Straight forward, no-nonsense, honest
Simon C72
Typical high quality of the BBC. As professional as journalism can get.
It’s hard talk
You can’t get better than this on a podcast. Especially when Stephen Sackur says welcome to hard talk , and then you know that someone with a political or social perception is gonna be challenged at your pleasure.!
He’s a wanker.
Guests Beware!
American listener
Excellent program of wide ranging global issues. In a 25 minute interview, Stephen Sackur gives you the panorama then goes to the heart of the issue, whoever the guest. Beware guests who try to evade Stephen’s well prepared, penetrating, unrelenting questions!
Good Addition
The program is a good addition to iTunes Podcast.
Shah Rukh Khan interview was disappointing
The interview was rambling as the interviewer was trying to corner and embarrass SRK by trying to pin the issues of Bollywood on him when he clearly is doing more than any one else in Bollywood for women’s issues in India. She should be thankful that SRK deigned to sit with her for the interview. The quality of hardtalk has been slipping of late in general.
The show is one of the finest coming from BBC, it amazes me what anyone would go before the interviewers & face up tough questions asked!
Informative interviews
Mohammed Taha Faridi
BBC Hardtalk is ny favourite devil's advocate style interview shows in which the interviewers force the best out of the interviewees to get you as much information possible.
Sub-par, unprofessional
After listening to the Pakistani foreign minister interview, the Hardtalk interviewer seems ill-informed and overwhelmingly biased. This affects the types of questions and the professionalism. At one point, the interviewer seems to be talking AT the interviewee. Sub-par of investigative intent of these interviews.
The NPR station plays his interviews but at 4:00 in the morning. It's great that I can now Download it and listen at any time. Love the interviews in Hardtalk.
In-depth interviews,Important topics
Well researched questions and good debate. A wide variety of guests from the worlds of politics, business and the arts.
Superb interviews.
The interview with Gloria Steinem is one of the more fascinating interviews I've heard lately. Thanks for not only having her on, but asking some great questions.
Hardtalk lives up to its name.
Great program. Very good interviews.
Long time coming
Chex udeze
I have been waiting for this program to feature in iTunes. What a blessing
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