Welcome To Your Digital Life: Science Fiction vs. Science Fact
Published August 7, 2019
55 min
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    The buzz: “From tin-can robots to sophisticated, sentient virtual environments, artificial intelligence is a dominant theme in science fiction. With real-world advances in machine learning and deep learning, the gap between fact and fiction is narrowing. Real AI is not all about robots and self-aware computers. From Siri, search engines and motion-sensing video games to medical imaging and diagnostics, artificial intelligence is an increasingly significant part of our lives” Cray.com. Today we use various techniques to achieve AI with multiple levels of intelligence. We have made significant progress since the term artificial intelligence was first coined by John McCarthy and team in 1955 Mark Etwaru, CIO.com. How does AI in sci-fi match up with reality? We will ask the experts: Frank Diana, TCS and John H. Shannon, Seton Hall University and Gray Scott, Futuristic Now and Daniel Wellers, SAP. Please join us for Welcome To Your Digital Life: Science Fiction vs. Science Fact.
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