I want to like the podcast, but...
I want to like the podcast, but the hosts are annoying. They constantly talk over each other, and do not stick to the topic which is the show. They get off track every episode. Stick to discussing the show, and quit trying to be funny. I listen to the podcast to hear about the show. Not to listen to the hosts get off topic and talk over each other. Maybe revamp the podcast for next season, and get some new hosts.
I love these hosts!
Definitely my favorite season yet. Love the slasher storyline and really enjoying this podcast's coverage. Especially because we get it the same night; I can really get my AHS ritual going every time!
Ryan Nilsen
This aftershow is great! I abslutely love the format. Jordan is the "Jordan" of podcasting. Terrific podcasting! I really like the panel and they have great chemistry!
These woman just need to stop. Their giggling and talking over each makes this unlistenable.
You guys keep saying Robert Rodriguez... If you guys actually did any research you’d know his name is Richard Ramirez....
Stop with the morning DJ voices!
Please stop with the morning drive time Dj voices. So irritating.
Where do you get this stuff?
Scottie Boi
I listened to a few episodes and I was pretty disappointed. You have to give the characters nicknames because you can’t actually remember them? Even by the last episode of the season? And I don’t understand why you just can’t say “I don’t understand this” instead of making up these strange assumptions about why you think something is a certain way. And they are usually totally off the wall and nonsensical. As a huge AHS fan I wish there were more well spoken hosts that actually “get it” and that didn’t just talk over each other and make stupid jokes and not get any of the references.
The education system has failed us.
James in Durham
My god. We have all heard of reading comprehension. I have now learned that “watching comprehension” is a thing. I have listened all season and these hosts are infuriating. I guess for self torture. They literally don’t understand anything that is happening on the show. I am not sure how they survive in the world. They should be kept far away from podcasting. Seriously. They are that bad.
Get the plot right
Jesse Hufstedler
I’m all for differences in interpretation but these ladies don’t have a grasp of the basic facts. Not worth the time.
I wish I could give you zero stars
What a bunch of airheads. This panel is total garbage. Can we please have a panel that is a little less ditzy and actually understand what’s happening on the show? Or maybe just stick to reality TV reviews.
A VAPID bunch of hosts
You guys are annoying. All of you can use professional voice training. And collectively you guys are NOT funny or as amusing as you seem to believe your are amongst yourselves. This show Seriously needs better moderators.
Could be good but nothing of substance is said and the whole show is disorganized. Not enjoyable at all and lame senses of humor.
Mad Love for this Podcast
I cant get enough of this Podcast. I listen to this podcast religiously. Love the girls that put this together. It is very entertaining
God, I want to like this podcast, but...
Please get rid of Ashley! She adds nothing and she’s clearly not very smart. Also, stop the valley girl talk. Too many “likes”and “oh my gods”. The lead host is actually good and leads the podcast well.
Don’t be dumb
Men that are gay don’t have any less testosterone than straight men. That’s a really gross and unfortunately common misconception. Cordelia mentioned that women are more connected to the etherial realm since testosterone is an inhibiter and that’s why women are better at magic. There was no mention of gay men in her explanation. You inferring this though speaks volumes about your point of view, even if you are a well-meaning individual. The warlocks are gay because it’s a Ryan Murphy show, case closed.
A good podcast
This podcast is good with great insight and content however there is room for improvement. For starters the laughter at corny jokes diminishes from the quality of the content. Secondly I have an issue with the commentators speaking over one another. It distracts from what is being said. Other than that great podcast. Definitely a fan and I am most definitely a subscriber.
Ugh, too much estrogen
Mr Knows It Alls
I really wanted to like this podcast but it sounds like a gaggle of millennial sorority sisters talking over one another trying to steal the center of attention. If you have any balls or serious interest in AHS, find another podcast with less dimwits and more discussion and analysis.
Decent podcast
Pink star 923
There is just too much rambling and laughing! Can they please just do the recap?
Stranger Than Fiction!
Stop talking all at once!
Love it
I like others I see love the guys on the podcast the girl who is on it for asylum is annoying, I don’t care that you have an MA for tv, if I want to hear other news not about American horror story I can look it up or watch the news. She’s just stuck up and thinks she’s better then everyone
Love it
Love hearing the recap after the show but please pull away from the mics when you scream or laugh super loud. Hurts my ears especially in the car! Other than that great!!!
Really like it. Great discussion
Uninsightful hosts
The hosts for season 6 offer no unique insight into the shoe, and most of the time they seem to not even understand the basic concepts and themes of the season. An amazing show like AHS, needs better hosts. Dear hosts, no your ideas are not better than the writer's. A new panel next season is needed that are actually informed and knowledgeable.
Amazing after show and panel
The panel for AHS Season 6 could not get any better. It is a huge improvement from last year and I'm grateful that you all did not include "Call me Skip" and that other chick next to him ( I forgot her name). Sorry for sounding harsh... However, it is great to see the ever so enthusiastic Alana Jordan as the main speaker. Her energy can really captivate an audience ( well, the ones who don't get offended for every little dam thing). Michelle, Kelly, and Zach each bring their personalities to the table and that's great! I hope to see this panel for future seasons of AHS. Thank y'all for what you do!
Zero Stars
Watched the first episode for season 6 and was looking forward to hearing from my all time favorite team of panelists for AHS. But disappointed that none of them were on ! I gave it a shot but in the end the energy level just wasn't the same. The old group was loud but funny and witty as well as intelligent. Maybe they'll come back for next season. Ugh, hopefully Scream Queens wasn't gutted as well. Update: boring, don't know why I keep torturing myself with this after show. I'm excited after watching the show and to follow up with this is just painful.
Pass on this one
domesticated dave
I listen to several Afterbuzz programs. This will not be one of them anymore. It was like listening to my teenager and his friends discuss a program that is far more involved than their attention spans can allow them to digest. When one of the hosts knows a single fact about history or science, the other hosts are blown away and laud them with so much praise that it makes me weep for the future.
Kill Me Now
These are by far the wost podcasters I have ever heard. The people make me think all millennials are idiots. There is nothing meanful about this podcast. I can't even take it anymore. Did you just learn the word "trope" and you want to use it all the time? Cause I'm 20 minutes in and I've heard the word said 5 times. Nothing to see here, just move on quickly and figure out the show on your own.
Andrea (constant reader)
This is like listening to annoying people on the subway talk loudly about something for the entire ride. Please for the love of god stop making 20 something's sounds like idiots. Many of us aren't, and this group is basically what is wrong with An entire generation. The valley girl voice inflections are like nails on a chalk board. Girls- you CAN speak like adults, and express ideas without use of the word "like" every other word. Also a tiny bit of an outline of what you are talking about would probably help. Good luck.
cant stan steven
cant stand steven all he did was critizise season 2 of ahs story.
Much better with less people
Chris in dc united
Decent podcast when it's 2-3 people.
Good show, bad recappers
I listen to several AfterBuzz aftershows. This is my least favorite. On the last recap, the guy spent the entire episode referring to Finn Wittrock as Vlad. Who is Vlad?!?!? Vladimir Dracula? It's Valentino as in Rudolph Valentino. I know the recappers are young, but surely they have at least HEARD the name Rudolph Valentino before. Sometimes they leave out important parts of the episode. I hope AfterBuzz continues the AHS AfterShow, but the recappers should be replaced next season.
Wish there was another podcast
Me (the real o-g)
Of American horror story. These people hurt my ears and I loose brain cells. Trying to sound smart doesn't work for any of them. I keep trying to listen but it just puts me in a bad mood.
Not a good team
I listen to lots of AfterBuzz recap shows and this group is just very blah. Their knowledge of the show is minimal, their insights are bla it like listening to paint dry. AHS is such a good show and deserves a better group of reviewers.
Love the Podcasters
I love David and the rest of the Podcasters. You are the first thing I listen to when I leave out when I go to work. You are also the first thing I listen to when I get off of work. Let's just say you get me through my crazy work week. Keep up the awesome work! 😊
Love the podcast! Here's some trivia- Silver can be used as an antibiotic and an anti-microbial. That's one reason why Silverware was actually made from Silver. Before modern day antibiotics, they used Silver as a germicide and disinfectant- which kind of jives with the whole vampire mythology (if it's a blood borne disease), and why Silver hurts vampires. Thank You wikipedia! Another tidbit- Underarmour uses Silver thread in their anti microbial underwear.
Mr. March history
T&S Edw
I was wondering if you caught that Devils Night is Mr. March's Birthday and room 64 was his office. I just re-listen to his story at the bar.
Worst podcast I have ever listened to
Andrea (constant reader)
If I could give zero stars I would, they literally found the most annoying group of people ever and gave them microphones. Also their knowledge of the show isn't great either, what a disappointment. I listened to 3 episodes, gave it a good try but it was so annoying.
This is like pretty bad
Chris in dc united
Like sorry but like this is pretty like bad. Like there's way too many people like talking and like yeah like that's like the truth like ya know? I tried but like but like but like I just can't like do it but like sorry.
Doing great for the new season
Love all the ideas and theories each member of the panel bring. I have a question, though. Do you think we have been given any clues yet for next season?
They're alright
Leah Aguirre
I like the information they're putting out there, but it would be nice if they did a little more research about the show so they could give more insight about the episode. And not just the things they initially caught. Also they pause a little too often, I would enjoy more banter and not long pauses between each person's thoughts or theories. There is a lot to work with on this show because of so many theories, predications and how the series as a whole is connected. I wish they got into it a little more
I want to like this podcast so badly, but I can't over how unorganized the whole show seems. They talk over one another, they can't get their facts straight, and the panel lacks chemistry which makes the show suffer terribly.
First up after show
Podcast is the first up after the show which is nice. Having issues with the file for episode 2 hotel can't listen to anything after 4:30😕. It is a little difficult to get all the info it gets a little off track but I like the chat feeds.
AHS is such a great show with so much talent. These knuckle heads don’t do it justice. Im tired of hearing winning, like, and about how LA is the center of the universe.
you could enjoy every episode from this show.
Love This Podcast!!
Kathryn Richards
Love this podcast!!
Jupiter, Florida
I totally agree about Florida...and this season is prefectly set in Florida where things happen.
S4E9 Nice Change
I am already a fan of this AfterBuzz show and I think our cast of usual suspects do a great job...but...Julie Ofcharsky is A..Maz..Ing. Can we just pull up a fifth chair or something? ;) It's just refreshing to hear someone speak with no fear. Keep up the good work!
What a bunch of idiots. Because you live in LA you're more socially aware? If you like people rambling on without making valid educated points this might be your show.
Dandy is my favorite character
Loved your reviews as always. And Dandy is so much fun to watch. I loved how Gloria said she loved him when he came out with a "furrowed brow". He was creepy even at birth.
Not Cotroversial, stupid
I think I know what you meant good thing she saved you. I BELIEVE you meant that since you work int he entertainment industry you notice hidden things better than the regular viewing audience, and so that's how I'll take it, but really, REALLY tripped on your junk. Wear extra padded underwear till the swelling (the bad kind) goes down.
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