November 8, 2011
In this episode, Dr Stian Reimers looks at humans' conception of time, in an effort to understand what makes us different from other animals. He discusses a number of experiments which have examined the notion of mental time travel, arguing that while some species have a basic understanding of time, only humans have a consciousness of past, present and future.
November 6, 2011
In this episode, Dr Stian Reimers considers the concept of temporal construal: the curious way in which our decisions and preferences are altered by time. Why does it sometimes "seem like a good idea at the time"?
November 3, 2011
In this instalment of his podcast series on the psychology of time, Dr Stian Reimers discusses the development of humans' ability to judge time over the lifespan. Dr Reimers is a lecturer and researcher in the Department of Psychology at City University London.
November 1, 2011
Dr Stian Reimers introduces his podcast series in which he delves into the psychology of humans' (and animals') perception of time.
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