Thanks so much
Rob just your free your YouTube videos has been an eye breakthrough on trading. I always go to your YouTube when I don’t understand something . I owe you and I’m going to pay with good results . I promise you
Lots of wisdom found here
Harvest Rocks
Thanks for all the content
Great show!
Alex Booker II
Rob is great! If you can get past the nasal sound/lisp of the producer you'll enjoy the show.
Listen to them all!
I have learned so much from Rob, via this podcast and his daily 5 things e-mail. I could not recommend this podcast any higher. Entertaining and educational, if you don't learn from and enjoy this podcast, you don't truly care about becoming better as a trader.
Rob makes my day every time I listen to him. Good for smiles even if you don't trade. You will love him!!
The original and best
First podcast I ever listened too and still the best from a truely good soul
Best Trading Podcast. Period.
Rob Booker has put together the best trading podcast that traders of all styles and levels of experience will find truly invaluable. I listen to this daily when on breaks at work. You won't find a better podcast catered to traders, really great stuff.
Intelligent and Knowledgeable
I am a member of Rob's TFL group, and have been a part of his trading community for years. He is truly an awesome guy, tells it like it is. And a lot of what he talks about isn't specific to trading, it 's about us as people trying to develop and grow and become better, not just at trading but relationships, life, etc!! Love the guy..he is a rare gem amongst all the posers and hawkers trying to take your money or give you bad advice!
I am finally making some money. Rob is a great listen and he really has an interesting point of view. Definitely worth the time!
Powerful Rob Booker!
I can't get enough of the Traders podcast, Rob and Jason inspire me with each episode. I literally listen to each one several times to absorb all the great advice. As podcasts go, this jewel stands out and has been an invaluable resource since I found it! I can't wait to hear the first podcast with the 'mentee' coming up!
The Best Trading Podcast
Must listen podcast.
Javageorge 1
I have known Rob since early 2000! I have attended a few workshops and have purchased all of his books. Rob truly cares about traders! You may not find your perfect trading system or then again you might 😀 but you will find you "trader self" 😀
Rob Is a Rock Star!
Jason Pyles
I've been listening to Rob rock The Traders Podcast since Episode 001. I'm a huge fan. This is a must-listen if you're a trader (and even if you aren't).
Stryder k
Traders podcast hits on issues with trading and is awesome.
Refreshing! Outside the box podcast!
First, who left a 4 star rating? If there was a 6th star I would click on that. I love the trading/none trading themes of each podcast. Rob keeps it fun with his variety of guest and "The Producer". I really enjoy this fresh outlook on trading...or none trading. This is a very fun and entertaining podcast. Love the concept, themes, and all the guest. I wish episodes were longer but it just long enough to keep you wanting more. So keep it under 30-35min. Looking forward to episode 1000. Anthony in Raleigh NC
...since sliced bread
This is a must listen for anyone who is a trader, has been a trader, would like to be a trader, knows a trader, knows what the word trader means...oh heck, just about anyone would find this interesting and entertaining. Rob does a great job educating, while at the same time entertains. My trading has vastly improved and I really enjoy the information and humor that Rob and Jason include in these podcasts.
Great resource for active traders
Dr Ragu
I've been listening for few months now! Great insights from a trader to fellow traders! Something fresh every episode even though sometimes the topic goes off unrelated to active trading! Might change name or warn listeners of the topics for the current episode to save them from wasting precious time now and then. Kudos to the team overall!
As Good As Any Info I Have Heard on Trading
Jack in ATL
I have been to too many seminars and bought too many systems/indicators to count. This is a mind game. I think this Podcast helps alot with the mind part of this game. I would recommend listening to it. Enjoy............
Good Stuff
I’m a relative newbie to the idea of investing and trading. I have a father who is a long term investor and some relatives who also buy stocks for the long term. I myself have been fundamentally intrigued by the idea and so I started studying on my own to see what I can learn with a relatively conservative and not wild mindset. I have felt that this podcast offers very much sensible advice for people already involved in day trading or contemplating trying it. This podcast is conducted in a very professional manner. It is well produced and always offers good advice. I’m glad that I happened upon it. I am committed to constant and never-ending improvement and I like that I can just put this on and feel like I’m gaining knowledge. Rob has a good personal presence on this podcast and a relatively decent sense of humor. I’m glad to say that I’m not bored listening. I anticipate that I will be listening to everything and get entirely caught up. Well done, Rob. Good sounding podcast. Good information, and time well spent for me as a listener. There’s a fundamentally credible podcast here that should benefit most reasonable listeners.
Fun and Insightful!
This Podcast rocks! If you love trading and trading life. Listen up!!
Awesome Podcast!!!
Kris Ha
I remember how excited I was when I first found out about this podcast, and I still am. You'll always be surprised by all the crazy things Rob does here, especially the Trading Tour. Granted that he did lose money, but making over 10%/month from a $10,000 account while traveling across the country is truly amazing!
The best...period
I've known Rob for a few years and looked forward to something like this. I missed a few and it took me about a month of driving for no other apparent reason to finish them all. Well worth the time!!! To say this podcast is great, awesome or excellent is an understatement. All great teachers have their style and Rob is no exception. His style is entertaining, relaxed and refreshing. There might be a lot of podcasts out there. None as consistent or as interesting as this one. The best thing you can do for your currency trading is to listen to ALL of these. Books are great and highly recommended as well, however, this might just get you there faster. Why? because when all is said and done, the books are read and the seminars taken (all recommended as well), it's all about finding your own course. This will let you experience multiple syles, issues, thoughts and humor which will put you in the right frame of mind to be a successful (Forex) trader. Great job Rob...
This is my 1st review on itunes because this podcast is that AWESOME :)
Great Podcast
Rob and Jason interview some of the best traders in a thoughtful and humorous light. This podcast will make you a better trader, and possibly a better human being. If you want to make money trading for a living, you can't afford to miss this.
Very insightful and entertaining, a favorite of mine
mitzy and mojo
Rob Booker is a wonderfully entertaining and insightful host, teaching valuable lessons to improve ones trading and well being in general. Humorous yet extremely knowledgeable, Rob sparks fascinating discussions with the myriad of guests he interviews.
He is the BEST!!!
Rob Booker's is GREAT! Always informative, learn something each and every show. He is grounded, honest, sincere and entertaining. He does care about you the TRADER! He shares his passion unconditionally with others, no strings attached. Wants you to become a better trader and a better person. Never stop learning about trading. He always give u a smile and positive mental ahh hah moments. Wishing u the best on your SOLO Roadshow around the USA. Boy, I am glad I found u!!! On the route with U. Foxman
This is a must listen
I found this podcast when I was looking for Forex training. Rob is an amazing speaker. Never a dull moment. Great guests from the business. I found it around episode 100 and now I am caught up. Some of the episodes I listen to multiple times. Jason (producer) and Rob are a perfect match.
Excellent and entertaining
Very honest, forthright look into the world of trading, with humor and valuable lessons both. It is great how Rob and Jason and his regular guests are able to maintain the interest level with helpful anecdotes and humor but the content is also excellent. It is refreshing that the podcast offers real value without an informercial or hype like many others do.
Just great
A. Medlar
For a retail investor/home trader, this is simply great: You will relate to these guys. Thank you very much Rob and Jason
Superior Commentary
Thanks Rob!
Traders podcast
Love the candid opinions, insights, and humor. Super entertaining and informative. Thanks!!
good, entertaining
Lots of good opinions and ideas. Nothing technical. More psychological and entertainment.
The Traders Podcast with Rob Booker
Simply put, the Traders Podcast "Rocks". Rob truly knows how to educate you, while remaining interesting & entertaining at the same time. Keep them coming!!!
Packs a punch
Forex T-Rex
The Traders Podcast packs a lot of punch in the approximately 30 minutes of each show. Rob shares his life experiences that have helped to form his trading psychology. This, along with his wide array of interesting and knowledgable guests, help to make this podcast entertaining, insightful, and fun. Check it out!!
Awesome podcast
Rob is informative and entertaining. I can't get enough, and look forward to each new episode.
Missing green sock...
I find Rob's take on trading to be helpful for those of us who are seeking to become better and more profitable. He covers a wide variety of subjects and has guests that offer insight you can find nowhere else.
Look forward to each Monday & Wednesday Morning
B Bice
Rob Booker intends these podcasts for traders, but the topics that are discussed can be used by just about anyone in their own life. Rob interviews a range of guests from many different trading backgrounds including the corporate shirts and the barefoot traders. I've had several light bulbs go off listening to the content of these podcasts. Rob and his guests don't come across as educators who spout theory, but rather they attempt (successfully I might add) to discuss the abstract parts of trading. The abstracts I refer to are: trader emotions, chemistry, habits, thoughts, and everything else that leads to a trader's success or failure. Sometimes they even discuss trading systems - you know, those things that we all blame for our bad trading decisions! I can't stress enough that these podcasts are by real people for real people. Rob has great chemistry with his guests. Being REAL is what makes the podcast a great resource and why I look forward to each Monday and Wednesday morning when a new podcast is available.
Worth your time, this is a good resource
C Collier
Rob Booker's Trader's Podcast is definitely worth a listen. He has some good guests and interesting topics and the content is good-to-very-good quality. If I were to make some recommendations it would be (1) skip the lesser experienced guests, (2) make each podcast longer with more depth and detail, and (3) keep the 'fun' banter to a minimum. I prefer Rob + guest; a co-host is not necessary and makes it harder work for the host! I wish there were more trading postcasts out there, this is easily one of the best and it is generous of Rob to give it away for free.
Slightly disingenuous to be commenting given my involvement in the podcasts but I love what Rob is doing here. It's always fascinating to hear others' perspectives on the subject of trading and Rob has a way with people that draws their insights out in a fun but insightful way. Keep on doing what you are doing Rob. I love it!
Well worth the listen.
Gabriel Petcu
With his podcast, Rob Booker is filling a gap in a wonderful, entertaining and educational manner.
Awesome Rob
Rob is a very giving and intelligent trader! If you are interested in trading and also want to be entertained I strongly recommend you give him a try :)
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