The Go-to sec podcast
DtSR is a go-to resource for the latest in the security world. Top-notch guests providing true insight into our industry. A wide variety of topic which cover trends, tools, trapdoors, and something else that starts with the letter ’t’. You’ll think of something. Jump down the hole and see the light!
It’s all about that intro
Phantom Physics
This is by far my fav cyber podcast. Thank you James and Ralf.
Mostly marketing for vendors
In truth, I've only listened to 3 podcasts so maybe I just got unlucky. But they've all been vendor hype. The recent Episode 358 No more crappy jobs is an example. Leaving aside that the guest, Diedre's favorite word is "I", the show was 80% what her "platform" could do and how it's impossible to hire people without it. Essentially, this was a marketing show for whatever she's selling and how many buzzwords she can say. If you want more than this, try Darknet Diaries. No marketing or hype and well told cyber stories with good detail.
Consistently relevant to today's security landscape
Misha Fire
If you are in the information Security field, this is one of the must-listen podcast series out there. The wide array of topics and excellent guest lineup make it worth going back and listening to the archives as well.
This podcast is a must for everyone concerned about cybersecurity!
Ten year old
About three years ago, I moved from being an IT Director to a Cybersecurity Director. This podcast was instrumental in understanding the many facets of cybersecurity without getting too technical. Most of the other podcasts focus on just current events, this one also provides meaningful discussions on topics that are less sexy, but are just as important (i.e. legal perspectives on cybersecurity). I highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in this field regardless of your experience or title.
Consistently excellent podcast
One of my go to security podcasts. Consistently high quality!
Awesome Podcast
I stumbled across this podcast and after one show I am hooked!
Great podcast
Heavily educational and entertaining
Informative and inspiring
Great podcast. It's on my short list of weekly listening.
The Meat you must eat to get your Pudding
This is THE podcast for security professionals. With talks about the current issues in the InfoSec space but with a spin that I have not heard in any other tech talks as they are constantly showing ways to think/work in closer step with the business. Demonstrating ways to take the issues that we find important and show how to make them relevant to the business and thus showing ways that we can help, not hinder business. A huge plus to the show is the production. All mike levels are balanced and you will think these guys are in one room not spread across the country. The topics are thought out and researched prior to the show being recorded, so it comes across as a polished/well produced podcast, yet fun with each of the guys poking at the other when opportunity strikes. The only thing these really smart guys cannot seem to get is how to segue between topics without cracking themselves (and audience) up – they are as smooth like a ride on a Detroit city street on a Segway. Great show guys! I learn something from you each and every week
Excellent podcast for security leaders
This podcast is a great resource for those who want to understand security leadership and the hard questions and answers that come from various examples of real world events and incidents. The podcast is tremendous for those who want to understand what and why some questions are asked or need to be answered in security leadership. Can't say enough about this podcast and every Monday, this is the must listen podcast of my day.
Interesting and relevant
Raf and gang always have a great topic at hand to draw you in. They are able to speak to the topic not only as technical practitioners, but they put business context around it.
The best
So far this is the best weekly security podcast out there. Keep up the great work guys.
Second Oldest Profession
This is one of my absolute favorite podcasts for several reasons. First, I am a lawyer (yeah, "that guy") interested in and practicing in cyber, infosec, and privacy law and I appreciate the fact that the hosts speak to these issues in a language that even I can understand. Second, all three of the hosts have really great personalities and make staying abreast of this kind of information fun -- I like the fact that they can work in a very serious space yet not take themselves too seriously. Third, they just share really great information that everyone needs to pay attention to these days!
One of the “must listen to” podcasts on my list
My interests in podcast are mostly computer forensics-related; however, with the co-mingling of digital forensics and information security, a search led me right to the Down the Security Rabbithole podcast. I gave it a listen over a year ago and haven’t missed an episode since. The topics they cover are always current and the presentation of the material is mostly presented in such an easily digestible manner that even my non-techie wife could grasp most of the material. (Not that she’d let me listen to a tech podcast in the car…)
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