It is Ming's Fault
While Sam Q is hot, Ming's lack of tact with other peoples health conditions, after it was expressed not to joke about them, requires me to give this one star. I had hoped to here more of Kev and Jenn, but Ming's abhorrent behavior has caused me to quit listening to Smodco.
Top of the Podcast Charts To You!
The Tuesday Smorning Show is the only podcast I listen to every week without skipping. Heaps of laughs, and interesting discussions, and plenty of ball talk. Gisele’s getting her reading glasses fogged up makes me laugh every time! Must listen. Do it. You’ll laugh. Can I finish?! Can I fin….
Tuesday Mornings Only!!!!
Tuesday West Coast show is the best....even when Krueger isn't there. Grimace farts.
Tuesdays Shows one of the best of the network!
Tuesdays Shows is one of the best of the network, with Marty, Bill, Krueger and Gisele The friendship and the breaking balls attitude is really entertaining it doesn't matter the topic the MIRPS always have a great an funny opinion and here and there somo great recommendations for movies, music etc. Indian Oprah, German bill cosby are my favorites
Tuesday Smorning Show is my favorite!
I’ve been listening since the beginning and I feel like I’m hanging out with friends! At the beginning it was the Nooner Show with Dan and Marty. Through the years members come and go, but Marty holds it all together. He plays straight man and good sport with self deprecating humor. The mix of Marty, Bill, Stephen and Gisele is fun, witty, irreverent, poignant, musical, topical…the show goes allover the place in the best possible way!
Smodco Smorning Tuesday Podcast is Great!
Joseph Douglas Watson
I have been listening for a few months now to the Tuesday Smorning Left Coast Edition with Marty Yu, Bill Watterson Gisele Nett, and Stephen Krueger and I adore their lighthearted banter as well as the information up top on the recent news topics. This podcast is full of accents, impressions, comedy, and consistant laughs, as the hosts cover relevant topics and events in their lives. I love to tweet the show @NoonerDanMarty while it is broadcasting on Smodco's Internet radio and sometiems relisten on itunes. I would highly recommend this to people who enjoy humor. Thanks to these lovely people for doing this podcast nearly every week.
Tuesday smorning
The Tuesday group on the smorning show is one of my favorites of the whole smodcast network. Must listen.
West Coast Is Great
The Weast coast gang is terrific. Wish Ming would listen and take some pointers.
Tuesday Smorning
The Tuesday addition of the show is fantastic, Dan Ethridge, Marty Yu, Bill Watterson, Stephen Kruger, Emilie Ohara and Gisele Nett are incredible people and hilarious to boot! They talk about relevent news stories while peppering in their own brand of humor. I adore them all, none of them are famous movie makers or their wives but they are still wonderful people and after listening to one show I'm sure you'll love them too!
Ming the Merciless to our ears
The stuff with Alan/Megan/Jay/Jen/Kevin is great but Mike/Ming are boring Walt/Bryan are funny plus one is gone so I came here but stuck with M/M Ming Iis just plain awful yet its only show that update weekly except HBO /youeavt this crap but the great podcast with Alan/Megan/Jay/Jen/Kevin are gone
West Coast edition
slightly above average Jeff
The best morning of my week is when I get the download of Tuesday's Smorning Show.
All Minged Out
I gave it a shot and tried to listen everyday but I can't take a week of Ming. Wish there was a way just to subscribe to Tuesday as the West Coast Show is great. Keep up the great work MIRP's. Out of love for West Coast Crew I will still give a good rating. But just mark the other days as played and save your ears.
Forget the format and listen Tuesdays
Peter WG
I too was once saddened by the vaccum left from Kevin and Jen's Plus One, or Jay and Kevin's weekly input but Tuesday mornings are still viable hilarity. The Tuesday Smorning show, (formally Nooner with Dan and Marty) is still a weekly lesson in smart hilarity with an ever changing cast of MIRPs (Minor Internet Radio Personalities.) Despite Dan Etheridge's on/off absence due to filming, Marty Yu and gang fill every Tuesday with two hours of hilarious political/hollywood banter. Among the rotating cast of Bill Waterson, Emile O'Hare, Stephen Kruger, and DJ James Franco this show remains one of my favorite weekly podcasts, and one of the few I strive to listen to live, just to be a part of the fun.
Orignals Please
Im a big fan but PLUS ONE was not doing anything and they moved here great KEVIN-JEN-JAY-ALAN-JAMES-BRYAN- MEGAN-JAMES are great but as much as I like Ming/Mike on Comic Book Men they are boring on SMORNING original crew please come back
Tuesday crew is wonderful.
Jonah W.
When the Smodco Smorning Show first began, it was Kevin galore, but he's unfortunately gone onto other projects. The show is down to just two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday. With regard to Tuesday, I absolutely love the banter. It's amazing with Dan, but even without him, the regular cast, Marty, James, Bill, Stephen, and now Emily are very fun to listen to. They have great chemistry. Unfortunately, I cannot listen live due to the time difference, but they are very engaged in their audience through twitter. I have nothing but good remarks for this podcast (Tuesday, at least). The only thing I think could make it better is if James piped up a bit more. I love hearing what he has to say, but I'm not a big fan of hip-hop, so I'm not really in his podcast's target demographic.
Why no Jay & Kev?
Benny Matthew
I love all the SmodCast podcasts; they're entertaining, and everyone has their place and is entertaining in their own way. However, the image (and the description) for the "SModCo SMorning Show" says that both Jay and Kevin will be featured on Wednesdays, but they're not. When "Jay And Silent Bob Get Jobs" was cancelled and it was announced that this collective show would be taking over, I was disappointed but I figured, "Hey, at least Jay and Kevin will still be on one day per week, which is better than nothing". But now that I see that they aren't on at all, I'm even more disappointed. That aside, "SModCo SMorning Show" is still entertaining and worth the subscription for anyone that is a fan of the SModcast family!
Tuesday Mornings are still great!
Firefly Society
I love the Tuesday edition of this show. The combo of Marty, Steve, Bill, & DJ James is great! Their conversations are hilarious, entertaining, (probably accidentally) enlightening & thought-provoking. I miss weekly Dan, hopefully he can become a permanent member again & all 5 guys keep doing the show forever. I came to this show for Kevin Smith, but I stick around for these guys. Try a couple of shows & you’ll start to feel like these guys are old friends of yours. With all love and respect, F Cleveland
From Love to Hate
It would be great again if they would follow the schedule.
Tuesdays are a nice reset from the post-weekend blues of Monday. Dan, Marty, James, Bill, Steve and all the past guests make me look forward to the next Tuesday. I barely notice Mondays now. ... Of course if there were a Monday edition of the Smodco Smorning show I'd listen to that too... Or Wednesday... But Tuesday is my favorite these days. :)
Funny and free!
What more could I want? I personally love the current Tuesday lineup of Marty, Bill, Steve, and James (and Dan when he's in town), but Mike and Ming put on a great show as well. I say they just split the whole week!
Bring back Dan!
5/5 for on and on
I'm a loyal listener to smorning show on Tuesdays, but I'm getting slightly sick of all of the negativity and the mean-spirited atmosphere, even when it's for laughs. I can't wait for Dan to return, who never fails to be hilarious AND good-natured.
So here's the deal: I was the biggest SIR fan when it launched. I listened every morning and downloaded everything they put out. It gradually dwindled, which was fine. Now, it's pathetic. Mike and Ming, great dudes but boring as hell on their own. I miss the old Smodco SMorning Show. While pothead Kev brags about getting a bunch of work done, he rarely sticks to things longterm. How long has it been since we've heard a new Plus One? An I get it, it's free, but don't put something out there for people to dig and then replace it with something mediocre like Mike and Ming. Honestly, the only podcasts Smodco put out that I subscribe to anymore are FEaB and TESD.
Love Marty Yu
Marty don't give up you make my Tuesdays!
Great show
i love the show. I wait all week to here the nooner boys. Always funny.
Please end it
I was a big Kevin Smith fan & I was hyped when SIR first started & it was great but now it feels redundant & stale, especially the morning show. No more Kev, Jen, or Jay. Now the only time Kevin comes on is to promote something, like when his book came out. He didn't do the show for 6 months then he came on to promote his book, 2 weeks later he was gone. Kevin Smith says he care about the fans & that SIR is for the fan, it's a lie. SIR is just a giant ad for Kevin Smith. Take a step back, open your eyes & take it all in & you'll see the truth.
Such a bummer....
Shiesty Nagoo
I have been a huge fan of Kevin and the Smodcast network shows since the beginning, but it's time to give this one up. Every day I go and download the newest episode of the Smorning Show and instantly delete it when I find it's yet another Mike and Ming or Dan and Marty episode. It's a shame that Get jobs is all gone, and Get old is sometimes every 2 weeks now( and they're usually old rehashed road shows)...I miss Jason Mewes in my ears all the time.. His absence is sad
Great show great talk.
I have been listening to the show since the start and loved it the whole time. And even though there are only a few consistent hosts the show is still great. Please keep this show going, even if it just becomes the new Nooner.
Tuesdays are my favorite
scarecrow's bird dog
I love listening to the Nooner boys hold down the Tuesday show. Dan and Marty are hilarious! If you've never listened, give them a shot. They're sure to keep you entertained and before you know it, Tuesday will be your favorite day of the week.
Funny stuff
Dan & Marty = west coast fun Mike & Ming = east coast fun Enjoy the video game Thursday episodes.
Princes of Smod!
Big Fan of Smorning Show! Loved listening to Kevin, Jenn, Jason & Meggles last year and then became huge fans of Mike and Ming. I wish I could get more of them. I know some folks think they are boring, but they speak to me. From Mike and Mings encouragement I'm now a fan of TESD as well. But I believe that Mike and Ming can definitely be considered Princes of Smod! Keep it up guys and I hope the King and Queen can find time to hit the Smorning show mikes to again soon. But hey... We get it. In Smod We Trust!
no Kevin or Jason
I downloaded the lastest five episodes to get me through the day at work today...I'm listening to them all and Kevin and Jason aren't in any of them. I'm disappointed. I'd even be ok with Jordan and Jen, but these same dudes for days makes no sense. Bring back the reason I tuned in in the first place, Jay and Bob!
Love It.
I miss having Kevin, Jay and Jen on every day, but I'm always glad when there's a new episode regardless. Dan and Mike Zapcic are the secret heroes of SmodCo.
I look forward to Mike and Ming in the morning!!
I love all the various podcasts, but Mike and Ming are my favorite...followed closely by the creeator of Party Down. Great stuff....just dont get burned out by podcasting too much!
Not the "Free Funny" I remember!
The show is great, but the change to switch to a uniform podcast time wasn't the right move. I really enjoyed plus one per diem and the other daily shows. Also, don't have anyone else but Kevin, Jen and Jason be the regular show hosts
It's nice that Kev is back...
I'm happy that Kev has returned for regular Smorning shows, and I enjoy hearing him talk and listening to his stories. For me, Jen can be hit-or-miss. She sounds great and is funny, but can get on too much of a "I am woman, hear me roar!" tangent at times. Meghan just needs to stick a sock in it. She is so annoying, and seems to have an arrogance about her that I just can't stand. I'd rather hear Shecky yapping loudly in the background for three hours. Thanks for the laughs, Kev. Please keep Meghan and Ming away from the mics.
Rain or shine we will always broadcast...except not.
Dustin Farnum
Way to quit!! Of course... It fell apart and now they have unqualified people filling in... I can't stand Ming... How is some simple dude from jersey who can't even get a real job qualified to run a hit podcast? I'm just glad Kevin is done talking about red state.... How redundant was that? It was a decent movie... But he was talking about it and himself like he made pulp fiction or scarface... Kevin, it wasn't THAT special... Most writer/ directors have great, meaningful movies everytime they produce one.. Stop thinking your god like..
Ming was Great!
The April 24th show was really great. Ming drove the bus on this show with all the confidence of a true Podcaster! Keep up the great work and keep having guests that you can really get into it deep with. I want to visit Red Bank now to experience The Stash and Yestercades and put my $25 dollars down for the all day ride down memory lane.
I Have Faith
I have faith that eventually Kevin will come back. But I'm so tired of hearing Ming's voice I could destroy my own ear drums. Dan and Marty are a welcome and hysterical respite from Mingcast, but what I really crave is some Kev and Jen podding of ye olden days. I appreciate that to put out this podcast for free he's gotta hit the road and make some dough, so I forgive his prolonged absense. But Mewes and Jordan or Megan and Alan could put on a show every once a while, couldn't they?
S'more please
Mike and Ming to save the day .
Yuphoric Dangasms.
As much as I love the shows with Kevin & Jen, the Morning shows w/ Dan & Marty are a highlight of my week. Its always entertaining to hear more about the behind the scenes of the entertainment business, the random bursts into song, back and forth bickering, and my week's dosage of medical news. Would love to hear more guests, but with James manning the board (and boarding the man) the dynamic is there and is a podcast well worth downloading every week(ish)
The 2 lame ones
mike and ming are boring and boringer. What happened to Kev and Jen? This should be Jason's show.
from great to crap
No Kev, No Jen.... Why bother.
Patiently waiting...
Darth Mooby
Don't get me wrong, I love I Sell Comics, but I think that's because Mike and Ming stick to comics. Their stints on the Smorning Show don't really do anything for me and I usually mark them as played so they don't sync to my iPhone. I keep them because I might get around to listening to them eventually. I do, however love, love, LOVE Dan and Marty and theirs are usually listened to as soon as they download since I miss Nooner. I can't wait for Kevin and Jen to get back, though. I'd love for a Kevin and Jen / Dan and Marty alternating schedule.
Nooner is great!
Dan, Marty, and DJ JamMaster James are awesome. I look forward to their day every week. Keep up the good work!
Dan and Marty
i love Dan amd Marty more Dan more Marty more James
5 stars for Dan and Marty.
I only download this show when I see Dan and Marty are hosting. I really enjoyed Nooner and am happy to hear them in anything. The daily show itself is a mess, and shouldn't even be called such because it's not daily at all anymore. If Dan and Marty just went back to their own show, that would be ideal and much easier to keep track of. Dan and Marty for the win.
Quirky Bunch of Charaters!
I love and support Mike & Ming, Dan & Marty, and other smashups, lineups associated with Kevin Smith. True, Kevin & Jen and even Mews, haven't been on the Smorning show, but they are traveling the globe, putting on shows. I understand they are very busy people, and the rest of the Smodcast family are holding on the fort. I appreciate their efforts and will continue to support all their endeavors. The Smodcast family are a quirky bunch of characters and they are very much amazing!!!
Great Shows!
So glad that Dan and Marty still have a voice on the SmodCast Network! Nooner was amazing, and I'm glad I can still listen to the guys once a week (usually)!
First I want to say I am a huge Keven Smith and SMod Cast fan. I LOVE Hollywood Babbleon, Jay and Bob Get Old, and all the rest of the shows. And I have to say, I tried to listen to the Smorning Show but it simply is not Plus One Per Diem. Jen and Kev were awesome. I like Mike and Ming. For some reason, after many attempts...just can't get into Dan and Marty. I don't want to be mean, this is just my opinion.
Kevin and Jen, Where have you gone?
Mr. Rogers13
This show is great when Kevin and Jen are there. But 90% of the week tends to be Mike and the Ming"Dog". "Dog" as in "lap dog". Ming is horrible and listening to Mike is like watching paint dry. The Savior of the week goes to Dan and Marty. Whatever day they show up on, it's worth deleting Mike and Ming the rest of the week! Ming is definitely the East Coast Marty. Dan's constant quips at Marty are hillarious and inventive. Smodco Smorning Show gets the two stars because of MIRP"S Dan and Marty. Come back Kev and Jen!
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