My favorite podcast.
Long time listener. I’m in the military which makes it difficult to be a completely plant based athlete (there are no vegan MREs). But I try to eat as many meat free meals as I can. I’ve listened to every episode. Your conversations at the beginning make me feel like I know you guys. Keep up the great work!
Love this one!
Spartan in Ca!
Matt and Doug provide wonderful insight into eating a healthy plant-based diet and so much more. Great job!!
Awesome podcast
It’s a great and friendly podcast, I love the way they share their experiences. I got totally inspired and signed up for my first 50mile, a goal that I was postponing for a while! 😁
No fact checking
You guys are on here not knowing what you’re talking about, no fact checking or anything. A bunch of “I think, I’m not sure.” Smh
way too much useless talk
I really wanted to hear about some of the listed substantive topics but I can't deal with the 20 min of pointless self indulgent chatter between the hosts at the beginning of the episodes.
Wasn’t worth it
Maybe it would be if I could hear it. Perhaps they need to check their equipment
Great content, but...
I love this podcast but recently the sound quality has gotten to the point where one host is easy to hear and understand at a reasonable volume, but the other host I can barely understand or hear, he's so quiet. Can you fix this?
Love to Listen
This is a great podcast to listen to. The depth, coverage and lightness has me looking forward to the next podcast. So thanks for the podcast and company!
Great resource!
Cats 420
Very informative and inspiring!
Awesome podcast
I love your podcast, I have been listening for years and look forward to your new episodes. As a vegetarian marathon runner, all of the content is relatable to me. I have been a vegetarian for 12 ish years and was vegan for a few years in there. I cook vegan at home, so I love hearing about your simple ways of eating. It always inspires me to eat better and do more. Thank you for everything !!
Great topics, enjoyable listening
While not a runner, most certainly not an ultra runner, I find the information in the podcast useful and informative for my own endurance activities, mainly hiking. Nutrition, training and other practical content related to the active lifestyle are great, and I enjoy the conversational format of the podcast. Thanks, guys!
Helpful and Funny
I've been a long time listener of the No Meat Podcast. I enjoy the partnership of Matt and Doug. They are easy to listen to and provide information in a real and interesting manner. I appreciate their banter and friendship. They have done so much to help me become a more mindful consumer and vegetarian. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone thinking of going "no meat."
Interesting podcast
I’m not a long distance runner and I listen to this podcast. The two hosts cover a variety of topics about exercise and being vegan. They are real people with real lives. They don’t have unlimited shopping funds, private chefs and they understand everyone is not just going to start eating kale one day one. I still don’t like kale 😃
Get to the point
I enjoy the content of this podcast. One piece of constructive criticism is to decrease the time spent conversing about unrelated topics and just get to the points of discussion. Some episodes start with several minutes of talking about unrelated things that I have no interest in and it just makes the listener more tempted to quite listening.
The back and forth conversation is great. The hosts bring a great mix of off the cuff and lighthearted banter mixed with great information for vegan eating, healthy home life and getting the most out of your day/life.
Relatable (did I mention the acoustic panels?)
Enjoyable and relatable approach to plant based fitness. As a father of two girls who enjoys being active and wants to cultivate that in the family, this is a great listen and pick me up. Also, Doug’s new acoustic panels (100 miler episode and beyond) take the audio experience to the next level 😉
Good guys, good causes
Give it a listen!
Great Podcast
Kind Veggie
This was the first podcast I ever started listening too and while I've found others I love, this will always be my favorite, and the one I look forward to each week. There is a lots of helpful information on nutrition, health, fitness and mindset, without being overly serious or pushy. I dare say this is a podcast for real people and Matt and Doug, are also, real people. So it can be a bit goofy at times, but I happen to enjoy that. Content is great and I have found so many helpful resources through this podcast, both from the No Meat Athlete brand as well as several other podcasts, books, etc. And lastly because of this podcast, I have KonMari'd my home, have productive mornings, learned to relax, participated in 7 races including 2 half marathons and am now training for my first full marathon - a thing that I always thought was way beyond my abilities. Let's be honest, there are a bajillion podcasts now, but this one has certainly helped me and it might just be the one for you too.
To the tune of Jack & Jill
Matt and Doug went up the hill To learn about vegan & running Matt fell down and picked up disc golf, And Doug ate corn chips after. For whatever reason, that got stuck in my head during this weeks long run while listening to the most recent episode. (I hate myself for that). I’ve been a fan of these guys for years, Matt’s original No Meat Athlete blog was how I became vegan. Please never end these!!!❤️
My favorite podcast
I’m not even a runner but I love listening to matt and Doug’s banter. They crack me up. Also enjoy all things ‘no meat’ and and I’m learning so much about a plant based lifestyle. Keep up the great work Matt and Doug!!
Fun and conversational
When I listened to my first episode I was not sure if I would listen to a second. But I subscribed to their show and after a few episodes I began enjoying the conversational nature of the show. But I was disappointed when they didn’t share the answer to this riddle: “There are two lemons 🍋 squashed in the street and Jack and Jill are dead on the sidewalk. What happened?”
Light hearted and fun!
I have been listening to No Meat Athlete radio for a few years now and I really love it!! I enjoy their banter back and forth and their laughing at each other. It feels very genuine and light hearted. Great, informative episodes filled with great takeaways to make my life better!! Thanks for all you do!!
Great podcast
Becky in KC
These guys are great! I learn so much from their ideas and insights. Interesting, relevant and accessible.
Casual, fun, inspiring conversation between friends
Susan in AK
Like eavesdropping on a dialogue of people discussing health and their lives in general. No guilt or shaming, just sharing and discussion of good or potentially good ideas. Great non-screen time for transitioning to bedtime. For my older ears Matt could slow down his speech a bit, but I like his enthusiasm.
One of my faves
Matt and Doug are great! They aren’t your typical podcast that’s super scripted, but I really like that. Their dry humor cracks me up. Perfect podcast for running, biking, or even cleaning the house. Love it!Thank you and Keep it up, guys!
Very informative and laid back
Love these guys. I’ve learned so much.
Positive, realistic, for everyone
I have been listening to this podcast for years… Originally I felt the focus was geared towards ultramarathoners and marathon runners but I still listened anyway because I enjoyed the tips even if I applied it to my 10k and half marathons. That being said I also started listening when I was a vegetarian and found the information useful —now as a vegan I find it tenfold. I look forward to their episodes every week especially the ones with no topic! I feel like I’m listening to two friends at this point since it’s been years of listening to Matt and Doug. I highly recommend for anyone interested in vegetarian or vegan lifestyles.
Two giggly schoolgirls
Bubble gum man two
First half the guys whisper nonsense to each other. Second half is better, but there are many better plant based podcasts at this point. After 10 years, you would think that the would have splurged on some decent sound equipment by now. Meh
Great Practical Podcast - Definitely Listen If Thinking About Going Vegan!
I’ve listened to this podcast for years and am finally getting around to writing a review. I really enjoy their practical approach to veganism. I have been a vegetarian since I was twelve and have been a vegan on and off, but their interviews and advice can be useful for anyone. I have recommended episodes to non-plant based family members which I think really helped move them towards cutting out animal products! I also like their episodes on habits, productivity, etc. Matt and Doug are down-to-earth and different enough that their back and forth is really fun to listen to.
Low-key, friendly guys; totally worth it
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I enjoy listening to Matt and Doug’s banter but they also provide great interviews and information. I also know I can recommend this to a wavering friend and it will likely encourage that person to live a more and more veg-centered lifestyle.
Very informative
big lar dog 6
Lots of relevant info about the topics. Great poddy
Conversations with friends
I’ve been listening to Matt and Doug for years and it’s like hanging out with good friends. I like hearing about their lives and families. They have motivated me through injuries and burnout. I’ve found new vegan pods and places thanks to them. They are a welcoming voice for the community and I love hearing from them every week.
Meat industry shill
Where do you think fish get their omega-3 from. Do some research before you spread misinformation!
Low on information
Lots of talk between two friends but they take forever, and sometimes never get there, about providing information and data.
Life Changing
This is the single most inspiring and influential podcast I have ever listened to (and I have listened to many!) I have been a devoted listener for years now and can say without a doubt that the knowledge that I have gained has been life changing. Huge thank you Matt, Doug, and the entire No Meat Athlete team!
So bored.
Mrs Pearl
Vegan for years. Love sports and athletic talk. This killed me. Couldn’t hear the entire episode kind of bad
Leaving a feedback to kick off the last negative reviews that someone left.
Screw him. You guys are great 😊. One of the only good vegan podcasts out there
Please work on sound quality.
Chick 215
The content is interesting, but constant inaudible segments make this hard to listen to.
Cray Ray
I think this is probably a great podcast for plant based endurance athletes, like myself, but I don’t particularly care for it because of the way Matt talks. I’m sure he’s a great guy and everything but he talks way too fast and his words tun together to point where they’re basically indiscernible. That annoys me to no end. Honestly, the only reason I check in from time to time is to see if there are any more episodes featuring Ray Cronise. I love to hear anything Ray has to say even if I’m forced to occasionally listen to Matt’s string of unintelligible words. Sorry, Matt. Don’t take it personally. I love what you’re doing and I fully support your mission of furthering the plant based movement. I just don’t particularly care for the way you communicate.
Keeps Me Motivated
I can't wait to listen to Matt and Doug each week because they are so full of great information, and so much fun to listen to. I NEVER miss a week with these guys. Their chemistry together is amazing.
Lip smacking is overwhelming
Can’t deal with off topic rambles and the lip smacking.
Rambling and repetitive
I’ve listened to a few episodes and find that each episode could be half the length with the same content value. The host rambles and rephrases every other sentence or question so it stretches on forever. It’s hard to listen to all that for the intermittent nuggets of useful information.
Excellent content, conversational
Matt and Doug have an easy banter, while providing solid tips, inspiration and experiences for plant-based athletes. As a trail runner, soccer player, vegetarian (aspiring vegan) and mom, I appreciate how their well-researched podcast topics enhance my busy life, empowering me to make it a little healthier.
Hysterical! And Informative!
I love listening to Matt and Doug...they always make me laugh on my way home in the car! As a RD and plant based eating promoter, I can agree with the content and yet still gain a lot of practical info from them. Also, Matt, it’s Wisconsin Dells not Wis Dells ;)
I wish this podcast was giving vegan athletes more. The banter between the two really gets old. Some podcasts the banter goes on for almost half the episode. I really don't need to know about your family's weekend. Let's just get down to it. Mostly though - this podcast needs fresh perspective (female guests or hosts, interviews, sited studies, etc.) I want to love this podcast, but it really needs to improve.
No information, just a bunch of rambling.
The information in the episode could have been discussed in the first five minutes of the episode but instead these guys rambled on about nothing and ho hummed for 30 minutes. They need to be more prepared. I get not wanting to be scripted, but perhaps an outline to guide the discussion would help to be more focused. I'm very interested in the topic, but I can't put myself through listening to their chitter chatter again.
Really a lovely lovely podcast! They do great! Both play off of each other beautifully! I personally like everything you guys talk about, on and off of the topic, just saying, cause that seems like something you guys worry about haha. Lovely! Both of you guys are very good.
Not good
Calatrello iTunes Account
It’s just not good. Too much rambling about nothing. I wanted to like it, but my time is too valuable.
A waste of your time
Game Gangsta
They just ramble on and don’t actually give you any informative content. The earlier episodes are better than the most recent ones. It seems like their trying to be like Rich Roll too much.
So bad
The beginning of the podcast started off with the words: there is no content to this episode. Don’t waste your time.
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