love you msp
if i’m not feeling well or sum thing she puts on a ted talk like thisss
TED is awesome!👏
This podcast provides the greatest inspiration from the greatest inventors and innovators in our society. Don’t know what could be better than that. Keep it up!!
Cool 😎
The show is mined blowing 🤯 and cool 😎.
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It is a great educational experience and really is better than the news and that junk. Ted talks give you what you need.
These are videos not a podcast
I enjoy Ted content but want to clarify that this is not a typical podcast, it’s a series of Ted videos. As someone who only listens to podcasts when I’m driving this isn’t really a great format since the visuals are quite an important piece of the talks (at least the ones I have listened to so far).
Donuts Sprinkleton
This show is really educational and interesting. My teacher loves it, and so now I do too. The speakers are intelligent people who are speaking with a purpose. There aren’t many podcasts quite like this one. (I’m only eleven years old, so this is beneficial to my learning as I can listen to it as a podcast and not hearing it from my teacher) 🍩🇦🇷🐷🍩🇦🇷🐷🍩🇦🇷🐷🍩🇦🇷🐷🍩🐷🐷🍩🇦🇷🐷🍩🇦🇷🐷🍩
Expand your mind
Why are our homes filled with celebrity crap and junk tv when we could be using media to educate? It is beyond me. Watch Ted Talks. Share the ideas. Tell others and have intelligent conversations. Nuff said.
Ted talks
Love this great podcast
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