333. Thriving as a Company of One: An Interview with Paul Jarvis
Published January 11, 2019
67 min
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    Paul Jarvis is a writer, designer, consultant, podcaster, and author whose latest book, Company of One is out on January 15th. I subscribe to his newsletter and find it to be one of the most interesting and useful email messages that arrive in my inbox. His specialty is reframing how we perceive success, productivity, and in this case, thriving as a business. Company of One is about deliberately staying small and specialized - and since I know many of you are small business owners and operators, whether as your primary job or as your secondary one, I think this conversation will be interesting and useful. I hope so, anyway. I was very excited to do this interview, and I tried very hard to keep my inner 13-year-old under control. We talk about online businesses (like this one) and how fast the marketplaces and the concept of what a business is changes in 5 or 10 or more years. Among the key ideas in this episode: The byproduct of success doesn’t have to be growth. We all have wishes for our dental adulthood. How to solve for enough, and how important it is to identify your personal version of “enough.” “There’s no one right way to do something.” Trying to be the best client for any freelancer you hire - excellent advice, I think. Knowing how as a writer you interact with deadlines and what kind of space and time you need to think creatively. My two favorite pieces of advice in this episode: “Think about the life that you want, and work backwards from there.” And “Solve for Enough.” If you’re an entrepreneurs or builder of a secondary career or passion projects: I hope this conversation inspires you as much as it has me. What are your resolutions about your own creative projects this year? Wanna tell me about it? I’d love to hear all the details.
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