an automotive media company based in Los Angeles, CA. IG: @jacobchills @race.service Watch the show! : Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman NEW SHIRTS!
February 6, 2020
Fielding Shredder is a rally instructor and drifter who got a lot of attention last year after his appearance on the Netflix show "Hyperdrive." He had an aggressive driving style and multiple comebacks, making him a crowd favorite. Follow him: Follow us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @shredderracing NEW SHIRTS!  This show is also a video:
February 4, 2020
Alex Roy is an author, movie producer, hi-fi stereo showroom owner, and friend. His new film 'Apex: The Secret Race Across America" is streaming now, and his podcast, "The Autonocast," covering the Autonomous Vehicle industry, is the definitive source on the subject. Like Alex, David Morse also held a transcontinental driving record. In 1981, David and teammate, Steve Clausman, set the record in a Porsche 928. David and Alex talk about the differences between then and now. Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapmanNEW SHIRTS! WATCH the show!
January 30, 2020
Dr. Robert Watkins IV is a founder and principal at the Marina Spine Center in Marina del Rey, CA. In 2011, he performed Matts second of two back surgeries. Dr. Watkins is one of the finest and best respected neurosurgeons in the US, and we're going to be talking about how to take care of your spine while spending a life around cars.!! the show! : Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman NEW SHIRTS!
January 29, 2020
Spike Feresten is the host of the 'Spikes Car Radio' Podcast, as well and a career producer, writer, and television host. Perhaps best known for writing some of the most iconic episodes of the show Seinfeld. He knows Porsches, Watches, and making fun of Matt.Meats!! the show! us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @spikeferestenIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @spikeferesten 
January 23, 2020
Daniel Miller is a journalist at the LA Times. He did a multi-part story on "Big" Willie Robinson, a street racer from South Central Los Angeles who sought to bring the city together after the Watts riots through organized street races. Some happened on the street, allegedly supported by the LAPD. Others happened at a drag strip on Terminal Island. Read about it: to his podcast all about it:  Use code "TST175" for $175 off a purchase at Crown and Caliber  Follow us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @danielnmillerIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman NEW SHIRTS!  Watch the show:
January 21, 2020
A lot happens in a week. Matt bought a new scooter. Vinny had to buy a new car and scooped a Craigslist Gem. Vinny also went to the Scottsdale Auctions, so we look at what sold and talk about which cars are going up, down, and sideways. After that we answer a ton of Q&A!  Use code "TST175" for $175 off a purchase at Crown and Caliber  Follow us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman   IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @vinnyrusso1NEW SHIRTS! Watch the show on YouTube!
January 16, 2020
Joey Seely knows how to make a car handle correctly. His shop, Emotion Engineering, specializes in setups for Porsche 911s but he has also built rally cars, Safari cars, and off-road Cayennes. He cut his teeth working on the crew of the Peterson Motorsports/White Lightning Racing 911 GT3 RSR. That team won the 2005 Team Championship and the 2005/06 Drivers' and IMSA Cup Championships in ALMS including wins at Sebring, Petit Le Mans, Road America, Mosport, and Laguna Seca. Follow us! IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @emotion_engineeringT: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanNEW SHIRTS! the show!
January 14, 2020
Alonzo Bodden is a professional standup comedian who loves all things motorized, particularly motorcycles. He won the 3rd season of the reality show "Last Comic Standing", hosted "101 Cars You Must Drive", and "America's Worst Driver", and has a large collection of motorcycles. Follow Alonza @zofunnyFor Alonzo's tour dates, bio, podcast, and media, click here: to his podcast here: This show is also a video: us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman  NEW SHIRTS! 
January 9, 2020
Bruce Meyer has one of the greatest car collections on Earth. So good, in fact, he often loans his cars to the Petersen Automotive Museum. He's also the founding Chairman of the Petersen Automotive Museum Foundation.Read more about him here: to the Petersen! him on IG: @bonneville_200Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman  Use code "TST175" for $175 off a purchase at Crown and Caliber Use code "smoke20" to get 20% off the Thinkware dash cam: This show is also a video: NEW SHIRTS! 
January 7, 2020
It's the TST crew! Matt built a LEGO Porsche RSR, we talk about Batmobile suspension geometry, and Vinny has been driving a 6-wheeled Hennessey pickup truck. This show is also a video: Use code "TST175" for $175 off a purchase at Crown and Caliber Use code "smoke20" to get 20% off the Thinkware dash cam: us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @vinnyrusso1 NEW SHIRTS!
January 2, 2020
Matt and Zack catch up on driving the Lamborghini SVJ, Aston Martin repairs, and answer tons of questions. This show is also a video: us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman  
December 31, 2019
Tony Quiroga is the Print Director at Car and Driver magazine. He's a fast driver, gets the best cars, and tends to bring some snark to the show. This show is also a video: us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapmanNEW SHIRTS!
December 19, 2019
Stephan Papadakis is a sport compact racing legend. He has a ridiculous amount of trophies and records for fast FWD drag cars, Formula Drift cars driven by Foust and Aasbo, and is now building a 1,000 HP 2020 Toyota Supra engine to show what the platform is capable of!This show is also a video: Want to learn about engines? Watch Steph's channel! Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @stephpapadakis NEW SHIRTS! 
December 17, 2019
Derek Powell is an automotive journalist and content creator for Motor Trend. Blake Rong used to write for our websit, then went on to work for Autoweek, Jalopnik, and Road & Track, and now he has a book called "Beautiful Machines." Read Derek's stuff! Blake's book! This show is also a video: Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @dereklanepowell @bzrong NEW SHIRTS!
December 12, 2019
Jonathok Klein and Collin Woodard are two successful automotive journalists who work full time in the space - what they share in common is both got their start writing for The Smoking Tire! This show is also a video: Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @jonathan_klein IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @collinbwoodard @jonathan_klein NEW SHIRTS!
December 10, 2019
Ed Niedermeyer is the author of 'Ludicrous: the Unvarnished Story of Tesla Motors," a new book which discusses the EV carmaker's history, business and manufacturing practices, its contributions to the automotive community, and its founder, Elon Musk. Ed was the editor of The Truth About Cars, where he provided similar analysis about other brands. Buy his book! the show: Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @tweetermeyerIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman 
December 5, 2019
Chris Harris is a legend in the automotive world. Journalist, racer, he's worked for many a publication and is currently a host on Top Gear UK, the most popular car show in the world. Watch the show! us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @harrismonkeyIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @harrismonkey NEW SHIRTS!
December 3, 2019
Travis Okulski, Kyle Kinard, and Mack Hogan in studio representing Road & Track! We'll get the 'editor's defense' of the Veloster N as PCOTY, talk Mustang Mach-E, and about APEX: The Secret Race Across America!https://www.roadandtrack.comThis show is also a video: Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @tokulski @kjkinard @macklinhogan  NEW SHIRTS!
November 28, 2019
Mr JWW, James William Walker, is a British YouTuber and exotic car aficionado. Covering the world of sports cars from the other side of the pond, racing and vlogging, JWW has found much success in a very short period of time. Watch the show! : us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @mrjwwIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @mrjww NEW SHIRTS! Like cars in your ears? Check out our podcast!
November 26, 2019
Freddy "Tavarish" Hernandez is a YouTuber who rose to fame buying run-down coolness (Bentleys, Mercedes, Supra, Lamborghinis) and showing people that YOU can repair them, and even mod them. Most recently he's revived an orange Lamborghini Murcielago that was used in "The Fate and the Furious" (the 8th installment of the Fast & Furious movie franchise). WATCH the show! us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @therealtavarish NEW SHIRTS!
November 21, 2019
Amber Blonigan has an impressive story. She's the owner and founder of GI Automotive Group, a shop that specializes in the maintenance and modification of exotic cars. Launching the company with only $30,000 in the bank, it has grown it into a premier shop for McLarens, Lamborghinis, Porsche, and Ferraris. Check out GI Automotive: Read her story: the show: Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman NEW SHIRTS!
November 19, 2019
Lyn Woodward is an automotive journalist at Kelley Blue Book and on the KBB YouTube Channel. She recently competed the Rebelle Rally, the first women’s off-road navigation rally in the United States. Find her work here: Watch the show! Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @lyn_woodward NEW SHIRTS! 
November 14, 2019
LS swap your wardrobe with our new shirt! this show Matt and Zack talk about the Model 3 press car, autonomous driving experiences, 600HP BMWs, and answer all your questions!  Watch the show: Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman 
November 12, 2019
Ben Preston is an automotive journalist who has written for Hagerty, Road & Track, The/DRIVE, and Jalopnik. the show! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @benjamachineIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @bennynewsman
November 7, 2019
Carlo Lago is a friend, excellent driver, and the Feature Content Manager at You can see his work on their youtube channel or at the audio-only version of this show wherever you get podcasts (iTunes, Googleplay, etc) or get it from our source page: This show is also a video: Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @carloslago6  NEW SHIRTS!
November 5, 2019
Tod Mesirow has produced just about every automotive TV show of the last 20 years. Monster Garage, Overhaulin', Top Gear, Wheeler Dealers, and more. He's now the producer of Consumer 101, a show that provides exceptional information about the tech, function, and character of cars. show is also a video: Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @tmezz NEW SHIRTS!
October 31, 2019
Anthony Partridge is a a fabricator and host on Goblin Works Garage, a show that airs on Discovery, where they build wild cars and bikes.Check out their show! show is also a video: us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @iammrpartridge @helenstanleyofficialNEW SHIRTS!   
October 29, 2019
Brad Silnutzer and Joey Orton are the writers, directors, choreographers, and stars of 'The Fast and The Furious Musical Parody,' which just completed its fourth sold-out show in LA. Brad's background is in television and sketch comedy, and Joey's is in songwriting. The musical is hilarious, the "Team America" of F&F parodies. This show is also a video: Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @joeyisokay @bradlivesdreams NEW SHIRTS!
October 28, 2019
tktktkt This show is also a video: Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @joeyisokay @bradlivesdreams NEW SHIRTS!
October 24, 2019
Tommy Kendall is an American race car driver and television broadcaster. He has raced in NASCAR, Le Mans, GT cars, and even the Bathhurst 1000. He is best known for his IMSA GT Championship and SCCA Trans-Am Series career.  - Use code "smoke20" for 20% off at - Use code "smokingtire" at https://www.racechips.usFollow his show, The Torque Show! show is also a video: Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @tommykendal11IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman  @tommykendal11 NEW SHIRTS!
October 22, 2019
Matt heads up to Santa Rosa, CA with Opie, for a memorial for Chef Carl put on by Guy Fieri. During the weekend, we decided to cruise down to the famous Marhshall Store to get some Point Reyes Oysters. We talk Tesla, Opie's fear of being a passenger, driving down PCH, old cars on the side of the road, and more! More from the Opie Radio Podcast here! podcast is available as a video! Get it at:
October 17, 2019
Justin Bell is a racing driver, producer, and host of The Torque Show. He won the  1997 FIA GT2 Championship, the 1998 24 Hours of Le Mans' GT2 class, and raced for Saab, Peugeot, Porsche, BMW, Dodge and General Motors. He. Can. Drive.Find Justin's show here: the show! Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @justinbelltv NEW SHIRTS!
October 15, 2019
What is Lamborghini Fest? What was there?  Matt is back from the 2019 Lamborghini Fest, picked has a the new Porsche Boxster Spyder, and we get some interesting Q&A. This show is also a video: us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman  NEW SHIRTS!
October 10, 2019
Matt has been driving the BMW i8 Roadster and it's been "interesting". We talk about performance hybrids, the hamstringer i3, why Miatas should lose 1000lbs, and answer a lot of questions! This show is also a video: us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman  NEW SHIRTS!
October 8, 2019
Chris Porter is a hilarious stand-up comedian who has appeared all over TV including Last Comic Standing. His special "Ugly And Angry" on Amazon Prime is one of my favorites of all time, and we just caught his newer one, "The Man From Kansas" on iTunes and it's amazing.Watch his specials on Amazon: This show is also a video: Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @iamchrisporterIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @iamchrisporter NEW SHIRTS! 
October 3, 2019
Aimee Shackleford and Johnny Valencia are the minds behind some of the coolest events and most popular rallies. As automotive event organizers, if there are crwods and supercars there, they probably have a hand in it. They're here to talk about what goes into planning an event, why Miatas are a nice break from R8s, and more. If you're wondering how to get into the automotive industry, this is a good listen. show is also a video: Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @petrolgirl @southerngermanation  NEW SHIRTS!
October 2, 2019
We're back from 2 weeks of traveling and there's a lot to talk about. Matt went to Germany and then met up with Zack at Road & Track's "Performance Car of the Year" showdown, where they drove over a dozen cars,  from a Mazda to a McLaren. And Vinny Russo bought a new old car! READ RT! https://www.roadandtrack.comThis show is also a video: Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @roadandtrack @vinnyrusso1 NEW SHIRTS!
September 24, 2019
Our good friend Chef Carl Ruiz of The Food Network, La Cubana NYC Restaurant, the Opie Radio Podcast and countless other ventures, suddenly passed away over the weekend. While we are all reeling from his death, I want to take the opportunity to celebrate Carl's amazing appearance on our other show, Watch & Listen. This episode focuses on Carl's general philosophy on watches, which I later titled, "Carl Ruins Everything." And it's the best primer on watches for someone who loves, or who hates watches. This episode is available as a video - get it at: check out his other two appearancesTST Podcast #441: Opie Hughes & Carl Ruiz & Listen Podcast #35: History of Rolex With Carl Ruiz will miss Carl very dearly, talk about him often, and remember the lessons of his life. RIP Chef Carl Ruiz 1975-2019 #ruizingforver
September 19, 2019
Bozi Tatarevic has an amazing life, and life story. He is a crew chief, mechanic, dealer, tuner, flipper, fixer, racecraft specialist, and automotive twitter philosopher. He has written for Jalopnik, R&T, and Hagerty. And how he got there is amazing. Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @hoonableIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @thebozi WATCH the show: NEW SHIRTS!
September 17, 2019
Andrew Collins is the Reviews Editor for, and their resident off-road/truck expert. Read Andrew's articles here: This show is also a video: Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @andrewatlarge  NEW SHIRTS! 
September 12, 2019
Matt has a Ferrari 812 Superfast, Zack is back from driving on an aircraft carrier, and Vinny is selling a car. PLUS, lot's of your questions! This show is also a video: Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman NEW SHIRTS!
September 10, 2019
Jeff Zwart is an award-winning photographer, cinematographer, and the Second Unit Director (that means the car stuff) for the new film 'The Art of Racing in the Rain." Jennifer Nicole is one of our oldest "car" friends, going way back to the early Bullrun days. A proper enthusiast herself with multiple Porsche's (including an Emory-powered 356 semi-daily driver), Jen runs the Porsche Experience Center her in Los Angeles.Check out the Porsche Exp Center: This show is also a video: Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @zwart @gijen   NEW SHIRTS!
September 5, 2019
Jonny Lieberman is a senior editor at Motor Trend, and the host of Head2Head on Motor Trend TV. He just returned from the Pebble Beach Concours, and certainly has stories. Watch this show! us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @mt_lovermanIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @jonnyliebermanNEW SHIRTS!
September 3, 2019
Jonny Lieberman is a senior editor at Motor Trend, and the host of Head2Head on Motor Trend TV. He just returned from the Pebble Beach Concours, and certainly has stories.  Watch the show!
August 29, 2019
Russell Carr has been the Head of Vehicle Design for Lotus since 2014, but before that, he designed the 2000 model year facelift for the Esprit as well! He designed the Evora, the more recent variants of which are among our favorite cars on the market today, and the new 2,000 HP Evija Hypercar.Watch the show!Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman  NEW SHIRTS!
August 27, 2019
DoctaM3 (Cody) is a real doctor, YouTuber, traveler, broadcaster, and hardcore Lamborghini enthusiast. Today begins Monterey Car Week, so we're talking about all that goodness and the state of LA car culture after this weekend's shows!Check out Cody's channel! the show! us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @doctam3IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @doctam3NEW SHIRTS!
August 22, 2019
Mike Burroughs is a fabricator who made his name with his company, Stanceworks, building incredible cars out of rusy shells, often using the rust in the aesthetic. His wide-body BMW went viral after SEMA. Now he has a new company, ProtoMachine. This show is also a video: Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman  NEW SHIRTS! 
August 20, 2019
Kyle Connor drove his Tesla Model 3 long range from New York to Redondo Beach in a record-setting 48 hours 10 min. He holds the record for the fastest trans-continental drive in an electric car on the original Cannonball Route. WATCH the show! : Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @virtualkyle NEW SHIRTS! 
August 15, 2019
Peter Blaber is the CEO of Add Armor, a company that can add defense systems to just about any car. Whether it's bulletproof glass and doors, to pepper spray and sound canons, we got into what makes material so strong, when you would need it, and which cars are the most difficult to modify. @thesmokingtire, @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire, @fakezackklapman Watch the show!
August 13, 2019
RADWOOD is arguably the greatest car show of our time and Art and Lane are two of the founding members of the event. RADWOOD features cars from the 80s and 90s, but it's more than that. It's a costume show, there's music from the 80s and 90s, old school skateboarding, and a sense of humor about it. It's growing every year, internationally. If you haven't been, go. @thesmokingtire, @zackklapmanIG: @thesmokingtire, @fakezackklapman @art.sees @laneskelton Watch the show:
August 8, 2019
Tiston Eaton is a multi-talented artist. He once designed a crazy wrap for Matt's Mini Cooper. Before that he was a graffiti artist. And since then he has designed toys and graphics for famous companies like Kid Robot, sold paintings and been hired to create amazing mural work. See Triston's amazing work here: T: @thesmokingtire, @zackklapman @tristaneatonIG: @thesmokingtire, @fakezackklapman @tristaneaton WATCH the show!  
August 6, 2019
Scott Pruett is a racing legend who has won in some of the fastest cars ever. He's raced in Indy Car, NASCAR, prototypes, Sports Cars, and IMSA. If anyone is a driver and racer, he is.  Read all about Scott: Scott's wine: @thesmokingtire, @zackklapman @scottpruett01IG: @thesmokingtire, @fakezackklapman @scottpruett01 WATCH the show!  
August 1, 2019
Justin Peck is an off-road racer, public speaker, and mental health advocate. He talks to us about racing, crashing, one-armed fist fights, Baja, crosskarts, and how his battle with bipolar disorder had a hand in his career. this show: us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @justinpeck49IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @justinpeck49 New Shirts: https://www.blipshift/com/tst 
July 30, 2019
Elana Scherr is one of our favorite people, and a car nut to the core. She's built engines, fixed cars, daily drove a classic Challenger, buys weird trucks, written for Hot Rod, ran Roadkill Magazine, and now writes for Hargerty. She joins Matt during the launch of the new C8 Corvette, so they discuss the leaked photos and info, along with drag racing, European muscle cars, and of course, Q&A.  Read Elana's work: this show: us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @challengeherIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @challengeher New Shirts: https://www.blipshift/com/tst
July 25, 2019
Travis Okulski is Editor in Chief of Road and Track, and Kyle Kinard works for him. Travis tells us about driving a McLaren F1 race car, special BMWs, and what we think of the new Corvette C8. Kyle tells us about the time he rolled a truck!  This show is also a video: us!Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @tokulski @kjkinardIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @tokulski @kjkinardNEW SHIRTS!
July 23, 2019
It's a TST show! Zack is back from Morocco, where the food is good and the cops are friendly, and Matt tells us what it's like driving a SHERP over EVERYTHING. Plus, we answer TONS of questions!Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman NEW SHIRTS!
July 18, 2019
 Betim Berish is the co-founder of BBI Autosport, which specializes in building high-performance Porsches for the street and track. They just broke the Pikes Peak Hillclimb Record for the Time Attack class, by a massive 14 seconds. Betim is here to tell us how it all came about. Watch them build the car in only 22 days! Watch the podcast! us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @bbiautosport @betim.berisha New Shirts: https://www.blipshift/com/tst
July 16, 2019
Ryan Zumallen is a long-time automotive journalist. He is the author of the book, "Slow car Fast", available for pre-order at us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @zoomy575mIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @zoomy575m New Shirts: https://www.blipshift/com/tstWatch this show!
July 11, 2019
If it's 2-wheeled adventures, these two have probably done it. Chris Cantle is a long-time automotive and motorcycle journalist, friend, and Editor in Chief of Motorcyclist Magazine. More on that in the show. Justin Dawes is a staff writer at Cycle World.  Read Justin's stuff! the show on YouTube: Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @chriscantle IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @justindawes  NEW SHIRTS! Like cars in your ears? Check out our podcast!
July 8, 2019
  Watch the show!
June 27, 2019
Aaron Robinson is the Editor-at-Large of Hagerty Magazine, the beautiful bi-monthly publication available to Hagerty 'Drive Club' members. Lyn Woodward is a journalist and presenter for Kelley Blue Book. These two went to the 75th Anniversary of the Normandy invasion and brought home a Willys Jeep! We also talk about the "original" Safari cars, and Matt reviews the Amazon Prime movie "Framing John Delorean" This podcast is available as a video! Get it at: us! @TheSmokingTire; @ZackKlapmanFollow Them! @AirRobinson; @Lyn__Woodward
June 25, 2019
Michael Harley is the executive editor of Kelley Blue Book's car review division. In the past he has written reviews for Autoblog, Autobytel, AutoWeek, and many more. We discuss the new Bentley GTC, Aston Martin, Turbo vs. NA Porsche's on track, the Huracan Evo Matt has been driving, and the Vintage Electric bikes in the TST Garage! Get our shirts at: us! @TheSmokingTire  @ZackKlapman  @MichaelHarleyThis episode is available as a video! Get it at:
June 20, 2019
Lyn Woodward is an automotive journalist that has written for all the big mags, traveled the world, and has an amazing story about off-roading. She currently reviews cars for Kelley Blue Book's YouTube channel. Check out Lyn's work on the KBB YouTube Channel: us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @lyn_woodwardIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman NEW SHIRTS! the video version of this podcast on our YouTube Channel here:
June 18, 2019
Dan Neil is a well of knowlede and ridiculous stories, and this show isn't one to miss. He pays the bills writing about cars for the Wall Street Journal. He's also the only person to ever win a Pulitzer Prize for Automotive criticism, and he once co-hosted a TV show on SPEED, with Matt! Topics go ALL over the place: Why 2,000HP electric cars aren't about selling cars, getting scared while riding with Keanu Reeves, Tesla vs Porsche, racing driving licenses, bespoke off-roaders, weird gangster Cadillacs, questionable rocket ships, space travel, and more. Read Dan's stuff here. Follow us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman NEW SHIRTS! this show!:
June 13, 2019
Ever wondered how cars get into FORZA? Justin Osmer manages FORZA's partnerships of all kinds, from tires to car companies to media companies to LEGO. He's here to talk about FORZA Horizon 4's new LEGO pack, which lets you drive LEGO versions of your favorite cars (ahem, Ferrari F40) in the Horizon world, AND drive regular cars in their LEGO world. Sounds good to us. Other topics include pickup trucks, race tracks, and Q&A with the fans. Learn about the LEGO pack here: us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman  New Shirts: https://www.blipshift/com/tst Watch this show on YT:
June 11, 2019
 Kristen Lee is a staff writer at Jalopnik, an owner of a C36 AMG, and a co-host of /DRIVE on NBC Sports. She's written for a variety of other magazines, and pulls no punches when it comes to criticizing the industry, be it individuals or companies. You can find all her work at https://www.jalopnik.comT: @thesmokingtire, @zackklapman @kristenleeIG: @thesmokingtire, @fakezackklapman @kristenleeeeeeeeNew Shirts: https://www.blipshift/com/tstWatch the show on YT: 
June 6, 2019
 Matt is back from his Italian honeymoon and has stories about cheeses, wine, Alfa rental cars, and cats that killed Caesar. Zack drove a GT500, a supercharged RAV4, and met the police.  Then they talk about car news, the BMW Mustang, and answer lots of buyer questions.  This show is also a video: us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman  NEW SHIRTS!
May 30, 2019
Alex Roy is a brilliant, hilarious, exccentric fixture in the automotive world. He is a an expert in autonomous cars, and broke several long-distance driving records including shortest drive time from NY to LA, and shortest drive time from LA to NY in a Tesla Model S. He has been writing almost exclusively about autonomous vehicles for TheDRIVE, and recently took a position at ARGO AI. HOWEVER, despite his current employer he is also the found of The Human Driving Association, which will lobby to defend our right to pilot our cars. Click the links to read more about him. show is also a video: us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @alexroy144IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @alexroy144NEW SHIRTS!
May 28, 2019
Jonny Lieberman and Jethro Bovingdon are long-standing auto journalists and the hosts of Motor Trend's "Head 2 Head". They travel the world driving the best cars on Earth. This show is also a video! us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman @mt_loverman @jethrobovingdonIG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman @jonnylieberman @jethrobovingdonNEW SHIRTS!
May 23, 2019
Jonathan Ward is a visionary, builder, and tinkerer. He helms ICON, legendary builders of bespoke 4x4s and fascinating restorations. He married a Rolls Royce and a CTS-V. He puts airplane visors in trucks. And all of it works flawlessy, and looks perfect. He's a perfectionist of all things material and quality.  This show is also a video: us!T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman  NEW SHIRTS! 
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