and drop by Shop & Save for their fresh pain au chocolat. also, thank you for the joy. also-also, more Tina Turner. like, full Tina Turner corner. you’ve got it in you. 🖤🖤🖤
Good people hanging out with good people.
Bryan and Erin are hysterical - and they have introduced me to my other favorites : Ryan O’Connell and Rhea Butcher.
Laughing Out Loud in San Antonio
An Italian in Texas
I started listening to your podcast last week, and laughed out loud while driving. I struggled between 4 stars and 5 stars because of two things...Erin’s horrendous voices while doing the sponsor ads (I think they will make more money if you just use your own voice so people can focus on the product and not your terrible interpretation of whatever) and the talk about abortion. I’m a mother of three, and aside from performing abortion to save the mother’s health, I cringe when I hear people talk about ending a baby’s life, regardless of the circumstances. Adoption is a beautiful way for people who can’t conceive to have a family. Otherwise, you make me laugh out loud. 😊
10 stars
I love love you guys, this podcast brings joy to my soul. I am Jamaican man, I found this podcast because of Bryan because a part of “ will you accept rose” family, and I’ve been a fan since. However Erin which is the love of my life, reported that Allison Felix ( my favorite athlete and great athlete of all time in my opinion) broke Usain Bolt record to become the fastest person in the world. And you had me all pumped and fired up. Then upon searching for the article to firm it, however not the case she broke the record of winning the most gold medals. Still super excited! I have learned so much from you guys and will never stop telling random I meet when I ride bus to listen to your podcast.
I was really down one day and needed something to listen to and saw this. After the first 2 minutes i was hooked. This podcast makes me happy. Thank you so much for addressing these issues in tasteful and funny ways. You’ve got a life long listener 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Queer Country Music
On the most recent episode Erin mentioned she has HAD IT with the straight love story narratives of country music. You guys should check out the Highwomen, an all-female country music supergroup with some great songs and particularly one ‘If She Ever Leaves Me’ which is a lesbian country love song sung by the awesome Brandi Carlile.
Danielle Seymour
I started listening because I wanted a female hosted political comedy podcast and this is the best I could find. I couldn’t even get through five minute because these two were so annoying. The second a comedian needs to scream their jokes, is the second they stop being funny.
The best!
Channing Taylor
I look forward to Throwing Shade every week, and struggle between listening instantly for immediate gratification or waiting for a mood booster/renewed faith in humanity on a particularly sour day in the Midwest . Thanks Bryan & Erin 💚
Chicken Soup for the Gay Liberal Soul
I love waking up on Thursday mornings knowing there’s a Throwing Shade waiting for me and another week of Trump’s presidency is almost over.
lou loo
LOVE you guys, but where is Sam? His laughter and occasional quips are really a nice addition!
Lesbian love from Houston!
I love to listen to you guys after a long day of social work classes. The curriculum requires students to assess the complex, overlapping, explicit, and implicit social challenges people face here and abroad. My brain is usually fried by the time I’m done for the day. It is the best feeling to hop in my car and boot up your podcast in preparation for my long commute home. You two have this delightful, unfiltered, and sometimes oddball stream of consciousness patter to your conversation that starkly contrasts the dry, academic language I have to use in my graduate classes. It seems as though you ALWAYS “yes, and...” each other throughout each episode and fully commit to whatever bizarre conversational destination your cohost takes you. It’s like you two are always warming up for an improv night performance! I love the way your brains work, I hope some of your sense of humor rubs off onto me. Your presentation of pressing social issues keeps people engaged in a truly meaningful and accessible way. Keep on livin’!
thank y’all
you make my drives to my tinder matches much more enjoyable
The Pew Also Shakes
One time I was at a funeral, and something the priest did made me think of an (unprintable) joke that Erin made about Catholic mass. I had to stifle my laughter, but the jiggles eminating from my body betrayed my inner laughter, and ricocheted through the pew. No one called me out on it. Possible explanations: a) I'm light as a feather. b) My convulsions were mistaken for weeping. c) Everyone else in my row was thinking of the same joke, and our synchronized giggling created perfect counter-ripples that canceled each other out. Thanks for years and years of inappropriate laughter. With moist regards ...
10/10 would watch - scratch that, listen.
Normal Teeth Normal Mouth
Yo, can someone make a compilation of Bryan singing and win him 20 grammy's?
10 out of 10 sugar kiss melons!
My favorite time of day? is Throwing Shade. Since becoming a Stitcher Premium member last summer exclusively to listen to TSPod and all of its spawn—ShOscars! Groceries! History: the Shequel!—I have clocked 285 hours and 23 minutes of listening time (sadly, the app displays this exact number every time you open it). Get ready to make it a large medium charge, hunnies, because this podcast is giving you way more than you paid for.
The Kelly LeBrock of Podcasts
I have been listening to this podcast for years and honestly it has somehow: enriched my understanding of current issues and those affected on a daily basis, made me cry laugh in my kitchen at 11pm in a Thursday while eating hummus (bout to get on stitcher for the Groceries hookup don’t worry), and makes this garbage fire current political state palatable somehow. Listen immediately. You owe it to yourself. WHO ME MONDO?!
Kyle Deladien
About 3.5 years ago, I started talking to a guy on Tinder and we quickly noticed that Throwing Shade was a Facebook “like” we had in common. For that reason, we quickly exchanged numbers because anyone who is a friend of Freddie Bell Jones (FOFBJ) is a friend of mine. We started dating, went to many Throwing Shade shows together in multiple cities over the years, and had the pleasure of chatting with Erin on her book tour. And this past weekend... we got ENGAGED! Crossing my fingers that Mondo will agree to officiate the wedding! Best. Podcast. Ever. ❤️❤️
we love sam too!!
where’s sam he never talks anymore he good??
Comedy and News? I’m all in
I always feel slightly rebellious when listing to This podcast at work and honestly it gets me through the day. From hearing about Women’s news, LGBTQ+ issues and the weekly Lori Loughlin dose I can’t seem to get enough! Looking forward to more laughs and groceries episodes of course!
Mr. Mystical
No not mondo but a 48 year old heterosensual white guy who loves this podcast!!!! Down with the patriarchy and it will not end in screams but laughter and glitter!! Y’all make me laugh and feel happy to be alive!!
You only live twice
Hunky Brewster
Guess who! One of my friends suggested I listen to the pod roughly 6 months ago, and it has been a constant joy ever since. I want to thank Bryan and Erin for providing the best infotainment! As a downside, I’ve unfortunately audibly laughed numerous times at my very quiet office. The stares are worth it, because Bryan and Erin are the most delightful hosts! Also, thank you for the Nancy Sinatra shout outs. I forgot how much of a bop “These Boots Where Made for Walking” is. Thanks for keeping me informed, while also helping keep my spirits high!
Five Stars - much more fun than listening to your actual friends and family talk
Throwing Shade has pulled me out of some of dark moments, from the general (last presidential election) to the specific (postpartum depression) - Erin and Bryan and their fabulous guests keep me informed about ‘ssues that actually matter and make me feel empowered, even in a white man’s world. Even though I hate grocery shopping with a burning passion, I upgraded to Stitcher Premium so I could learn from the best and I’ve yet to be disappointed. Also, best ads around - I’d buy almost anything from the Titty Witch or Mondeaux. Thanks for the laughs.
Must Listen!
The show I can't listen to while driving because I laugh too hard! Feels so good to hear a podcast about issues that aren't as reported as they should be. Bryan and Erin are incredible improv artists and inspirations to us ALL! I look forward to Thursdays in my otherwise boring life just because of this podcast. :)
They are at it again
As a black and gay person I literally cannot stop grimacing at the name of your show
Your one-stop shop for Lori Loughlin updates.
Twinkie Good
Long time listener, first time reviewer. Throwing Shade is better than an industrial sized box of Twinkies. If you like food that has a shelf life of four years, women’s issues, and LGBTQ ISSUES you’ll love this podcast.
Big Daddy watermelon
I’m straight, I’m white, I’m a man....and I love this podcast. I just started listening because I’ve heard Brian on other ear wolf podcasts. I’ve now fully fallen in love with both Brian and Erin. Great improv, great informative podcast, and it doesn’t take it self too seriously.
Groceries is the best podcast on grocery stores you'll hear all week
4 1/2 stars Secret Shopper Bryan Safi and Bag Lady Erin Gibson are here to answer all of your burning grocery questions. Like why is there no apostrophe in Albertsons or the best time to shop at Whole Foods to get a parking space. I hope after they've exhausted all LA grocery stores to review, they take the show on the road. Specifically to the Live Grocery Capital of the World - Austin, TX. We started Whole Foods. We also have Wheatsville, Fresh Plus, Trader Joe's, Sprouts, Randall's, and an HEB in every neighborhood plus 2 Central Markets when you're feeling bougie. My HEB has a tortilla lady making all types of fresh and hot tortillas. My favorite is the Mixla - half corn and half flour for when you want the taste of a corn tortilla but all the fluffy gluten of a flour tortilla. Now that Hatch Chile's are in season all you need is a pepper, tortilla, and butter to make a meal. Does your grocery store do that? I didn't think so. -1/2 star because they didn't know the proper terminology for a bag boy is called a Sacker.
Keeping Me Current
Reading Feminasty led me to this podcast, and I have no regrets. I'm an American living outside of the U.S. It can be trippy to watch what is happening in the U.S. and feel detached from it. I can't wait to hear what Erin and Bryan are going to discuss each week. It makes me feel part of the conversation. Groceries makes me jealous for all your supermarket options. And while I imagine you might rip on me for this, I want to put an appeal in for Chico's. Their Traveler's Collection got me through an entire year in Iraq. I feel old and lame when you make fun of it. But when you only have two suitcases of clothes and limited laundry facilities for year and still need to look like a Washington bureaucrat, they got you covered.
Strap Yourself In for a Tangent-filled Hour of LGBTQ+ & Feminist-adjacent topics
HONNNNEY! YASSSS. This is the best LGBTQ+ friendly & feminist-adjacent podcast out there. I consider myself pretty knowledgable about topics of Queer & Feminist Studies, and if you're looking for a podcast with expert insight on these areas, this isn't it. Instead it's funny, sardonic, while educating listeners about current events that are usually not covered by conventional media outlets. I'm a professional journalist and I recommend this podcast to all my straight, as well as queer friends, who want a good laugh while learning about LGBTQ+ and Feminist-adjacent issues. Oh and strap yourself in for a a tangent-filled hour of queer and feminist issues. BTW, Bryan Safi is actually really good looking (despite what Erin may say). Regards, Colton S. Exec. News Producer (no I am not telling you where I work so this can come back to haunt me).
Thanks For Groceries
Thanks for the free preview of Groceries. Personally, when I go on vacation part of the fun is hitting up local grocery stores and see what living is all about for the people that I am among. What are they suffering through? What am I going to think about when I go home and envy those people for? It was a delight to listen to and it cracked me up. I will definitely use the code you give out to get a free month of this gem. Thanks for everything. And in the words of Lauren Bacall, “My favorite kind of food is groceries.”
Groceries is incredible.
I can’t believe how great it is. Now I have to get the subscription so I can hear more episodes.
Long-time listener
I've been listening to Erin and Bryan for years, and enjoy the launghs and shock this show often elicits. Favorite thing: Mondo; least-favorite thing: clown-voice ads. You'll laugh and cry over the topics they discuss and sometimes shamelessly disrespect. Sometimes I wonder, though...the righteous indignation over how awful the Whole Foods experience is or that some company has the gall to design a shirt that looks good untucked? I wish my life were so complicated.
If you’re not listening I don’t want to know you
McKenzie Sattari
Nothing pleases me more than to listen to Erin and Bryan while on a flight going anywhere. I love laughing out loud with an airplane full of strangers making it awkward for all those around me. Your tenacity, strength and “no holds bar” attitude towards everything you stand for gives hope to all of us. Thank you for all that you are and continue to be. You have given a voice to so many who are without a platform and we stand with you united. You are a lovely, inviting and dynamic unit that the world needs. Keep being the amazing force that you are.
As a truck driver, I get to listen to many podcasts and Throwing Shade is on my top of the list. Erin and Bryan make me laugh with the way they tell the news and tell the jokes. They are like the salt and pepper to my eggs(go together)
Erin doing Mondo is the funniest thing. Period. If you fast forward through the commercials, you’re losing at life. Do better.
Always Delightful
Mega 8
Erin and Bryan are always a pleasure. I played the bit where Bryan describes his visit to the Masonic Temple in Philidelphia for my mom while driving her to knee replacement surgery. She was laughing and (hopefully) distracted for a bit, so thanks for that. Also, A+ on Groceries:) Keep it up!
My new favorite!
Recently started listening and I’m in love with Throwing Shade. Thank you Bryan and Erin for helping to keep me informed! Also absolutely loving Groceries - Thought it was a joke when it was announced and have been so pleasantly surprised. Come up to Minneapolis for the six buck cluck special on Friday at Lund’s ($6 for the best rotisserie chicken that is always seasoned perfectly). 😘 PS: My sis is hooked now too and we really want to go on a vacation to Philadelphia so that we can meet the crabby, lil tour guides at the Masonic Temple! All hail ET!
Always a Hilarious ~Pleasure~
I’m a new listener over the last two years, but I’ve listened to every episode weekly since I discovered your hilarious show. I finally listened to Groceries, and it is EVERYTHING. I work as a manager at a Starbucks, and I now make sure all my employees count back customers’ change the RIGHT way. If you’re ever on Cape Cod, drop in for a Frappiato Maxiato. Love love LOVE the show and laughing while staying updated on women’s and LGBT issues! 😍
I love you, please marry me!
There. I said it. The best podcast: funny, relevant, outrageous, amazing, it is everything. EVERYTHING! If I could marry a podcast this would be it, and Groceries would be our tiny little baby maid of honor. Weird? Well.. what did you expect? Side Note: Please bring Groceries to Apple Podcast for those of us who are too poor for Stitcher Premium 😭
Absolutely the Best!
Today an advertisement for UNTUCKit showed up on my Facebook feed and felt that was a sign to go finally review Throwing Shade! Bryan and Erin are fantastic and unapologetically give you the info you need every week! Can’t get enough of this, everyone needs to listen!
Quick-witted and Dimwitted podcast about global issues
Fast paced and humorous approach to the important issues everyone’s talking about and many you haven’t even heard about yet. This week I listened to a full blown tirade by Bryan on 2x for 10 minutes before I noticed. I love this podcast, I await each episode obsessively to stay informed without becoming completely depressed. Love you guys.
Just the best
By far my favorite podcast. I savor every moment of the two of you speaking about anything. Now, I’m going to listen to Groceries. Thanks for making work more interesting.
American Treasures
In a chaotic world where anything could happen on any given day, Thursdays mean Throwing Shade. That’s a constant that I can live with. Bryan and Erin, you are American treasures, and we do not deserve you. Keep doing what you’re doing. This world needs you. ❤️
I was ...
listening to this show and I thought “This is like the ending of the Sixth Sense for me!” Rating 5/7 would recommend you watch the Sixth Sense
My passion? Anything with lipstick!
Erin doing Mondo this week almost killed me! I laughed until I couldn’t breathe! Bryan as Giggles made me stab myself with my eyeliner. I LOVE this podcast and you guys!!!
The best show to listen too!
I laugh until I cry every episode! Bryan and Erin are two of the funniest, most honest and crazy people you will ever listen too! TS is a podcast perfect for when you wanna be angry about the world but then laugh away the pain! 10/10 love them both
All Aunt Becky. All the time.
Your number one source for Lori Loughlin news 24/7
Channel No 5
Channel No 5
Erin and Bryan somehow have me laughing out loud even when discussing our country’s latest tragedy. Their discussions are intelligent and heartfelt and at the same time absolutely ridiculous. Can’t wait to start calling my period “going #5”!
Inform yourself while LOLing. Erin and Bryan bring it every week. Never miss an ep.
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