September 14, 2019
Debt Free Wealth Radio has been silent for a while as we developed our TV Media branch. Learn more about where God has been moving us and the exciting things up ahead for Trudy Beerman and PSI. --- Support this podcast:
July 15, 2018
Christians who have become stuck in their relationship with God, due to failure, wrong belief-systems, spiritual abuse and other crises in life. Her coaching helps believers to experience that God ° is for them ° believes in them ° empowers them to live their lives’ purpose, so that they can bless others and reveal more of God’s glory in the world.
July 3, 2018
Josh Hackett is a managing partner at EHP consulting group where he helps brands, retailers, and service businesses sell more effectively on e-commerce platforms through optimized product listings, websites, social media, and customer communication. he graduated from the University of Tampa - Sykes school of business with a degree in cybersecurity. prior to the inception of EHP Consulting Group, Josh worked with start-ups who reached over $100,000 within the first year.
June 30, 2018
With the agenda of the Trump Administration, ignoring the call to legalize an immigrant status is crucial. Jamila Little is an attorney licensed to practice law in Florida, and in the Caribbean. Her practice areas include Immigration, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and Business Law. Jamila continues to represent her clients in State court and Federal Immigration court. The information in this show is pertinent to the state of Florida, however, it may help you start your conversation with legal help in your state.
June 29, 2018
Quitters never win and winners never quit. Failure is NOT the opposite of success, it is a part of success. Not being able to know for sure how something will work out can be daunting, and some run at the first hiccup or hurdle. Starting over repeatedly builds no empire. It is time to stop quitting. TRUST THE PROCESS! (Assuming you have a process and not just winging it, of course). Learning to trust the process is the secret sauce to success. Tah Dah!
June 28, 2018
Founder, Audrey Munoz began sharing The moment that transformed her life with women all over the world with jo-nic signature I AM jewelry. She is the CEO, designer and founder of Jo-nic Declare and Wear an inspirational Christian Jewelry Company that has been successfully operating since 2013.  Women worldwide wear jo-nic signature designs for the truth it speaks and the freedom it brings when women declare God’s biblical truth over their life.   Jo-nic has rapidly grown and has extended its reach by collaborating with other women in ministry by bringing unique I AM messages to conferences, bible studies and events. In addition, jo-nic contributes monetary donations through jo-nic’s sowing ministry (ministry sponsored I AM-Jewelry Pop up shops).
June 27, 2018
Donna is an Amazon best selling author of the book What Are You Looking At? Finding Joy in the Chaos and Monotony of Life.  She is also a Bible teacher, public speaker, and Christian spiritual coach, spreading the message that Jesus was sent "to proclaim freedom for the release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor." (Luke 4:18-19)  Donna's message reminds us that the answer to any problem is found in Jesus
June 26, 2018
Unfinished, almost done, nearly there - is NOT DONE! This show is for the procrastinators. Too many unfinished projects around the house, job, or family? My best 3 tips to becoming a FINISHER! Finishing is my Super Power! I have been a finisher all my life. The flip side of that is - I prefer projects with start and end dates than running, continuous, same-old, stuff. I get things done and it is the most annoying thing to work with those who can't ever finish anything. Finishing is often the difference between being paid or not.  I know some people are great at starting with enthusiasm but quickly get bored and so they never finish. Some never start - but some who start never finish. NEITHER ACCOMPLISH VERY MUCH! Learn to finish! Listen in and share this with someone who needs this show. You KNOW you know who that is - so please do not procrastinate. Hit the share button now.
June 15, 2018
Just as a blind person has to accept their inability to see, and utilize strategies and tools to safely and productively interact with the world around them, many others have sensory issues that require a similar process. Sadly, many are unaware of this need, resorting to assume they are simply clumsy or weird. Anne-Laure Jackson is an Expert Sensory Processing Coach that helps parents and children with coping and success strategies to integrate productively with their world.
March 10, 2017
I RECORD MY FIRST TV SHOW TODAY! Being on TV has been on my Vision Board for two years and today I record my first TV show which will air in the upcoming week.  To see it on TV you would need to be in the local Tampa Bay, Florida area.  However, after it is recorded, I will receive the video file and I will post it to Youtube to share it with the world. The content of my TV show will be to introduce me and my services to my local community.  I will use this radio show as practice for what I will say, but also, this will serve as a summary of what we offer here at Profitable Stewardship, Inc. Listen in, and please connect with me.
March 3, 2017
Tax season is the one time of year that all businesses become publicly aware of their profitability.  Of course, this information should be known throughout the life of the business, but for the solo-entrepreneur or the small business owner who is still wearing a lot of hats, doing the accounting, keeping it up to date, analysing the data, and using that analysis to adjust their operation may happen less frequently that they know it should happen. Profitability is the goal of all business; even the not-for-profits want to generate more than they use up so that that extra can be donated to their cause or reapportioned so that they end with a zero profit line, but profit is still their goal, but how they handle that profit is special for not-for-profits. Understanding that all profit is income but not all income is profit is the foundation of creating profit.  PROFIT IS THE REALM OF MORE, OF ABUNDANCE, OF EXTRA. Too many solo entrepreneurs and small businesses are spending from their inflow without realizing how they are burning the future growth of their business.  It is time to be Profitable and to INCREASE in Profitability. It is time to pay attention to your harvest.  Let us look at what the Bible has to say for some Biblical insight into generating and building profitability. CLICKABLE LINKS  to everything mentioned on this show will be found in the blog version of the same title
February 24, 2017
WORK!  This is one word that rarely brings a smile to a face.  Students would rather play than settle down to work. Employees ache for breaks and the end of the day. Housewives groan at the dishes and dirty laundry. CEOs cringe when their phone rings one more time.  This is not always the case of course - but this is a reality for many. Humanity's purpose is to work.  For those who ascribe to the authenticity of the Bible, work was instituted from the first moments of Adam's existence in the Garden of Eden. Genesis 2:15 "The LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it." However, work did not become hard for us until sin set in. As part of the Adamic curse, humans would only eat if they worked, and that work would be hard. Genesis 3:19 "By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread, till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” Knowing what moves you. Being aware of your passion.  Finding your purpose. These things require WORK!  When you know what your passion is, and you pursue it, I promise you, your work burden drops 100 fold, to the point where what you are doing may not even feel like work anymore. I challenge you to dream your WHAT IF?  However, there is a healthy way to do it, that will move you to action.  I share that with you here.  I challenge you to pursue your WHAT IF!
February 22, 2017
MEN TALK!  Announcing a NEW show segment to Debt-Free WEALTH Radio. Patrick Pearce is an insightful thought provoker. He is a Christian and Law Professor who challenges to engage in enriching conversations that clarify, edify, and encourage men to move the better versions of themselves. Although Patrick directs his conversations to men, women cannot help but chime in. However, men really do need an opportunity to express themselves, to be heard, and to be respected for their contribution. This is your show - this is MEN TALK.  We kick off this segment looking at the challenge of DIVORCE.  How men are impacted when their visitation with their kids are interrupted by an angry Ex.  Yes - many men are deadbeats, but using the kids as pawns create a deeper pain for the kids than most realize.  When men are excluded from their children's lives, there are future repercussions that are worse than giving in to a visitation with the absent parent.  Deadbeat or not, dad's matter! Join the conversation LIVE or listen in later.
February 10, 2017
Love and money always hang together but the relationship is not always a healthy one.  This show is for those who love money, love FOR money, and fall out of love when there is NO money. Ecclesiastes 10:19 "[ ] money is the answer for everything" Check out
February 10, 2017
Running a business has challenges and learning curves, and many of it is difficult and sometimes does not work out as planned. Does your faith help you in times like these? How? If you are a Christian in Network Marketing, consider joining our Facebook group.  The focus of our group is to encourage and support Christians to be BOLD in their faith.We already have training for our business elsewhere, but the Christian entrepreneur may not be getting emboldened, encouraged and elevated in the application of their faith in business from their secular peers.  You WILL here.
February 3, 2017
Overeating, fighting, running away, drinking to drunkenness, depression are some of the negative coping strategies many adults subconsciously go to, when things do not go their way. Coping strategies for stressful situations can make the difference between profitable outcomes, or a deterioration of a situation. The Christian income earner would be wise to become aware of their own ‘go to’ strategies because these are things we do subconsciously.  Awareness is the first step to correcting anything that does not serve us or move us closer to our goal. To see the PICTURES and get CLICKABLE LINKS to everything mentioned in this show, click HERE
January 27, 2017
Prosperity Gospel as it is generally understood is a laid back, 'entitled' mentality of the 'name it and claim it' game, for those who believe that being saved means cash and luxury should be faith spoken into your grasp is to take the Bible out of context and creates a dangerous reason to head to church.  These people have a god, and it is money, not the Almighty God on High. The sad thing is, they wear the label of Christianity and create a controversy-filled dividing line within the church, and for those contemplating joining it. Profitability is the realm of MORE, the realm of ABUNDANCE.  I propose PROFITABILITY IS THE REAL PROSPERITY GOSPEL! This is the first component of a three-part series.  Today, I will look at the decision to BECOME (Mindset).  I will update this post when I add the content for the upcoming two segments; The Becoming (Money), andThe Becoming (Mastery). READ this content and get clickable links to everything mentioned in this audio, HERE
January 20, 2017
A leader in my organization who also is a model of fitness and has been photographed professionally for that reason, just had the popular fat pinch caliper test done and according to the results - she ranked in the 'obese' levels. Her public post caught my eye and inspired this content. Fitness progress is something that can and should be tracked.  Athletes, for example, improve their game because they track their stats including their fitness efforts.  Tracking is important to progress, but some numbers can cause people to lose confidence and give up all efforts. Quantitative tracking is important but so is qualitative - and in the end, it is your goal that determines which tracking criteria matter most. MORE and clickable links available HERE If you are READY to take this Health Challenge with me, click HERE
January 13, 2017
Depression is a horrible emotion to experience, and this morning's experience proves it takes very little to trigger that emotion. Beyond the experience of the emotion is the disruption of life because everything seems to come to a halt, and some things even reverse in progress because of the depression. Let me tell you right now, taking pills will not do much to change your mood, and if the fine print speedily read off at muted tones in ads are correct, some of these mood prescriptions may even cause suicide to be a more prevalent thought than the depressing ones.  Personally, I take no chemical mood manipulators. The moment I feel sick, angry, sad, annoyed, jealous, depressed -whatever!  If it does not serve me, it has to go!  I tell myself it has to go and it has no space in this place.  If that sounds silly to you, let me tell you - that formula has served me well, and I use it often.  I always shift from the negative to the positive and I do it as quickly as I can.  I encourage you to do the same. Flour by itself is not tasty.  Butter by itself is not something we sit down to eat.  Sugar by itself is not filling, however, you start mixing these and other ingredients together, and the result is often amazing!  So it is with life.  That depression right now is simply an ingredient in your life. If you are a Christian, remember this Biblical promise... Romans 8:28 "Furthermore, we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called in accordance with his purpose".
January 6, 2017
"Dad is in the Emergency room, AGAIN!" That was the call I received last night at 7:30 pm.  My parents live 4-hours south of me, so all I could do is sit by the phone waiting for updates.  I did not sleep well. For someone who sells love extensions through death compensation (aka - life insurance), this discomfort was even worse! I am fully aware that my dad's will is not up-to-date and even though I provided him with all the tools to update it, he has not done so.  I offered to help him, but apart from the possible privacy of him not wanting me to know his plans, he is competent to the task - just procrastinating.  Tomorrow is never guaranteed, people. This show is for adults with aging parents.  Do not assume they have their life transition plan in place.  Do not assume they have the funds for an appropriate send off in place.  Do not assume they have considered what's next for the surviving spouse.  Do not assume they have enough money to carry on if one pension goes away.  To assume any of the above is to suddenly find your life significantly impacted with a time and income impacting demands that could re-rail your future. Listen in for FREE and affordable resources to make this planning happen with your aging parents.  Access clickable links to these resources HERE
December 30, 2016
The Christian income earner should have profitable abundance in all areas of their life: Time, Talent, Temple, and Treasure.  If this is not your current experience, or you want to increase in those areas, this show is for you. The Profitable Christian - BE ONE!  here is How.?  READ along, or instead at ? Matthew 25:20-21 "The servant who had received five thousand coins came in and handed over the other five thousand. ‘You gave me five thousand coins, sir,’ he said. ‘Look! Here are another five thousand that I have earned.’ ‘Well done, you good and faithful servant!’ said his master. ‘You have been faithful in managing small amounts, so I will put you in charge of large amounts. Come on in and share my happiness!’"
December 16, 2016
2016 was an AWESOME year for us at Profitable Stewardship, inc.  I hope you had a good year too, but it is now over and 2017 is just around the corner.  I thank each one of you who happen to receive this because it means you offered me your email, and we interacted at some level. View the year stats, Christmas Gifts to you, and more HERE
December 14, 2016
Christian entrepreneurs sometimes have a love/hate relationship with PROFIT!  Jesus came into a poor family, never owned any property, and was buried in a borrowed tomb. Does that mean that Christians should be poor too? Many assume that following Jesus means being poor. Do you agree with that? Many Christians select the NON-PROFIT business model more often than our non-Christian peers.  There seems to be some stigma with profit that if they earn it they feel compelled to give it away and remain personally poor. This conversation will be a SERIES!  So we will stick to this portion of the conversation in this show. The other scheduled topics coming up in this series are: The Bible says we cannot serve God and Money. If we pursue prosperity, does this mean we serve money? Running a business has challenges and learning curves, and many of it is difficult and sometimes does not work out as planned. Does your faith help you in times like these? How? Direct Sales & MLMs often get lumped with the illegal concept of Ponzi or Pyramid schemes. To make it worse, even good companies have rogue Representatives that do unethical things. How can we as Christians help to lift the Network Marketing Profession through our work? We are Christians first before we are entrepreneurs. In our companies, and on our teams there is quite a bit of entrepreneurial training to help us grow our business. Do you feel there is enough faith-based leadership support for us to grow as champions and examples of what an "abundant life" looks like? If you are a Christian in Network Marketing or Direct Sales, join our Facebook Group. The focus of our group is to encourage and support Christians to be BOLD in their faith.
December 9, 2016
Census statistics show Americans are dying younger.   This show is for those who want to defy the odds and reduce the pain of their passing. According to a 12/8/2016 article in USA today, Americans are dying younger.  The sad thing is, the reasons offered are ALL lifestyle related. If you have followed this show, you know I talk a lot about Biblical stewardship of the body and stewardship of our finances. This is even more urgent a call to action now than ever before! We must take better care of ourselves and contribute to our own life extension.  However, since death is inevitable, no matter how much longer we live, when we die, we can impact the loss to our loved ones by leaving a significant financial compensation behind. Listen to this show to learn more.  If you are open to joining my team,to help the millions of people who need this kind of help; please connect with me.
December 2, 2016
Newlyweds have to do the money dance. The legal ramification of marriage creating Community Property, those who are spenders, savers, and everything in between comes into full drive after the 'I Do'. This show is for engaged couples and newlyweds doing the finance dance as they figure out how and if to merge their money and make future plans that will ensure money does not create the 'Divorce' conversation. My mother and I have a Pre-Marriage course that Florida County Clerks of the Court offer to couples when they go to get their marriage license. In this show, I will focus on the money conversation couples should be having to ensure money does not create the 'Divorce' conversation later.
November 25, 2016
The Brand of YOU What is your personal brand representing to those around you?  Do you even know?  Do you even care?  Do you understand that how you are seen by your public can impact your company?  For example, what Bret Farve meant to the Greenbay Packers, and what Michael Vick’s brand did for the Atlanta Falcon’s during his dog fight drama. Today, the Trudy Beerman brand evolved as a result of what I can only describe as a private civil war.  I was figuratively at war with myself – a war between my private and public self.  The face I showed the world and the authentic me that few got to know.    Building the brand of you and the brand of your business is easily seen in the analogy of having a baby.   The brand of you will impact the developing brand of your business if you have one.  The brand of you will cast an initial shadow to your corporate brand and eventually, both will stand as independent brands.
November 18, 2016
Have you ever heard of the M.I.B?  No!  I don't mean the movie, Men in Black with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. YOUR HEALTH & THE COST OF INSURANCE. Taking care of yourself has an incredible impact beyond your quality of life experience, life expectancy, self-image, and mood.  All these things are absolutely impacted by our health, but our health impacts our money quietly behind the scenes as well. Taking care of you is a solid investment at so many levels.  Like any good investment, there is a positive rate of return, and one way of measuring that is in dollars.  Health is often taken for granted until it costs money to restore.  By the time health negatively impacts your finances due to income lost days to illness, injury, or early death, it may be too late for you or your loved ones to escape the tragedy that follows. READ MORE HERE
November 11, 2016
Jesus was broke. I have had so many people tell me this as an anti-argument to Christian prosperity, till I am absolutely SICK of it! More so, those who insist that Jesus was broke, point to this as an example of how Christians should exist on earth.  These people point fingers at affluent Christians as if they committed the worst sin possible.  How dare they?  How dare any of us who claim to be Jesus followers aspire to prosperity?  What kind of Jesus followers are we? For more, visit
October 21, 2016
The fastest way out of debt is not doing without and cutting back. These are solid strategies for sure, but these are not the fastest way out of debt.  The fastest way out of debt is to make more money, and selling insurance is a fantastic way to generate a very comfortable, time-freedom life for you and your family. Since I have a college degree, my Real Estate Broker's License, and my Insurance license - I can tell you, if I could do it all over again, I would have eliminated two of the three.  Knowing what I know now - insurance as a career and insurance as a vehicle for wealth has, in my estimation has been easier to acquire and hold than any piece of real estate, easier to sell, and easier to liquidate; without accepting the burden of debt that came with six years of college. Is a career in Insurance Sales a fit for you?  Listen in to help you get the info to decide.
October 14, 2016
Working HARD and working LONG HOURS with very little personal gain to show for it is an excellent definition of SLAVERY. Yet, so many sign-up for that option daily, and they do so voluntarily. The longer these people stay in those jobs, the lower their quality of life, the tighter the noose around their necks and the economic slavery is locked in as the new lifestyle.   Historically, slaves were not compensated for their work, an Economic slave is poorly compensated for their work.  I define Economic slavery as a job with long hours or back-breaking work, a hard-ass Boss, zero growth opportunity and a pay so small, that it barely covers the necessities of life.   Instead of giving up the job most give up on their dreams. SAD! What you need is an exit strategy.  Sometimes being fired is a blessing in disguise because some of you won't decide to leave that noose tightening job unless you are fired and forced to find another income source.  Fired or not, no one is handing you a 'Get Out Of Jail' card.  You may just have to create your own escape, but first you must DECIDE to escape economic slavery.  DECIDE to create your better life. Having decided to escape, the next step is to take inventory of your skills, interests, resources and network.  Several times the Bible shows that we already have the seed to our harvest.  The Widow in 2 Kings 4:1-7 had her flask of oil, Moses had his walking stick, the disciples had 5 loaves and 2 fish.  God continues to ask us today, "What is in your hand?" Let's talk Exit Strategy so you can move in the direction of your life of purpose and power.
October 7, 2016
15+ pounds extra and you are clueless to how it happened and when. It seems like you woke up one day fatter than you remember yourself.  Before you go crazy trying to figure out how? Let me ask you... did you have a recent major life change? The College 15.   Post Military beer-belly. Becoming a stay-at-home mom. Swapping your job to work-from-home. Retirement.   These are a few of the life changes that creeping weight gain sneaks up on you without notice.  Months and extra pounds later, you realize your clothes no longer fit well, your health statistics are headed to the danger zone, and your personal confidence has slipped. Not knowing to expect this sneaky, creeping weight gain means no one prepares to avoid it.  Hopefully this show raises your awareness so this does not have to be YOUR future.  IF THIS IS ALREADY YOUR REALITY, then I have a zero-excuse, affordable, effective weight management solution for you.  #StewardshipOfYourBody
September 30, 2016
Want more money? Start looking over your spending habits for leaks and plug those holes. Want a puppy?  On your next apartment search, rule out all the properties that do not allow pets Want to become a cosmetologist? While you research possible schools and the funds to attend, why not watch multiple Youtube videos on the art of applying makeup, and you practice on your friends. Want to be more attractive?   Why not start to pay more attention to your skincare, your hair care, your nutrition and more. Want to feel abundant?  Go find someone in desperate need and donate something to them.  Trust me, you will walk away feeling very abundant. The point I am pointing out here is, the result you seek may not be immediately available but that does not mean you cannot walk in the direction of it. Whatever you are in prayer for, participate with God in the process to bring it to be. This brings a fresh understanding to the parable of the sower.  Farming is a huge teaching strategy of the Bible and rightfully so.  Whatever it is you want, that is the seed you must plant.  Just because you do not see a harvest right away, you need to keep sowing that same seed until you do.
September 23, 2016
NAKED, ignored posts is the entrepreneur's challenge.  Zero likes or comments, post after post suggests there is zero reason to look at the post, or worst, the page.  Human tendency is to avoid being the first to do anything, while the herd mentality of the crowd makes it easy to simply join in.  It is natural to have increased curiosity to those posts which others have already deemed worthy of participating in, and posts with activity tend to get even more activity.  Some are lucky enough to even go viral. While I am yet to figure out how to make a post go viral, I have created a solution to the naked post. My social media Tribe is established to create the initial buzz to a post, video, tweet or blog.  The Tribe is not set up for cross-marketing nor internal recruiting, let me be very clear on that.  The sole purpose is for Tribe members to deliberately interact with your post so that YOUR AUDIENCE will be more likely to engage with that very post because of the initial buzz they find there. Membership to this Tribe is FREE, however, remaining a member is not easy.  There are rules of engagement we do insist on and this membership is regularly scrubbed and deliberately kept low to only the more active members.  If this sounds interesting to you, listen to this audio for more info, and click HERE to request to join.
September 16, 2016
Life Gave you Lemons? Make a Lemon Cocktail! Creating your own opportunity
September 15, 2016
If you have ever wished to be on TV or in a movie on the big screen, this show is for you. People who lived outside of Los Angeles seem especially interested in coming to Hollywood to check out the possibilities of working and rubbing elbows with film and TV stars while on vacation. Vacation time is so limited, so preparation and planning is important to maximize any chance of a REAL Hollywood Experience that makes tours look LAME-O! Darryl Stewart is my special guest on this segment of Rising Stars.  In his career, he has had the opportunity to meet numerous interesting people who have decided to be background actors themselves. Within the extra and background community, there are many people from all walks of life, ranging from Desert Storm veterans to athletes who played in the NFL Super Bowl. Meeting and working with these people has given Darryl memories he will cherish forever. Some top actors got their start as a Movie Extra, and it is truly an easy and safe way to experience this industry before making a full commitment to the Hollywood lifestyle.
September 9, 2016
How to get family, friends, co-workers and colleagues to respect your work time, as an entrepreneur and GET MORE STUFF DONE! This checklist assumes you have a life outside of work, or that you intend to have one.  Family, friends, vacations, and being present during those moments matter to you.  If that is the case, then you are working to live, not living to work.  In other words, your work finances your lifestyle; not your life and everyone in it, has to support your ability to go off to work.  If work supports your life rather than your life supporting your work, then that mindset will also drive your priority setting for your time.   Whether you have an office away from home or not, the following are all time-tested, effective strategies to help you manage how people interact with you that impact your time productivity. Because people will attempt to access your attention via multiple routes, some strategies may be specific to online, phone or in-person distractions. Without being a jerk, you must let people know that your time is valuable and it is up to you to establish that value.  Those who work-from-home will have the most challenging time with this because there are many who will assume you have nothing to do and treat your time as such.
September 2, 2016
CLEAN UP YOUR ACT! 2 Corinthians 7:1 "Therefore, my dear friends, since we have these promises, let us purify ourselves from everything that can defile either body or spirit, and strive to be completely holy, out of reverence for God." THESE PROMISES: See 2 Corinthians 6:16-18, but in a nutshell - it is the promise that our body is the Temple of God, and the God is our Father, walking with us, and we are His children. SINCE WE HAVE THESE PROMISES: Cause, premise, or basis, or reason for why we need to purify ourselves. LET US PURIFY: This is OUR job. Considering the premise established in 2 Corinthians 6 is, our body is the Temple, it is also a stewardship duty. We must take this action. Opportunity is all around us, but many of us fail to take advantage of it. This is a cause and effect deal. God offers, and we must take. LET US PURIFY OURSELVES FROM EVERYTHING THAT CAN DEFILE EITHER BODY OR SPIRIT:: First of all, our focus is ourselves. I cannot purify you; I can only purify ME. Also, this assumes that we are ALREADY defiled, or that the things that defile us are around us. No one cleans a clean space. FROM EVERYTHING THAT CAN DEFILE EITHER BODY OR SPIRIT:: Pay attention, it says body and spirit, Cleaning the body only, is like cleaning the OUTSIDE of the cup and not paying attention to the inside of the filthy cup. No whitewashing here folks. The cleanup process is just as much an inside job. FROM EVERYTHING THAT CAN DEFILE EITHER BODY OR SPIRIT:: You probably already know what these things are. Are you making poor food choices, sex choices, watching or hearing filth or fearful things that cause you anxiety or bad dreams?
August 26, 2016
Fooled by the display? Don't be!  This show is for those who know there is much behind the masks.  Lifestyle posts of recent purchases, trips, cars or mansions are designed to trigger jealousy and desire that drive people to pursue money.  The thing is, these results do not always reflect the choices of the wealthy.  In fact, many who are wealthy have much more than is visible or displayed on social media.  While not always the case, the flash of the display is sometimes all that is had, sometimes even borrowed and passed off as owned, or is later returned or repossessed.   "The more men try to showboat their wealth, the more likely he is spending beyond his means with credit card debt." Financial Samurai in -  Some wealthy guys deliberately cover up the bling to see if women and 'friends' are truly interested in them or just their money.  The point I want you to take away is, values determine how money is spent.  All that glitters is not gold, but many will fall into the shiny object syndrome trap and spend their money on depreciating, deteriorating, disintegrating assets.  A fool and their money are soon departed.  So the fakers mask that poverty with flashes of wealth, and some wealthy mask their wealth with unflashy options.  What you see is not always what is. Galatians 5:22-23 "But the Spirit produces love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, and self-control."
August 19, 2016
Today is my 50th year of life, and it has been a good life. Today is not just another mile-marker on the journey of my life, but it is a major milestone.  A Jubilee happens every 50 years, and it just so happens that my 50th birthday also falls in the year that the Jews would celebrate their 70th Jubilee - if they were still celebrating it.  As a Christian, this makes my birthday extra special. Anything worth accomplishing should be tracked, and it is easy to forget what has been accomplished when you are in the middle of a challenging experience.  Mile-markers and milestones are worth noting along a journey because they are a measure of progress, and a huge momentum maker to help continue the push to the end. Are YOU tracking YOUR progress?  There are many ways to track progress and I want to remind you that 50 years is a number, a numeric, quantifier of progress, but there are qualitative markers too - and sometimes, these are the ones that get overlooked the most, yet - when measured, reflect the more significant moves toward a result. I know I have lived a life of few regrets not because I count my few regrets, but because I remember the many qualitative moments along the way.  Graduating High shool and the sense of adulthood as I moved on to college and a whole new way of life, the many friends I met and the fun we had during college, my first (yes, disastrous) marriage and the two beautiful children we had that are a major part of my joy.  My re-marriage to my soulmate of 18+ years and our children together. The books I have written, the people I have served, and their feedback of the impact I have had on their lives and so much more. Reflection on mile-markers and milestones are important on the road to success.  Be a Progress Tracker!
August 12, 2016
Overweight?  You did not get there by accident.  You ate your way there and you did not move your body enough - all on you.   Poor health stats?  Blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol and more CAN be positively impacted through your lifestyle choices, no matter what your DNA dictates.   Hate what the mirror shows?  Again, all on you!  First of all, how you feel about what you see is totally your own opinion of yourself.  You should love yourself no matter how you look, then because you love yourself - you pour loving care into yourself which WILL impact how you look.  YOUR choice of clothes, YOUR choice to care for your hair, nails, skin and so on.    The Bible reminds us that our bodies is not ours, therefore, we have a stewardship responsibility for its care, just as the Priests had for the maintenance of the Temple when it was in a tent or building. Today, the Holy Spirit is not behind a special curtain. Today the Holy Spirit lives in US!   It is a sad thing that even today, we take better care of our paneled houses (our address where we live) than our bodies, where the Holy Spirit lives.  God was angry about that in the past, I propose to you, He is just as angry about that level of stewardship today. Haggai 1:3-4  ""Then the word of the Lord came through the prophet Haggai:  “Is it a time for you yourselves to be living in your paneled houses, while this house remains a ruin?”" Christians - we have done a POOR JOB managing this body that God has given us to move through this side of eternity. Join me in an upcoming challenge and let us FIX THIS!   If this link is a past challenge, connect with me for the schedule.
August 5, 2016
This show review is long overdue.  For those of you who have listened over the years, we thank you and appreciate you.  For those new to this show, WELCOME!  This episode offers an overview of what our show covers, who it is best suited for, and information on how to become a guest or sponsor.
July 22, 2016
CYA is a well-known acronym for 'cover your ass', a strategy that is understood on the job where the activities could leave you exposed to problems later, so you create an insurance cover, possibly by documenting and holding on to evidence you may need later. Have you heard the phrases, Just do it or  never leave home without it,?  These are catchy slogans that communicate an effective directive.  I have been in prayer asking God for a tagline that captures my work in a short directive and I got create your abundance and cover your assets.   I hope one day it will be a catchy thought that resonates with many, for now, it definitely captures in a few words an effective directive to my audience who follow the work I do. Create Your Abundance - better than debt focus, wealth will help eliminate debt faster than simply shuffling around already tight dollars. Cover Your A$$ets - there are many people and life circumstances that can cause you to lose all you worked hard for.  You need to strategically protect your assets and your family from loss. This 7 word phrase truly covers the scope of my work.  If you are a Christian income earner, I invite you to connect with me.
July 21, 2016
Are you using Facebook for business?  You should be! Facebook may be social media, but when it comes to creating income, it is a BOSS tool that should be in every entrepreneur's marketing toolbox.  Ryan Stewmam, the Hardcore Closure, is in da house and will share more on this Magnetic Media platform.  We will discuss his program, Magnetic Media. Have you ever wondered why some Facebook posts get 50 likes and 10 comments?  Is there a formula or are they just lucky?  Ryan Stewman breaks it down for us. WARNING!  For all the tender ears and not usual for my Christian show, I must warn that Ryan may slip a cuss word or two.  I know some of you already have your hand to your mouth in shock that I would invite him as a guest, but I am impressed with his content, and I am not asking you to agree with my decision to invite him.
July 8, 2016
RESULTS WITHOUT WORK?  This is not an equation for sustainable results. There are no good shortcuts to success.  Asking for the sale without establishing trust, credibility, and value is the worst way to hope to make a sustainable income, yet this approach continues today.  This is the case of putting the shopping cart before the value horse.   Putting the shopping cart before the value horse may get some buyers, but without a backend offering value, support, credibility and warranty information, it is a buyer beware shopping experience.  The shopping cart before the value horse is why lemon laws and the buyer beware clause exists because there are still sellers whose set up to the sale is less than the ideal shopping experience. Let's just get the sequence straight.  Put the value horse before the shopping cart and you are likely to get more and more buyers who have a great experience they are willing to repeat, recommend and even become loyal fans of.
July 1, 2016
PROSPERITY GOSPEL? This is the most powerful message on Abundance you will hear as a Christian. God has given me a Word for you, and I am privileged to partner with Him in this work. Asset management is often a financial focus, however, money is simply a RESULT; Money is a product an OUTCOME, a reward, a RESULT of the utilization of the real assets each of us have.  The wealthy understand this and it is why they are able to earn more than the average person. When we can shift our understanding that money is simply a result we can manipulate that outcome even better.  You see, there is no shortage of money, but there is a shortage of the things that create the outcome of money. Time is a non-renewable asset and the most precious of all the asset classes. DON"T WASTE IT!  Time is often the most ignored until a deadline looms that has costly consequences. Our body is a depreciating asset.  From the moment of birth, death is imminent.  After a period of rapid growth, there is a continuing decline brought on by aging and influenced by our state of personal care.  CARE IT and care it better than you do your car, your house, or how the curators care for priceless, historic monuments. Our mind is a renewable asset, but if unused, abused, or drugged, with time can deteriorate too.  Engage in the renewing of your mind.  This is called personal development in the secular world.  Even when our bodies die, our mind is the essence that lives on via our spirit. It is the true you, and when our minds are gone, even when our bodies are around, those who know us best will determine that we are gone. Money is not where real value exists. Money is an unlimited, easy to create asset - even if the government resorts to printing it. Money is a result of how we use our real, God-given assets.  Focus on real asset management for true wealth creation.
June 17, 2016
BEFORE?  Yep!  Some people have this reward thing all out of sequence and it causing their 'Happy Score' to fall. Which came first?  The chicken or the egg?  The cart of the horse? I just submitted an invoice to someone who was literally begging me to help her officially, because I had been dropping so much valuable help to her for free, but sporadically. She has specific questions, goals and felt I was the best one to help her considering that what I had already done for her was so impactful.  I thought she would challenge my fee or ask for a discount -No!  Her response was, "I am working on getting your money."  BAM! People have options and competition for their hard earned dollars.  This is why a SALE always gets people excited and retailers know it.  A sale is a way to get something of value for less than it is actually worth to you.  This adds more value to the thing being purchased.  My point is not to suggest you should discount your services, my point here is PERCEIVED VALUE must exceed price asked.  This will have people pulling out their wallets and happily shopping with you. Create up-front value.  Write blogs, make videos, create checklists, whatever!  Demonstrate that YOU have solutions, that YOU are offering value and you will distance yourself from the competition and attract more willing buyers. Value before sales.  Impact before income.  This is the cart that goes before your Sales Horse.
June 10, 2016
Jobs = security is a fallacy pushed since the industrial era.  Once the government got people off their farms and out of a mindset of self-sufficiency, they paraded big government, jobs, and social security as the new financial path.  Generations later, this is a deep hook that is painful to remove but just must be. We must return to self-sufficiency.  Learning to self-sustain and create our own income streams will become more and more urgent in the years to come.  Starting now is better than starting later. In fact, the goal is multiple streams of income because things happen in seasons.  The profitable harvest of today will not yield in another season.  Farmers know this, and that is why crop rotation and other strategies are in place for them. Let's talk about the golden handcuffs we call jobs and how to shift into creating alternative income streams for the 'what if...', 'just in case...', and 'God forbid...' days that could very well be on our horizon.
June 3, 2016
The Bible does speak very negatively about debt, while at the same time giving guidelines for it. There are guidelines for those who lend and warnings to those who borrow.  The strategy of using debt to generate wealth should only be done by those who have already established a debt-free mindset.  Hating debt and seeing it for what it really is, means if you reluctantly use debt to achieve a specific goal, the debt-free mindset will drive this person to borrow as little as possible and repay it with utmost priority.  The average person does not have this discipline so I would never advise this unless they do so under an eye of accountability. This a follow-up to the PAY THE CHRISTIAN, YOUR RESULT IS A CASH EXCHANGE AWAY show  All links mentioned in this show are clickable at my blog. CLICK HERE
May 27, 2016
Justin Barclay is another RISING STAR, I have found and want to introduce you to.  He is a mover and shaker in his own sphere of influence. Justin had the job of his dreams and lost it, and till tell you it was the best thing that happened to him.  Being a person with a positive mindset, rather than wallow in self-pity, that emotion drove Justin to find success in many areas of his life. The same strategies that helped him permanently lose 100+ pounds are the same strategies that bring him massive success in media, marketing, and business. Justin's passion is connecting with people and lives to inspire, motivate and encourage others to live "life on purpose".
May 20, 2016
FACT: Money will always be exchanged for something more valuable. 1Samuel 9:8 "The servant answered Saul again, “Here, I have with me a quarter of a shekel of silver, and I will give it to the man of God to tell us our way.” Read for full context in 1 Samuel 9.  Here are some of the things this show will look at: Here are some noteworthy business applications from this story: 1. Saul was on a mission but his strategy was D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself, 'winging it') 2. The D.I.Y. approach was not bringing Saul the result he desired 3. His efforts were unprofitable for so long, his family was now concerned 4. Saul's last option was to quit or get help 5. Saul realized he had a problem that he could not solve on his own. 6. Saul was willing to pay for a solution. 7. Saul's problem was urgent, and time-bound. 8. The man of God had the solution to his problem. 9. In this moment, Saul had a cash flow problem.  He did not have a flow of cash. 10. Saul borrowed the money he needed  from a resource knowing his ability to repay the debt later.
May 13, 2016
This show is for the Christian, who blends in so well with their surroundings; they are mistaken for being just like the crowd. Step UP!  STAND OUT! if you are also a leader or entrepreneur, this is even more urgent. Your time is NOW!  The Bible tells us to BE Salt & Light.  Neither can be hidden, So WHY DO WE HIDE? GET NOTICED! Yes, as you step up or step out, some will say you are conceited, brazen, attention seeking, calling attention to yourself, and so on.  Do it anyway. Matthew 5:15 "No one lights a lamp and puts it under a bowl; instead it is put on the lampstand, where it gives light for everyone in the house." All links or resources mentioned her are clickable at
May 6, 2016
According to a Facebook chat with a friend who is almost 50 years old, she was "too old" for the kind of work needed to have success in her life. Since I am the same age as she is, I challenged her on that because I do not feel too old for success, in fact, I am counting on success in my rebound from the financial disaster my family experienced in the 2006-2010 recession. Moses began his ministry to the children of Israel at 80 years old.  An article shared the result of several powerhouse leaders who found their success on the other side of 40-years-old. I intend for this show to encourage you to rethink what OLD means, and if you are thinking you are getting too old for success, ditch that stinking thinking
April 29, 2016
If you want more or better customers you need something to attract them to your offer. "Bait your line for the fish you want to catch. The bigger the bait, the bigger the catch." Trudy Beerman If you are fishing for sharks, you don't throw a line near the shore with shrimp bait. You take a boat out deep and offer bigger fish as bait.  Know your audience then deliver an inviting offer. Let's take a look at Matthew 4:19 and see how this Bible verse is relevant business training for Christian entrepreneurs today. Matthew 4:19 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” (NIV) Dive in to this text with me.
April 22, 2016
If you want money, when you have it you would find a way to keep it, and make more of it.  If you want stuff, you find a way to get more stuff.  That is why you have DEBT, not MONEY! Your check book does not lie, and what it reveals is the most honest display of your true desire.  For many of you claiming you want more money, it's time to get honest. Your debit and credit card transactions reveal your deepest truth and it only takes a few minutes looking at it to tell you what that is.  Many of you would rather wallow in self-denial than hear your truth.  If you connect with me for help - you will be forced to come face to face with that truth. So, this show is a d.i.y. help for those of you who are not ready to explore your truth, not ready to connect with me to help you get real and fix it, or for those of you who believe you can fix yourself.
April 15, 2016
Scattered?  Multiple distractions? Unfocused?  This is never the intention, but it is the statistical end result for many.  As the start-up or home-based entrepreneur builds their business, wearing multiple hats is the order of the day. I know this scenario very well.  I lived that scattered approach for a long time and then one day I bit the bullet and decided to hire help.  BEST DECISION EVER!  Sometimes, doing less (of certain things) gives you so much more time (to do better things).   At first, I questioned the logic, timing, and fiscal responsibility of this decision. How much would I have to pay to get the kind of help I needed? Where was the money going to come from to pay her?Training her would take time, would it be worth it? if I invested in her and she quit later?  Would she work as I needed her to?  What would I delegate away and what would I continue to do myself? All legitimate questions that just happened to answer themselves as I dived in.
April 8, 2016
Popular kids, athletes, and members - we all know them. Even though popular people may not be identified as 'celebrities', they are, and they have fans who subconsciously follow them.  These people have fast credibility and strong influence. Big companies look out for these people and soon you see them being given freebies so they wear a certain thing, drink a certain thing, or get invited to certain places because these companies are anticipating that their 'fans' will follow, and we do. I love my solitude, I tended to shy away from crowds, and most of all - I perferred to be 'behind the scenes'.  However, this is the recipe for obscurity and obscurity will not help me accomplish my goals, nor get this urgent message of Profitable Stewardship out to those who need to hear it. Getting out of obscurity is the best way to ensure FAST SUCCESS!  It is the 10X formula for getting your desired outcome much, much faster. This is why Donald Trump - like him or hate him, has so much free publicity,  His Presidential campaign has cost significantly less than all the other candidates because almost everything he does is considered 'newsworthy' and those who love him, but even more so - those who hate him, are all talking about him. Get out of obscurity.  People do business with people.  Companies are built on the reputations of their leaders, and eventually, you will lend some of your credibility and popularity to the thing or message you want shared, but it all starts with you. Join me as I share some of the strategies I am using to get out of obscurity and increase my online and offline reputation so more people hear the message that Profitable Stewardship creates debt-free wealth.
April 1, 2016
Shorts, tanks and swimsuits will soon be a regular part of our dress code as the weather warms up.  The idea of stripping down has many of us thinking of tightening up all that jiggles, hangs, and protrudes.  New year resolutions long ditched, swimsuit season brings a new resolve to finally fix our look. The nasty voices start creeping into our heads again, whispering hateful words designed to make us like ourselves less and less, especially when we look in a mirror.  Self-image is so important, and many of us do not realize how our self-image subconsciously sabotages our success.  The missed networking opportunity because we did not have anything to wear that we felt confident in.  The messed up relationship because we convinced ourselves that partner did not really like us because we are fat.  Deciding to eat another FATburger because, hey - what's one more pound gonna hurt anyway? For the Christian, I invite you to join me in my upcoming workshop: THE IMAGE FACTORY. Designing Yours in HIS, because yours is FLAWED!.  This is a D.I.Y. workshop with an optional Coaching component designed for Christians to finally step into the realm of stewardship of their body. Your body, health, and time here on earth are the most precious assets that God has put under your control.  Even babies know to call for care of this asset.  This is the promise of profitable stewardship.  Failure to do good with these assets under our control result in an angry,"wicked, lazy servant", response.  (See story of the talents in Matthew 25:14-30). This workshop will have a heavy health and fitness component to it, but it will address self-image from embracing HIS image.
March 25, 2016
Are there gaps in your strategy to connect with prospects or create profits?  While there are many things a leader or entrepreneur can do to reduce these gaps, there is one strategy to help you identify those gaps really quickly. #ProfitableStewardship  Bring everything God puts under your control to a PROFITABLE OUTCOME! HAVE A VENDOR BOOTH AT AN EVENT, or pretend you are going to. All the components of deciding which event to participate in, what you bring with you to set up your booth, and the process to follow up afterwards, will create a physical, tangible way to identify and fix gaps in your system IF YOU DO THIS STRATEGICALLY. During my tenure as an Executive with Air Jamaica in the Marketing Department, during our ownership by the CEO of Sandals Resort (the 1990's era), I participated in many high-level events with other top agencies like Bride Magazine, Virgin Air, Major Hotel resorts and so on.  Later, I was the Project Coordinator for two International Jazz & Blues Festivals where we invited sponsors who also set up their vendor displays at the event.  As an entrepreneur, I have also, on a much-reduced budget, participated in events, and have even helped other event holders set up their vendor packages for their own events Even in the online space, there is a digital strategy for ensuring your reach prospects and handle follow-ups post virtual events, such as a webinar or TeleSummit. Join me as I discuss this process, and how even to transfer the experience of attending a live event as a vendor/sponsor, to the digital space; and in the process identify any gaps in your strategy to ensure you are Prospect and profit ready. Be sure to visit my blog on this topic which will have LINKS to any resources mentioned during this show.
March 22, 2016
The Money Shot was authored by my guest, Dr. Crystal Gifford. The Money Shot provides a real look into the lives of a professional athlete and how this new-found fame and fortune can change their lives. Walking through the financial maze can be challenging for athletes who really need to focus on game performance. The tips and tools in the Money Shot allows athletes and their families to clearly identify how to find success in the money game so they can focus on career success as an athlete. Exploring the “do’s” and “don’ts” of saving, spending, using, and growing money, the Money Shot is designed to provide the roadmap to successful financial performance by laying out the steps play byplay. Athletes and their families gain knowledge to make the right moves for their financial present and future, and confidence to know they are performing at peak levels in the money game.
March 18, 2016
I don't care what Dave Ramsey and Susan Orman says.  You CANNOT save your way to wealth. If you listen to them long enough, you will cut every corner to save every dollar and spend so much energy doing that, that you forget to put time and energy into making money. Saving is a money keeping strategy, NOT a money making strategy.  Saving is a good thing to do, but some people have become 'penny wise and pound foolish'. This is an old phrase that means you are freaking missing the bigger picture!  More money will crush your debt, afford what you want and need, and create a more comfortable life for you and those people and organizations you love. MAKE MORE MONEY!    One way to do that is to BUY TIME!  This is counter to some of the saving strategies.  Cutting your lawn may save you $40, but paying someone $40 to cut your lawn may have bought you the two extra hours to grind out more than $40.  The reason why it is accepted that time is money is because most people trade time for money, and use money to buy time.   FAST FOOD is a great example!  We spend a few more dollars than it would cost to make-from-scratch, to give us the time we did not have for the shopping, the prepping, the fixing, and the clean up.  It is WORTH IT to pay those extra dollars to get that time for a more life-improving, money-making adventure. Hire a babysitter for a few dollars, so you can connect with your customers and bring home that fee plus more.  Sometimes, the money saving things we do are costing us our wealth.  You cannot save your way to wealth.  Go out and MAKE MONEY MOMENTS.
March 11, 2016
Faith and business do mix.  The Young Messiah is the latest faith-based movie to hit the big screens, and the only one made to-date, focusing on a creative take on the life of a young, Jewish, Jesus. The Director behind this creative blend of faith and Hollywood-style business is Cyrus Nowrasteh and produced by Chris Columbus (Home Alone, Harry Potter, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Goonies), Michael Barnathan and Mark Radcliffe (The Help). This film is guaranteed to raise many theological debates as the Bible is pretty silent on Jesus in his young years.  Taken from a primarily Jewish perspective; the Young Messiah is a celebration of the holy family and their journey of faith. Mary is an especially strong character in this film and will appeal to women and mothers. Joseph is treated with great reverence, which is a welcome addition since he is absent from so many films about Jesus. His character will be an inspiration for men and fathers everywhere. Join me as I chat with Cyrus Nowrasteh about this production.  Be sure to plan to see it at a Theater near you.  The Young Messiah opens nationwide on March 11th,2016.  The official web site is
March 4, 2016
REMINDER!  Barak Obama is no longer a Presidential option.  Those who love him will have to accept his departure from the Oval Office and make a selection from the available candidates.  Some of these Obama voters are very likely to be Trump voters going forward. Can Donald Trump make America great again?  As we come closer to the 2016 Elections, more and more American's are beginning to believe this. This show is in effect, a REPLAY of a show I did back in 8/25/2015, where a panel of registered Republican voters did an EARLY weigh-in on this matter, before Donald Trump was as popular an option as he is today.  In retrospect, it is interesting to note that some of us recognized early that of all the possible options presented to us, he may just be the best choice from the bunch. At the time of this replay, some of the candidates mentioned in the earlier show may have already dropped out of the race. Nevertheless, the content as it pertains to Trump is worthy of revisiting as the RNC fights the inevitable decision of selecting their nominee for the Republican ticket.
March 2, 2016
Trace Kingham is the author of Standout: Place your business in the Spotlight with Results-Driven Events  Trace Kingham of Kingham Signature Events, holds a degree in theatre arts and has transformed his passion for theatre to live events for over 18 years.  Like a director, Trace has a keen sense of strategy and is a master at orchestrating events of all sizes by understanding everyone’s role in making a magical experience for the guests.  Trace infuses his branded Event Experience Strategy into all of his client’s projects, making certain a well-defined purpose is implemented throughout the project, culminating into a solid business performance for our clients.
February 26, 2016
My peer, good friend, and the one I call when I need my head cleared - Value Mastery Coach, A.M. Williams joins me to weigh in on this topic. "A $1000 value for the price of $500".  These kinds of ads really tick me off.  This is a pet peeve of mine so forgive the rant.  Another comment I hear that annoys me is, "charge what you are worth".  There IS a difference between price and value and many understand it inherently, but seem to ignore it when it matters. PRICE is a reflection of the marketplace.  The cost to produce, price competitors charge, price the market will bear, target market, packaging, celebrity endorsements, and so on, can influence and impact price regardless of value. Value is PERCIEVED by the beholder.  One man's trash is another man's treasure, and that has everything to do with value. Once you understand that value is perceived and is not the same as price, you will market better, price better, and know that using a discount feature is simply a pricing strategy and not necessarily, a value devaluing strategy.
February 24, 2016
Eli Gonzalez is the President and Senior Ghostwriter for The Ghost Publishing.  He employs five phenomenally talented writers and in 2015 alone he and his team produced 54  books!  Although The Ghost Publishing writes books in just about every genre, they specialize in building credibility for business owners and entrepreneurs by writing intelligent, effective, and engaging books for them.  Prior to starting his own company, Eli was the Senior Ghostwriter for Xulon Press, the largest Christian Hybrid Publishing company in the country. He is a best-selling ghostwriter and the author of the book, Words of Influence, the definitive guide on how to write a business book right. Eli is a sought after speaker and will travel throughout Florida and Georgia in 2016 delivering seminars and workshops on book writing.
February 23, 2016
Jody Agard is the best-selling author of Let Love in 101; A Practical Guide to Love & Happiness, and a Certified Life Coach. Jody has recently joined forces with the global organic lifestyle brand, BAM! BAM! BODY to head up their life coaching division, bringing her expertise on self-love, body-image and selfcare. Jody’s work has inspired countless women to improve the relationship they have with their body, money, those around them and their overall self. She provides practical advice and offers inspiration to anyone who has ever felt lost and needs help finding their way back. She’s known for her contagious energy, humor and her inspiring stories.
February 19, 2016
There are too many broke Christians around waiting for a handout instead of being in a position to give a hand UP to the poor and helpless, as the Bible says we should.  WHY? This idea of poverty being God's plan, purpose, or punishment is grounded in folklore - not the pages of the Bible. Matthew 25 shares the story of the talent and the ones who returned a PROFIT were celebrated.  The one who returned what was given, was called "wicked, lazy servant".  It stands to logic that God EXPECTS us to take what He has given us to control and move it to a profitable outcome. PROFIT IS THE REALM OF ABUNDANCE!  This abundance is not to "enjoy and be merry", but to share the blessing with others, especially the less fortunate. Join the Profitable Stewardship MOVEMENT!  It is time for Christian income earners to become Profitable Stewards who enjoy debt-free wealth, give generously, and live and abundant life. Get my book THE BIBLE ON BUSINESS Jump on my mail list for 'hot off the press' content to your inbox
February 5, 2016
Sell with integrity.  Are you doing this?  Do you want to?  Do you even know what selling with integrity means?  If you don't know what I mean about selling with integrity, if you know you are not selling with integrity, or if you intend to sell with integrity, this content is for you. Those who sell, sell more, and sell more often will have the bigger paycheck  However, many sales professionals sabotage the long term income because they lack integrity and have a lot of shame to their sales game.   If I am successful, we will close this show agreeing on this matter, and while I will not be able to know the impact of this close on my listeners, I hope that you will be influenced to re-evaluate your posture and position regarding your profit.  So, I have declared the desired outcome for this sale up front.  You decide if you agree with me, or in other words, you have been sold and this transaction is considered closed.  Let's go!
January 29, 2016
Science would suggest we are an evolutionary anomaly with apes as a predecessor.  If you believe that, this is not the show for you.   The creation story in Genesis tells us that humans are created in the image of God.  The Bible is the Christian's handbook to life and I guarantee that even today, it remains a relevant, practical guide to success - and the recipe for a healthier you. Most things we buy come with instructions from the manufacturer, included is also a warranty or manufactures guarantee and promise.  The Bible is our handbook, given to us from our creator.  The sad thing is, many of us have never read it, or we read only sections and because of that, those sections are often understood out of context. The Bible give instruction for abundant living, including warnings and possibilities. I will be looking at In His Image: The Ultimate Bible Guide to a Healthier You from the following approaches: You Can Be Better! What the Bible says about Restoration and ExpansionYou can Feel Better.  What the Bible says about Mindset, Vision and Impact.You can Do Better. What the Bible says about Duty & Outcome Today I just want to wet your appetite for the other shows to come.  I hope you will continue to join me in the upcoming weeks as I explore each of these areas with you.
January 22, 2016
Income and lots of it leads to wealth.  Saving does not lead to wealth.  Saving is a money management strategy NOT an income generating strategy.   Have you ever seen a river all dried up?  Have you seen that river at full flow?  Have you ever seen that river overflow to the point of a flood?  This river analogy is similar to the income situation of many.   Cashflow and an overflow of it is a fantastic place to be.  There is no challenge to move a cash overflow, but there are real challenges when the flow dries up. In the parable of the talents in Matthew 25, the servants that had two and five talents each doubled their return and were rewarded by the Master.  The one with one talent who buried it was called wicked, lazy servant and punished.  He stashed away the one talent (saved it for later), while the others increased their income.   Let's give attention to income IN COME.  Focus on making money and more of it.  Create a flow, then an overflow.  The problem is not spending or debt - the real problem is INCOME!  Like any illness, if you only take care of the symptoms you will continue to have the problem.  Take care of the real problem and the symptoms go away.
January 8, 2016
$1000 invested in the stock market (untrained) versus $1000 in learning the stock market - investing in YOU pays the better ROI! Cute, expensive, brand name clothes are fun.  Pricey elegant clothes feel royal, but they do not change who you are. However, paying for access to a Life Coach, or a course to learn a new skill, or to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience is something which could create change for the better, some say no to because it 'is too expensive'.  HUH? We attract at the level of who we are, and anything that is not growing is dying.  I appeal to you to invest in YOU!  When it comes to all forms of investing - including Wall Street, Real Estate, and others, investing in you will still give you the best return on your investment. A lot of people will go through the exercise of creating a vision board, but for many - these boards are covered in pictures of STUFF!  Nothing wrong with that, however, consider creating a vision of you BECOMING!  Who do you want to become? What do you want to be known for?  What would you like people to think or say of you - your reputation?  Invest in this - and it is very likely that the money of that level will also follow. Becoming the better version of you will always be better than investing in depreciating assets
January 2, 2016
Call in to participate!   If you are outside of N. America and can't call in, I will be checking for questions and comments during this session at this page My 2016 YEAR is MAPPED OUT! Need help with yours?  Let me help you Create Your 2016 Blueprint. On my 4 hour drive from S. Florida back home, I have mapped out 2016. * My Biz & Personal theme verse * The Revised Mission Statement (why my biz exists) * The Vision (what I am pursuing in 2016) * The Values that drive our operation * The signature program for Profitable Stewardship inc. * 51 Debt-Free WEALTH Radio (Friday morning) shows * 12 monthly In His Image Fitness Shows  Check out my Vision Board @   No STUFF! Just Becomings.... I'm Inspired. Motivated. Excited. Equipped. Ready to take ACTION! My 2016 is expected to be a FANTASTIC YEAR and yours could be too. Join me in this call and create your Biz Plan too. LIVE or via the recording. Wed.Dec. 30 @ 9pm EST OR, on Sat. Jan 2 @ 2pm EST. Be sure to access and download your outline before the call. If possible, complete it as best as you can before too. Yes, you may make changes, - you can always re-download it and complete a clean copy later.
January 1, 2016
Stewardship is Bible jargon for management.  By using this word in the title, I am almost certain that most of the people tuning in will be Christian- and that is just fine, because the concepts shared here will be counter to the the world's view of ownership. The Christian knows (although sometimes forgets) that God owns everything and we get to have control, or dominion over some things.  Just as Adam had dominion over the Garden of Eden and all that was in it - we have dominion of everything God puts under our control; time, resources, people, money, and more. Psalm 24:1 "The earth is the LORD's, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him." Let's get back to the basics and review Stewardship.  If we can get this settled in our hearts and minds, we are more likely to be better Stewards and bring profitability and success to our house.  None of us should want to hear "wicked, lazy servant"!  Instead, we should strive to be like the manager in Matthew 25:20 "The one who had received five talents came forward bringing the other five and said, ‘Sir, you gave me five talents; here, I have made five more."
December 31, 2015
Call in to participate!   If you are outside of N. America and can't call in, I will be checking for questions and comments during this session at this page My 2016 YEAR is MAPPED OUT! Need help with yours?  Let me help you Create Your 2016 Blueprint. On my 4 hour drive from S. Florida back home, I have mapped out 2016. * My Biz & Personal theme verse * The Revised Mission Statement (why my biz exists) * The Vision (what I am pursuing in 2016) * The Values that drive our operation * The signature program for Profitable Stewardship inc. * 51 Debt-Free WEALTH Radio (Friday morning) shows * 12 monthly In His Image Fitness Shows Check out my Vision Board @   No STUFF! Just Becomings... I'm Inspired. Motivated. Excited. Equipped. Ready to take ACTION! My 2016 is expected to be a FANTASTIC YEAR and yours could be too. Join me in this call and create your Biz Plan too. LIVE or via the recording. Wed.Dec. 30 @ 9pmESTOR, on Sat. Jan 2 @ 2pm EST.Be sure to access and download your outline before the call. If possible, complete it as best as you can before too. Yes, you may make changes, - you can always re-download it and complete a clean copy later.
December 18, 2015
This is the Last Show for 2015!  Listen in to a recap of 2015 and all the wonderful things that happened here.  Also, I have a bunch of people to thank.  What about you? THANK YOUR TEAM.  Send Holiday Greetings on the air.  Give a SHOUT OUT to those deserving souls. CHRISTMAS SHOUT OUT SHOW on Debt-Free WEALTH Radio! 1.Call (323) 417-6775 in during the showtime and leave a shout out OR 2. Comment your shout out on In this thread, and I will read it on the air for you, OR3.Leave a recording anytime BEFORE the show at…/…/220538321370654/, and I will play it for you.
December 15, 2015
Caleb Maddix is a 13 year old success story.  When adults are still making excuses about becoming an entrepreneur, or becoming successful at what they do - Caleb is working his "face off"! CEO of Kids4Health, Caleb is all about giving inspiration, education and motivation to other kids to become the healthier versions of themselves.  Getting off the couch and enjoying life to the fullest with top energy getting rid of any health impacting obesity. Caleb has a strong following of adult fans in addition to the kids he helps daily. Listen LIVE or listen later as I chat with this Rising Star.
December 11, 2015
When it comes to the experience of a Faith-Based Health and Fitness Ministry, I speak from 4 sides of this table here as I have sat in the four chairs: the creator of the ministry, (see my article on Christian Broadcasting Network - Christian organization host,the leadership of the ministry, and asthe participant in the ministry. I have been involved with having held top level health credentials, and I have done faith-based fitness ministry without certifications.  Saddle in and get your seat belt on.  This information jet is about to launch.  Join me in a Web Conference to learn more. ask questions, or share your experience. Join me LIVE or listen to the recording. Sign up for FREE here
December 4, 2015
Deanna Waters is a 20+ year Veteran of the Network Marketing profession.  She has achieved millionaire status and built an energetic team of producers.  Deanna is a good friend, and has agreed to share how to have longevity in a profession where many pop in and out like weeds.  The MLM business model is highly underrated, negatively exaggerated, and is creating more new millionaires than any other opportunity in corporate America today. Deanna will be joined by a Andre Williams and Paul Rohatensky from her team so you hear various voices speak on how being involved in network marketing, and particularly, on Deanna's team has made an impact on their lives.
December 2, 2015
Online Store set up, drop shipping, ecommerce, making money online - may seem like a dream idea to some, but it is a reality for Tanisha Adjo, the Rising Star I have found for you. Succeeding in a space known to be dominated by Ebay and Amazon, Tanisha will share how she found this opportunity to be not only easy to do, but income so sweet that having a j-o-b seems totally unnecessary. With the holidays around the corner, setting up your online store now may be your ticket to the kind of income that may have you too - quitting your job for full-time self employment. Listen LIVE or listen later.
November 27, 2015
There are many fitness and health publications available, FEW with a Biblical perspective.  Trudy Beerman launches a magazine and community for Christians who understand or want to understand health from a Biblical perspective.
November 20, 2015
When you figure out your WHY, the 'whatever it takes' becomes easier.  However, I suggest you 10X that WHY in order to take MASSIVE ACTION! Here is an example:  Heavy drinkers will not adopt the identity of alcoholics as long as they think staying sober is within reach. Any drinker who believes they can stay sober if they want to, even after spouting many reasons why they KNOW they should stay sober, will not achieve sobriety.  Even though they have a WHY - the urgency is not there because they believe the how is doable. 10X your WHY to the point where it seems overwhelming and all of a sudden the picture changes.  That heavy drinker who has a big WHY to be sober and realizes sobriety is NOT within easy reach, is now more likely to take MASSIVE ACTION toward achieving sobriety.  They are more willing to join AA.  They are more willing to rid the house of easy access to alchol and so on.   10Xing your WHY and pushing it out of easy reach is the best way to get out of stall mode.  So instead of just saying you want to lose weight because you will feel better about your self. and example of 10Xing it would be; I want to be at my ideal weight because not only will I feel better about myself, but I need to do this because I deserve optimal health, because I want to experience life at premium levels, because when I have energy through the roof I become unstoppable, because when I achieve my ideal weight, then people will take me more seriously because they see I take my life seriously.   Your WHY needs to be SO COMPELLING that instead of you PUSHING YOUR WAY toward achieving that thing, the WHY PULLS YOU!  "Pushing is so much more exhausting that being pulled!" Trudy Beerman
November 13, 2015
Lost Job? Post Recession life? Divorce? WHATEVER! If you are living on less than you used to - and are working on building back up to your next level, this is the show for you. Life happens... post recession lost job death of the main breadwinner need to care for a loved one that interrupts your income ability birth of a new child that you want to stay home with divorce (child support & maintaining 2 homes) illness or maybe, none of the above and you you made this decision as a strategy to simply move forward in life If you PLAN to build to more - you must be strategic and you must plan to be strategic. Proverbs 24:27 "Prepare your outside work, and get things ready for yourself on the land; after that, build your house." (CJB) Let's talk Strategy!
November 10, 2015
If you are a US based Cuban, love History, of SPY Stories; this is the show for you! Cuba: Russian Roulette of the World sounds like one exciting book for your reading list.  Join me as I interview an international Spy integral to this story based on true life experiences. Without doubt, Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol is a Rising Star to watch.  His behind secret lines work has already made an impact, but now, he is making that work more public. Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol is the son of the principal financier behind Castro's Revolution, Leonardo del Marmol.   His remarkable life includes an operation he masterminded for U.S. intelligence in the late 1980's, one which ultimately brought down the Berlin Wall and caused the economic collapse of the Soviet Union. Check out his book here
November 9, 2015
Studies now suggest that even identical twins do not have identical DNA, and at the DNA level - we are definitely NOT all the same; so why should our diets and approach to health be? Tamara Renee is my special guest in this episode. The DNA Diet Method is a "Test. Don't Guess" approach to health.  They use science, not fad, to transform your body. Tamara is 51 years young and living into her uniqueness eating delicious healthy foods with amazing friends.  She is honoring a high power that is filling my sould with a joy that can fulfill others. She is addicted to feeling good, and that is a nice change over being addicted to donuts. :)   She lives for hugs and human connection and all her friends can attest to that.  She feel called to radically improve the amounts of joy women are experiencing in their lives and bodies. Especially since she knows the difference… For a quarter century Tamara has been recognized as a Transformational Expert. Her talent and calling has been in revolutionizing the way hundreds of women think and feel about their mind and body. Through this innovative technique she has assisted them in reshaping their paralyzing fears into soaring emotions and positive action steps that have them achieve their ideal body and life. She believes in the interconnectedness between health and happiness; the place where help women reveal what foods and habits sabotage their happiness and which help them achieve it.
November 6, 2015
Do you BELIEVE your product, service or opportunity can truly solve an urgent problem or meet an urgent need?  Do you believe it enough that YOU personally invest in that thing? I recently came across several trophies I earned during my time in Primerica.  I was making great money there.  However, I recently joined a new business opportunity and I have been building at a much slower pace. One main reason is, unlike the first opportunity, this new one is not my full-time gig; but seeing that trophy made me think through why I was having a different energy this time around and I figured it out.  BELIEF! The first time around, I believed insurance was urgently needed, solved a big problem and created huge financial peace in the lives of those who bought in.  This time around, I believe the product is awesome, and top-shelf in quality, but it is an ideal to strive for, not urgent because many are satisfied with the mediocre option.  That it a really good thing for those who opt in, but  I also believed that many people would prefer not to have anything to do with it, even though they envy those who do it.  I also believed this product was about image. It IS all about image all right - but I needed to make it about HIS image. Genesis 1:27 "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." My beliefs were costing me the energy I needed to build and the moment I realized that, I knew 2 things: 1- I needed for dig in and find my reason to be all in, or get out; and 2 - share this with those of you who may not be realizing the true sabotage to your potential success.  This changed with a reframe and a mindset shift.  Now I am ready for a new launch. Do YOU believe in YOU?
November 3, 2015
My guest expert for this show is Kim D. H. Butler; author of Busting the Financial Planning Lies, Busting the Retirement Lies, and the Amazon best-seller, Live Your Life Insurance.  Kim is a recognized expert on creative whole life insurance strategies and alternative investments such as life settlements. Frustrated with financial planning practices that seemed irrelevant at best, sometimes even harmful! The projections and assumptions of financial planning gave clients a false sense of security, but no guaranteed results. Typical strategies subjected money to more future taxes and put it under the control of others. Worse yet, the system rewards planners and money managers when they convince clients to put (and keep) their money at risk!  "If financial planning doesn't work, what does?" Driven to find a better way, Kim studied the commonalities between wealth builders. She observed what worked and didn't work in the real world, and found synergy between certain strategies and principles. These common principles later became the 7 Principles of Prosperity of the Prosperity Economics Movement. Described as a “financial rule breaker,” Butler questions the foundational assumptions we’ve been taught, and backs up her ideas with examples, facts, decades of experience, and calculators.   Kim’s work has been recommended by thought leaders and authors such as Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Tom Dyson, publisher of the Palm Beach Letter investment newsletter, Tom Wheelright (Tax Free Wealth), and Garret Gunderson (Killing Sacred Cows). She has been interviewed by The Real Estate Guys and Palm Beach Letter, and is a frequent guest on Guide to Financial Peace radio with No BS Money Guy Todd Strobel.
October 30, 2015
BROKE and hungry!  Yes, it might be hungry from not having a recent meal, but I mean HUNGRY - for a better existence. HUNGRY to give your loved ones more.  HUNGRY for things to be better.  HUNGRY enough to be willing to get your hustle on! Proverbs 24:27(AMP) "Prepare your work outside and get it ready for yourself in the field; afterward build your house and establish a home." I have a friend whose husband left her, next thing I know - she has 4 part-time jobs going on and posting on social media that she is not above hard physical labor.  Days later, she is posting pics of her in a post construction clean up, and her pretty nails recently manicured, all a mess -and she did not care.  Her only request - was to BRING IT!  Anything! And she meant, anything!  As long as it was legal, she was game.  This girl was getting her hustle on and I applaud her. Now, it is GREAT to work in your area of passion and talent - and you should!  This is the work that brings fulfillment and makes you wake with a pep in your step.  However, right now - that was not her grind.  For many of us, we need to get MORE HUNGRY because our current situation is less than comfortable and that discomfort has grown so familiar, it seems easier to stay stuck in the hole, than mess your manicures to dig yourselves out. Cutting back, when things are already tight and meager is like cutting your cookie in half and thinking you now have two cookies. DUH! If you are broke, you MAY need to cut back, BUT YOU SURE AS HECK NEED MORE MONEY! Don't tell me you need a whip to get your butt in gear because the days of slavery are long over, but if the only way you will move is if there is a whip behind your back, then here ya go!  I give you permission to whip yourself, but when you do it -  Whip it good!  For the rest of us, listen in, and get your hustle on.
October 27, 2015
My friend, Amos Johnson, PhD, saw a need and filled it.  Christian entrepreneurs know that the secular world does not understand their faith, and the church does not always understand their grind.    Amos is the founder of Church for Entrepreneurs - a podcast that teaches Christian Entrepreneurs the Word, so they can grow their Faith to succeed at their entrepreneurial calling. Amos believes God has given him a calling to help Christian Entrepreneurs succeed at their calling. He strongly believes a fulfilled life comes from clearly knowing what God has called you to do and doing it.
October 23, 2015
"If you have a favorite social media, you don't get social media."  Grant Cardone. We all know the value of being on Social Media when you are marketing online.  However, some of us hang out exclusively on one or two sites.   I get it - managing your presence on multiple sites can get time consuming, but there is a way to leverage your content for maximum exposure. There are social media lessons we can learn from the Bible. Let's talk: Content distributionRepurposingMassive ExposureSpam Danger My social sites that I would love some love on (HINT: if you are not on these sites, you should consider jumping on board) DebtFreeWealthTV (my Youtube channel)       Instagram      Linkedin   Twitter    Perisope In the comment box below, let me know if you followed me and where (yes I will check); then post your link & I will return the favor.  Luke 6:31 "Do to others as you would have them do to you."
October 16, 2015
"I have a dream!"  These words started a revolution.  Martin Luther King, although gone from this world for years, is still remembered for these words and the movement that started because of it. Many of us have dreams.  Incredible dreams.  Dreams that give us moments to smile as we consider the, "What if?" Movies that make millions, new technology that makes our lives easier - all began as an idea which took on structure in the physical realm.  An idea pulled from the invisible world into the visible - a formula that has been around since the beginning of time when God created the world. From the first pages we learn how a plan became a done deal, and humans created in God's image, are not just created beings, but creative beings. I have a dream, and in that dream my life is a more fabulous version of my present reality.  However, today there are more elements of that dream that are part of my physical reality, and there will be even more for everyday that I continue here.  What about you? To dream and only dream is to keep those things that make you smile for a moment, exist only for a moment.  To take action to bring those dreams into the physical world start with the first step.  ZERO ACTION = ZERO RESULTS.  Leveraged Action = Exponential Results. Join me in THE DO SOMETHING CAMPAIGN!  This is simply a Mastermind Program centered around my E.A.S.Y system for helping you take your ideas into the physical world where it becomes your reality. This program is not a fit for everyone - befause not everyone is really ready to take action.   For those of you who know you want to do this but have a tendency to procrastinate, make excuses, get distracted, need some support and some objective feedback to your activity - this is for you.  Join me.
October 9, 2015
Language has been a barrier of peoples for centuries and still is.  Communication breaks down those barriers and being able to share in multiple languages is key for international, or global expansion. Businesses with this intention to grow exponentially cannot ignore the call of this type of growth, and Superstars like Grant Cardone, (Turn Around King, -National Geographic), understand this, and calls in my Guest Expert for today's show; Vladimir Reznikov to help him do just that. Vladimir Reznikov speaks several languages and is a sought after resource for translation services by Hollywood, US courts, and international contractors. If you have plans to get your book translated, appear on stage in a foriegn country, communicate key details in a sensitive international contact, you need these services, and Vladimir who calls California home, is just the man for the job.
October 7, 2015
Rebecca Robertson is the daughter of my mom's friend.  I knew her as a baby back in Jamaica, now she is all grown up, and has written a book, The 10 Day Detox Diet She uses a pen name as an alias, but I am looking forward to asking her: why she uses an alias what led to the writing of this bookhow the 10 day detox diet workswhat is next for this Rising Star.
October 2, 2015
Clestine Herbert is my guest as we talk about her upcoming Retreat/Conference - ELEVATE. ELEVATE is a mind transformation experience to be held Friday October 9, 2015 @The Hilton Garden Inn, 10309 Highland Manor Dr., East Tampa, Florida, 33610.  This retreat like conference is designed to help you, the PurposePreneur, learn how your mind works and how to use the mechanics of your mind to ELEVATE your business instead of work against your business.  We marry that with biblical truths that Super Achievers in the world use to be consistently successful. God gave each of us a spirit of self-control, therefore, we each have the ability to learn how to reprogram the mind to help us to do what He wants us to do. Clestine is a 'PurposePreneur', a Christian, and my friend.  It is my pleasure to share this platform with her.
September 30, 2015
Keandra Ward is a breath of fresh air.  She is a friend and entrepreneur who has made her faith and her career into one blended experience that it is impossible to determine where one stops and the other starts - as it should be. We will be talking primarily about her book, God's Divinely Implanted Desires; His Desire, Your Will  In this book Keandra Ward shares her personal testimony of building a true relationship with Christ.   She realized that everyone is fighting a battle, everyone has an issue that they deal with no matter if they are in the church or not. The difference and the defining factor between them are those who choose to get real, address their issues, truly trust in the Lord, believe his word, act according to his word and most importantly make the necessary changes to live the Life that God has strategically designed for them to live!   Career wise, Keandra has worked as a self employed business owner for over 20 years. She began working in a salon at the age of 14 and opened her first salon at the age of 18. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of South Florida. Additionally, Keandra currently holds more than 25 certifications in  business, cosmetology and makeup artistry. Her experience as a manager, trainer and quality specialist for a fortune 500 freight logistics company, helped her to develop her business management and training skills. Keandra opened NV beauty Industry Consultants now The B.O.M.B Mentoring in 2010 providing business and personal development news, courses and business trainings for start up businesses and businesses looking to rebrand .
September 25, 2015
Networking is much more than a simple exchange of business cards at a meet and greet.  Networking is not expecting the other person will do business with you, just because you did the polite chat and dash. Networking has evolved to almost a science for those who do it on purpose, so as to expand their influence and become known as the 'go to' person for what you do and offer. My guest expert, Topher Morrison is the Managing Director of Key Person of Influence - USA, a growth accelerator firm that has worked with over 1,000 companies, globally, to help them dominate their market share.  He is featured in the award-winning documentaries "The Compass" and "Riches," and his first book, Stop Chasing Perfection & Settle for Excellence has been hailed as The self-help book for people who are sick of self-help books.   Topher is the key person of influence for those want to become a key person of influence. So listen LIVE or listen later as Topher and I discuss networking on purpose to expand your influence in your space.
September 18, 2015
The Business of Coaching is growing as an industry, and wonderfully so.  However, there are so many misconceptions, misinformation, and mishandling of this opportunity that it begged for discussion and scrutiny. This show will take the form of a panel discussion.  There may not be a comprehensive conclusion to the discussion, however, we anticipate this will be a conversation starter to get those of us participating from the business end, or the user end - toward upgrading and elevating this whole coaching experience. The panelists are all Coaches or Consultants who serve others, and have all been clients of coaches/mentors as well. The ladies: Trudy Beerman: Show Host, and Profitable Stewardship ConsultantDarieth Chisolm: Business & Podcasting Coach, Anchor/Owner of Hustle TV, and former TV Anchor at WPXI in Pittsburgh The Gentlemen: Bob Buckley: AKA, the Soul Scientist, Transformation Coach and Leadership ConsultantRich Waterman: NLP Master Practitioner, and Trainer for Robbins Research Join us LIVE or listen later.
September 11, 2015
Size Matters!  And we are talking about the size of your mail list - whether email or actual post mailing, the point is, growing your list of prospect, leads and customers is crucial to the continuity and growth of any business, mission or ministry.   List building is a key component of any marketing plan.  Building a list using online strategies is a technical nightmare for many. Tom Spudic is my guest expert today.  He is a marketing coach whom I personally rely on for many technology consultations. Tom is a teacher and values helping entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Tom is an expert at evaluating businesses, their sales process, and their systems to help them maximize their profits, get more customers, and build long-lasting relationships with them. Whether it is a financial necessity that you do your marketing as a DIYer, or you just want to know what to expect and how to delegate this task to hired help; knowing what it takes to build your sales funnel so that you can build and expand your list is important.  What is a sales funnel, an incentive offer, an upsell, and copy; are just some of the things the average entrepreneur will need to address.  Listen LIVE or listen later.  Connect with Tom for additional help
September 10, 2015
The law of attraction is very attractive.  However, it is an acitivity involving the mind, and belief and who knows what else?  Well, my guest expert Dr. Matt Mannino, a neuroscience expert does.   Dr. Mannino created his Personal Development Company, Source Trainings, to empower others in achieving their dreams through a unique blend of the Science of Success and the Supernatural Laws that govern it.  As an industry leader in personal development and an expert and innovator in the neurosciences, Dr. Mannino has taken his unparalleled system of personal transformation, Quantum Emergence, worldwide, facilitating all levels of personal and professional growth. His message is also about how to get beyond our subconscious limitations and get into the purpose that God has for us.  If you have often wondered if the law of attraction is simply WOO WOO stuff.  Listen in for the science behind this law of attraction and begin to manifest your personal transformation and abundance.
September 4, 2015
Join me in a 90 day experience of self-love, self-care, pampering, clean eating and moveming your body.  In a nutshell, a 90 day STEWARDSHIP OF THE BODY experience. A few years ago, I buried my grandmother.  As I kissed her cold, lifeless body laying in the casket, I became painfully aware that the body is not who we really are.  The essence of my grandmother was not in that body laying there.  She was gone, even though her body was right there that I could touch. This body is not the real you, but how we care for it is how we experience this side of eternity, this side of reality.  It is through this body that we interact with others, and even though my grandmother's body was still around, she was absent. So, caring for this body is important because without it, we cannot interact with others.  As much as I would like it, that body laying in that casket could not jump up and give me a hug - because it was only a housing, and the housing had collapsed. That Aha extended to my own realization that the body I walk around in is not the real me either.  The fat me, the slimmer me, the sad me, the happy me - all expressed through my body - was just that; EXPRESSED THROUGH MY BODY!  The physical expression that people could see was simply displayed through my body, the real me is what DETERMINED what my body showed the world. So the fat me that people saw, was simply the physical expression of a decision to eat more and move less.  The slimmer version of me that people saw was simply the physical expression of my decision to eat less (or better), and move more.   How would 90 days of focused attention, of good stewardship of this body, impact our energy, excitement, and testimony? Join me and find out.
August 28, 2015
Moving aimlessly is like being a hamster on a spinning wheel.  Much ado about NOTHING! Vision drives activity and direction.  If you have a global destination, you may need a boat or plane and it may take many hours or days to arrive.  Short excursions require much much less effort, and energy.  However, the bigger the destination, the more energy and effort and cost and therefore, fewer of us experience those big trips. Same with vision.  When the Wright brothers tinkered with air travel, and Ford tinkered with the automobile in a time of the horse and buggy - those visions pulled them up, and outside of the zone of the ordinary. The notion that if you can see it, you can believe it, is not just rhetoric; words said to sound elevated.  This concept was coined out of the idea that a thought creates a reality.  When that thought or vision is BIG, so big it is almost scary, bordering on the realm of the impossible within the current reality -a  NEW door opens.  That door is to a new dimension that can only exist for those who pursue it. What if you took your goals and multiplied them by 10?  I did.  The first few seconds I did, I was flooded with thoughts convincing me that this was impossible.  Moments later, I found myself dreaming what it would like if those 10Xed goals WERE possible, and I stepped through a door to a new dimension and anything less seems like a waste of time. Chances are, even if I never truly hit the 10X version of my goal, I will go beyond the original goal set.  I invite you to join me.  DREAM BIG!  Then, DREAM BIGGER.  You will find yourself experiencing, an elevated life.
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