331. The Bitches Recap 2018 – Reading and Otherwise
Published December 28, 2018
52 min
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    Sarah, Amanda, Elyse, and RedHeadedGirl get together to talk about reading - and other things -of 2018. Which books rocked our brains in the past year? We cover a LOT of books (I certainly do - I brought a list) and we talk a little about how we read, too. Some of us read and listened to a lot of books this year, and some of us moved from digital to print. We talk about books that have stuck with us, novels and authors we were delighted to discover this year, and romances we’re still recommending (try to stop us!). Then we talk about how our reading tastes may have changed in the last 12 months. Did current events and political climate influence what romances we do, or do not, want to read? Have our tolerances for or against tropes and characters shifted? (Spoiler alert: damn skippy they have.) CW/TW Ahoy:  At around 35:24 - RHG talks about Kavanaugh, the hearings, and about consent and assault. At around 39:00 - I talk about antisemitism, racism, the Tree of Life shootings in Pittsburgh, and white supremacy. NB: I recorded this before I read the most recent Romance Writers Report, a publication of the RWA. In this month’s issue is an article by Elizabeth Kingston titled “Reclaiming Historical Romance.” It’s about the white supremacist version of history contained in historical romances, which makes many of the points I attempt to make much clearer. If you have the opportunity to read it, please do. It is exceptional. And, please don't miss part 2 of our conversation next week! Carrie will join us as we look ahead to 2019: what books we're anticipating most, and what we can't wait to read next.  What about you? What books rocked your brain this year? We want to know - you know we do. Don’t be shy. Please tell us!
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