November 23, 2019
Women's Focus Sat. 11/23 Noon: When Peggy Langenwalter, Trish Comer and Jennifer Cox-Horak joined the ranks of 11 million widows in the U.S., they realized the lessons they learned from supporting one another and sharing their stories could help other women, and those who want to support people who have lost partners. So together they wrote “Wonder Widows: Three Grieving Widows Coming Together To Empower Women To Break The Silence of Widowhood.”
November 9, 2019
Women's Focus, 11/9, Sat 12pm: The third annual South Valley Studio Tour takes place November 10 in Albuquerque's South Valley. It's an opportunity to see 20 artists in their studios and experience the beautiful and often little-known parts of this culturally rich part of Albuquerque. Artists Erin Elder and Alicia Lueras Maldonado talk about the tour and the new performance showcase that has been added this year and takes place from 6 to 9 p.m. It will feature poets, musicians and artists from
November 2, 2019
Women's Focus, 10/19 Alb. Why bring this campaign funding system to Albuquerque? Three voices who have been taking the message to neighborhoods.
October 19, 2019
Women's Focus 10/19 12p: " Art of the Song " co-founder Vivian Nesbitt is bringing a one-woman musical show "Mother Jones In Heaven" to Albuquerque and Santa Fe. The show was written by activist, organizer and songwriter Si Kahn and includes 12 original songs. Mary Mother Jones was a legendary labor organizer in the late 19th and early 20th centuries who fought for better working conditions and fair pay for miners, mill workers and child laborers. A West Virginia judge once called her the most
October 8, 2019
Sat. 10/12, 12p: On Women 's Focus, Carol Boss interviews Allison Stanger about her just-published book, a groundbreaking history of whistleblowing in America and its centrality to the health of American democracy.
September 24, 2019
Sat. 9/21, 2p: 516 ARTS presents Species in Peril Along the Rio Grande: Contemporary Artists Respond, developed in partnership with the Art & Ecology Program at the University of New Mexico. It features commissioned and existing artworks highlighting diverse perspectives on varieties of plants and animals, including flowers, trees, fish, birds, and bees—iconic and overlooked—undergoing mass-die off’s and population declines within the Rio Grande watershed. Through the eyes of contemporary
September 14, 2019
Women's Focus: 9/14 Sat Noon: A daylong symposium on Sept. 14 at the Albuquerque Museum explores how women have shaped the field of printmaking with an intergenerational roster of printers, curators, artists, and publishers.
August 25, 2019
Women's Focus 8/24 Noon: We have all experienced betrayal at some time in our lives. It might have been by a lover, by a friend, in our job or in our family. The new book “Betrayed: A Survivor’s Guide to Lying, Cheating, and Double Dealing” highlights actual stories of betrayal. It offers a roadmap for how to deal with it and, sometimes, how to get even.
July 20, 2019
Women's Focus 07/20 12p: In this edition of the Women's Focus news: Financier Jeffrey Epstein denied bail and cited danger to community; Women majority of victims in fire at Japanese anime studio known for employing women; Women played prominent roles in success of Apollo 11; President Trump reverses course and supports people chanting "Send her back" at campaign rally about Rep. Ilhan Omar; Researchers identify one possible reason for higher Alzheimer's rates in women; Nicki Minaj pulls out of
July 19, 2019
Sat. 7/13, 12p Women's Focus: Carol Boss interviews Dottie Indyke, who is retiring as Executive Director of Creativity For Peace, an organization based in Santa Fe whose mssion is to train young Israeli and Palestinian women to partner as leaders and prepare them to be the next generation of female peace leaders.
July 12, 2019
Women's Focus, 6/29-Performance by Indigenous Dance group "Between Underground and Sky World"-6-9pm at James A Little Theater, Santa Fe. We talk to leader Rulan Tangen
July 8, 2019
Women's Focus 6/29--When suspected drug trafficking proved to include sex trafficking, Homeland Security officers turned to local advocates to help with relief for victims.
July 4, 2019
Alb, 6/29--How New Mexico is dealing with kids coming across the border: Bryce Pittenger, Head of Behavioral Health at CYFD works on that problem.
June 15, 2019
Women's Focus, 6/15 Sat 9a: The earth and our relationship to it run through two new solo shows by New Mexico artists that will open at 516 ARTS in Albuqurque on June 22. Paula Wilson will present "Entangled," which explores unseen forces of nature at work and embraces an anthropomorphic world vie where nature and life are embodied and reflected. As part of the show, Wilson is creating a large-scale printmaking project with people in the community. Mira Burack's show "Sleeping Between the Sun
May 16, 2019
1/19/19, Alb--After years as a journalist and writing two books, Melissa Ludkte is looking back at the effort required to break into sportswriting as a woman.
May 2, 2019
Sat. 4/13, 12p: Migrants, most from Guatemala and Honduras, continue to make the long journey to the Mexican-American border. From there, busloads of these asylum seekers are coming to Albuquerque to stay a few days until they are bused or flown to other states where they will meet the families who are sponsoring them. Many organizations and individuals have come together to welcome the migrants to Albuquerque and make sure they are housed, clothed and fed. Joining Carol Boss today on Women's
April 20, 2019
4/20 12p: This week in women's headline news, the first female astronaut candidate in the U.S. died. We have a remembrance.Also in this week's news: Protests erupt in Bangladesh over the death of a woman murdered after she refused to drop sexual harassment charges against her Islamic school prinicpal; police in Northern Ireland arrest two teens in the death of journalist Lyra McKee; the trial of female activists in Saudi Arabia postponed; Ivanka Trump visits Ivory Coast as part of USAID $2M
March 30, 2019
3:30 12p: This week in women's headline news: Legendary filmmaker Agnes Varda dies. Also in the news, three women's rights activists in Saudi Arabia temporarily released; Mexico has its #MeToo moment; new exhibit at the National Portait Gallery highlights suffragist movement; NASA cancels plans for all-female space walk; Maryland National Guard led completely by women; North Dakota considers nullifying its support of Equal Rights Amendment; Gov Michelle Lujan Grisham signs legislation that
March 16, 2019
Women's Focus, 03/16 Noon: British actress and comedian Nina Conti comes to Albuquerque this week for two shows with the Tricklock Revolutions International Theatre Festival . She has won a British Comedy Award, stormed Live at the Apollo, Russell Howard’s Good News, Sunday Night at the Palladium, and made a BAFTA nominated film. She and her most well-known puppet, Monkey, were also in the HBO series “Family Tree.”
February 11, 2019
11/10/18, Alb-"How are women judged by their age, looks, and race?" historian Nell Painter, having retired as a professor at Princeton, deals with these questions while commiting herself to a new world-as an art student.
February 9, 2019
Women's Focus 2/9 Noon: Donatella Moltisanti was studying opera 30 years ago and she found that debilitating pain she was experiencing would disappear as she sang. She began exploring how music can physically affect people and has created a technique she calls Moltisanti Soul Singing . She will be hosting a number of workshops in New Mexico from Feb. 19 to the 24th. Moltisanti Soul Singing events will take place on: Feb 19 at 2:00 pm at Santa Fe Community Yoga Center , 826 Camino De Monte Rey
December 29, 2018
Oct, 2017, Alb.-Cather scholar Sue Hallgarth brings us a second Willa Cather and Edith Lewis adventure- fictional, yet well-researched. This time, it is based in Taos, which Cather visited in 1925.
December 28, 2018
Women’s Focus 12/29 12p: On this episode we’ll explore how Crossroads For Women helps women successfully return to the community after incarceration as part of a project of the Solutions Journalism Network . It’s a nonprofit organization that works to rebalance the news so what we read, hear, and listen to each day are not only problems, but also solutions.
December 15, 2018
Sat. 12/15 12p: In this week's women's headline news, the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, Nadia Murad and Dr. Denis Mukwege, use their award speeches to call for global action to end mass rape. Also in this week's news: CBS gives $20 million to groups fighting workplace sexual harassment; Mexico City elects its first woman mayor; a report condemns an Australian prison for letting a woman give birth alone in a cell and the U.S. renews efforts to ban shackling of inmates giving birth in
December 5, 2018
Sat. 12/8 12p: Deb Haaland, one of the first two Native American women (along with Sharice Davids) to be elected to Congress, joins Carol Boss for a live interview. Stories from the campaign trail and freshman orientation in D.C. as well as conversation about her priorities in Congress and more...
November 15, 2018
11/10, Alb-"Gloria, A Life" playing in New York, draws long-time feminists plus young women. Former publicist for Ms. Magazine says-"I felt like I was sitting in Gloria's loft."
November 13, 2018
Women's Focus, Saturday, 11/10 1p: What is art worth? How do we value or devalue certain objects? Those are some of the questions behind the new show “Currency: What do you value?” at 516 ARTS in Albuquerque. It brings together national, international and New Mexico artists to explore questions about the relationship between money and art and also how society values work and time. The show takes cues from literary critic and philosopher Mikhail Bakhtin 's concept of the carnival disrupting and
November 6, 2018
10/20, Alb--Micaela Cadena wants to represent the distict she grew up in--NM House District 33. She returned to the district to bring up her children there.
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