320. Deep Diving in our OTPs with Amanda, Elyse, and Sarah
Published October 12, 2018
59 min
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    This week, we’re talking about shipping literally and figuratively! Do you stan Dramione? Have a lifelong thing for Jareth and Sarah? Platinum blond antiheroes are your jam? Adam Driver in reallllly high waisted pants? Kataang or Zukara? Prince Diamond or Tuxedo Mask? This week’s episode is all for you. Amanda, Elyse, and I are talking OTPs, our One True Pairings. We talk about our favorite ships, the pairings that always work for us, and what they reveal about our reading catnip. Often there are patterns in the conflicts of our OTPs that correspond to our favorite romances and our favorite tropes. We ask important questions like, Can Amanda set Elyse up with the Predator? How many paranormal workplace romances does Elyse love? (Spoiler: A LOT) Can we avoid discussing celebrity crushes? (Spoiler: nah) Did Sarah retcon her own ending to Beauty and the Beast (Spoiler: of course) Note: there are some epic spoilers for things, including Final Fantasy 4, X-Files and the X-Files reboot, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and many others. So, tell us: who are your OTPs? What pairings still make you happy-sigh? Are they related to your catnip? We want to know. Leave a comment! Email us at sbjpodcast@gmail.com or call us at 201 371 3272! That’s 201 371 3272. Don’t forget to tell us your name so we can add you to a future episode, because I know this topic will come up again.
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