352. Live From BookLovers Con: Cards Against Romance Tropes, and Other Appropriate Topics
Published May 24, 2019
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    Recorded on May 16, 2019, it’s our live show from Book Lovers Con 2019! It’s fast, it’s funny, and it’s very silly. Thank you to Amanda and Elyse for doing the live show with em. Thank you to Eva Moore and Beth P who brought bottles of wine to share - you are most lovely. Thank you to Tere and Jo Carol at BookLovers Con for giving us a space with a sound system to record in. And thank you as always to Melonie Johnson and the 2014 Chicago North Spring Fling, who gave me Cards Against Romance Tropes. Apologies for uneven audio - I did my best to fix it, but it’s a bit uneven at times. Sometimes the mics picked up my voice in two places, so there might be an echo. So this is a bit off from my usual audio standards, and I’m sorry about that. I'm not sure if it's entirely my fault, but I take full responsibility for the end product. I did what I could. In between rounds of Cards Against Humanity, we talk about different things, including big news from us, an update on the Bachelorette recaps, and a discussion of chafing solutions and the benefits of StitchFix. I have no affiliation with them - I’m just nosy about people’s terrific outfit choices. We also talk about ER nurses having to pull things out of rectums, because that’s how our conversations go. At the end, we make recommendations because that’s also how our conversations go.
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