350. Rose Does the Research: History and Professional Wrestling With Rose Lerner
Published May 10, 2019
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    What do Gothics and professional wrestling have in common? A lot - if you’re listening to Rose Lerner. Even if you’re not into professional wrestling, you’ll enjoy listening to her talk about it. A few things we talk about: Was Aaron Burr a troll, and can you fact check Hamilton shitposts on Tumblr? Is it time for a lesbian Jewish Regency Gothic retelling of Jane Eyre? Is there a lot to learn about storytelling inside professional wrestling? The answer to all of those is “Yes,” by the way. We also talk about having favorites of the books one has written, writing deliberate, cautious moments in sex scenes, and which sex scenes are among the favorites of Rose’s readership. We discuss learning to respect your writing progress, even when you don’t want to look too closely at how it works, and the powerful productivity of setting smaller goals, using mini-habits, and rewarding yourself with your own progress. And we talk a lot about professional wrestling, and how Heels and Faces and Feuds have built her romance writing skills. We also talk about Rose’s Patreon, and as a member of said Patreon, I want to tell you, it is a freaking joy to receive her weekly Patreon newsletter. It’s adorable, it’s fun, it’s informative, and I look forward to it every week. If you like obscure deep dives into history on such topics as what kinds of play tea sets did young girls have during the Regency, this is for you.
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