Listened to one on contracts
Although I have never gotten to an executed contract, I hope to some day. Excellent information and attention to details. A must listen to podcast for writers of every platform.
This killed me...
“’s your BDSM superstore...”. Hilarious!
Best Audio Classroom for Writers
Thom Forke
I just discovered Scriptnotes and have been barreling through the backlog ever since. They have such useful knowledge and make me think about things in a completely different way. I can only imagine how many writers out there have dramitcally improved their skills based off the things they've heard from John and Craig. Thanks so much for creating such a invaluable learning space or your community!
The best.
What angels these men are to provide us with free lectures on screenwriting and the industry once a week. And it’s fascinating to me that they weren’t best friends before they started doing this podcast together. They’re the perfect complement to each other. The bombastic umbrage of Craig. The even-handed objectivity of John. Thanks for doing this, guys!
Perhaps My Favorite Podcast
John and Craig are always empathetic, insightful and engaging. It’s a great podcast for anyone with creative passions.
Must-listen podcast
BY FAR the best screenwriting podcast. Everything else is average. This one is fantastic
Thank you!
El Cucaracho
This podcast is fantastic - so fantastic I had to buy all the past episodes. Insightful. Funny. Honest. I’d recommend this to anyone interested in movies - not just screenwriters... But especially helpful for people interested in screenwriting and developing a career in screenwriting. For the writers reading this, subscribe to the podcast and please don’t focus on my bad grammar.
So Clutch
Every episode, at least one time during the recording, my eyes widen and I furiously grab for my notebook to make notes. Thank you for such an education podcast that is fun to listen to!
They will teach you how to word good like me do.
Wonderful talented writers breaking it down for you in an entertaining and informative way. Their guests are some of the most prominent people in the business. You will laugh. You probably won’t cry. Apparently those who can, teach.
An Inside Joke
There are a ton of blogs, books, and podcasts out there about screenwriting, but John August really approaches the topic with authority. I feel like he's being honest about the industry rather than saying what aspiring writers want to hear just to sell a class or book. I wish there was more consistency to episode length - there's a lot of good content but it's hard to carve out time in my day to listen when I don't know if it'll be 40 minutes or close to 2 hours.
Five stars
I’ve listened to a bunch of screenwriting podcasts over the last year and this is the only one I still listen to weekly. The advice is straightforward and the discussion is always relevant. Keep up the great work guys!
Critical content
Just listening to one episode I’m completely rethinking how I’ve been approaching my current script. Great content.
Smart, smart, smart
These fellas are two smart, accomplished screenwriters who just get to the crux of the matter all the time. They know whereof they speak and we are richer for it.
Absolutely the best!
Hole to play
1) By now they're not really in need of another positive review but they're getting it anyways. For the dreamers this podcast is indispensable. If you're anything like me you don't really have friends you can talk to about screenwriting and these podcast feels like you're sitting around with some buddies. And it's good for your psyche to feel like you’re in the circle. 2) There is no book on screenwritting that can take the place of this podcast. And the people they have on thier show are incredible. John and Craig could charge you your first born and it would be a steal! But that's the best part - it's free!
I Wish That I Knew Then What I Know Now
If you’re an active screenwriter, an aspiring screenwriter, a storyteller, a director, an editor, a copywriter, a freelance anything, and/or just a fan of movies/filmmaking/story, stop reading this and start listening to Scriptnotes. Oh. You’re still here. Why are you still reading this? Are you digging for a little more info before you commit to listening to an ad-free podcast? OK. Here’s the deal. When I look back on my life at this point, I see squandered opportunity after squandered opportunity with regards to screenwriting. I had people going out of their way to help me, nurture me, guide me… and I blew it. And along the way, I blew through tons of money and, most importantly, TIME. I can only wonder what it would be like if everything I’ve learned from John & Craig over the past five years of listening I knew about 10-12 years ago. If so, I wouldn’t have made every single awful decision I made at that time. And the mistakes you make early… they can cripple and derail you for life. So, if you really want to give your dreams their best chance of success (or just be a smarter about film, story, and life), don’t repeat my mistakes. And if you really listen and pay attention to John & Craig (and their guests), you won’t. So, again, please, stop reading… and start listening to Scriptnotes.
Scriptnotes, lapping the competition for years.
I’m a long time Scriptnotes listener who recently branched out to other screenwriting podcasts. John and Craig are easily lapping every single screenwriting podcast out there, except for one. In a world filled with podcasts hosts of questionable creative authority and intentions, Scriptnotes is as authentic and as valuable as it gets.
Required listening
Ben Rock
I've been listening to this poscast for years. It's probably the best podcast about working in the film business out there. I recommend it to everyone I know who wants to pursue working in entertainment.
Like Traveling with a Two Friends
I listen to them alllll the time while driving, and not only do they provide great insight into the life of a screenwriter, they’re genuinely fun to listen to. Also Craig loves ventriloquism.
Best screenwriting podcast.. maybe best podcast
Brandt G.
Craig and John are really great and awesome!! I got a chance to see them live and they did not disappoint, if you are a screenwriter or really just like movies, you should absolutely listen. Would recommend this podcast to everyone
Really enjoying this so far!
A great podcast for writers and fans of movies and TV.
Now you can take a break from writing to do the dishes but still feel like you’re “moving forward.”
What's Her Face
The hosts are both intelligent and thoughtful, and give you an honest and grounded look at what life as a screenwriter is like. I especially love the insight into the mechanics of using details to craft engaging stories.
But is it canonically correct?
I love the podcast but just don’t think the main characters we’re believable. Is it too late to recast and reshoot everything!
Mandatory listening for screenwriters
John and Craig are two working writers who reveal very helpful, relevant, and timely information about screenwriting. The podcast is also very fun -- John is a perfect gentleman and Craig ain't afraid to tell it like it is. These guys are great. Their special guests are great. Their live events are great. Great great great.
Could listen everyday.... sometimes I do.
T. Dubs
This podcast is a weekly education in screenwriting, and sometimes in just being a decent human being in any business. I’ve gotten so much from John and Craig’s insight not to mention the guests they interview. Kind of the first place to start if you want to be informed about the ins and outs of the screenwriting business.
Perfect podcast in terms of length, content, and sound quality. I’m not Hollywood but feel like I am when I listen. Great insight and great motivation for writers who are not in the business.
Addicted to Scriptnotes
No matter how busy my week is, I always devour the new episode of Scriptnotes every Tuesday. John and Craig (and all their awesome guests) have taught me so much “about screenwriting and things that are interesting to screenwriters.” And I especially love attending their live events! Thanks, guys!
Invaluable Material for Screenwriters
Archived episodes are full of great pro tips and lessons learned. Highly recommend!
To the show's jingle "This show really rocks!"
Lots of umbrage. Lots of delightful things. Every once in a while some creeper named "Sexy Craig" shows up and if you are jogging at night, you start looking behind you. Questions and answers and one or two cool things and three page challengers lining up for the firing squad with their scripts held to their chests. It's scriptnotes.
Invaluable for a writer. This podcast is like a free film school. Thank you!
I love script notes
Great podcast for any writer or director.
Excellent resource for aspiring screenwriters
I discovered this podcast after listening to John Augusts interview on the Nerdist podcast. It’s full of essential information for next aspiring screenwriters. Highly recommended!
Skip the screenwriting books
These guys know what they’re talking about. 90% of my car rides are spent listening to this helpful, creative, insightful podcast.
Is it Tuesday yet?
When the week hits Tuesday and I get in the car on my way to work, my first thought is, I get to listen to a new Scriptnotes today! Craig Mazin and John August have a great repartee and just-different-enough perspectives on things about writing (and world at-large). They keep me engaged and open my thinking about my own writing. I consider the story I'm currently mulling over and how I can apply the techniques or approaches they discuss. They're funny, opinionated and they know thier fonts! This is the first podcast I've listened to on a regular basis, and I feel like I lucked out, struck gold and won the lottery all at once. (Shoot! All cliches!) However, all true. Whether about writing a script, maneuvering Hollywood, or detecting whether John is really a robot, their conversations are not to be missed. Thanks guys!
friggin' amazeballs
I'm not a screenwriter, and although I do get paid for my writing, it's not what I do to earn my daily bread. That said, having downloaded a few episodes on a whim, I am now totally addicted. I listen when I drive, and have found these conversations so funny, insightful, enlightening and intelligent, I sometimes remaining sit in the car, long after I've pulled into the driveway, unwilling to end the discussion. I felt compelled to write a review so other, nonscreenplay, writers could have a sense of how John and Craig are both educated and engaging. Their words have helped my writing, and my thoughts, and have even made me consider writing a screenplay – just so I could try to get them do a three page critique. Seriously, I've super impressed with both the quality and the caliber of these discussions, and would definitely advise anyone, who has anything to do with words, to take a gander. I wish I was a screenwriter only because I think listening to these two would get me exactly where I wanted to go. Thank you John and thank you Craig, I'm really enjoying our time together in the car.
I can listen in the shower!
It's not often that I have the urge to hook up my shower-safe bluetooth speaker, but this show has me diving through over 300 episodes throughout the day. Normally, I like to digest as much of the show as I can in the a.m. or in the car, but I will take it on-the-go whenever I can. John and Craig are really helpful with their insights, which matches the real life personas that they carry across to social media, where they happen to be attentive and, above all else, clever. Love the show, can't recommend it enough.
these guys are awesome
Best podcast for screenwriters out there. Real world stories and interviews with other big name experts.
Great and thought content but...
Great and thoughtful content but the audio quality can use a lot of improvement.
Not just for Writers but everyone in the Biz
Pam Tierney
As an actor, I have learned so much from this podcast, not only about the business in general but about the creative side from the writers perspective. I have taken lessons learned and applied them to my part of the creation process, bringing a writer’s words to life. This is a very information dense podcast with just the right amount of silliness thrown in. Thank you Gentlemen for your service to those coming behind you.
Bloody well done.
The best thing they do is take the mystery out of the profession and make the writing process accessible. Thank you.
Came for the writing advice, stayed for the people.
Love these guys! I was originally directed to their pod by FilmRiot on a list of most affordable resources for learning film craft. I ended up paying the two bucks a month for the back episodes and it was totally worth it. While I haven’t ventured into writing a screenplay, they helped me so much in my creative writing class by constantly reminding me of the elements that make a great story. It made my short stories pack so much more of a punch. I came for writing tips but I have grown to love listening to these two people and their personalities. They have also made my critical evaluation skills much better and made me slower to trash a movie or story and have made me overall a more optimistic person. Even the stuff that has nothing to do with writing is so entertaining. I recommend the episode on homeopathic medicine. Just fantastic.
The cheapest (and best) film school
Blacker Blake
If you want to be a screenwriter and you’re thinking about going to film school, listen to this podcast first. If you’re in film school, listen to this podcast. I attended film school and the deadlines and the peer groups and some of the instruction was helpful, but I have learned far more about the craft of screenwriting and how Hollywood actually works from John and Craig. If you’re serious about pursuing screenwriting this podcast is a MUST. I promise you will feel so much more informed and prepared for the struggles ahead if you’re guided by these two working professionals who are basically donating their time to help you.
Great Resource
Not sure how I found this podcast… I think it was via searching for info about the markup stuff. Anyway, I'm hooked and have added this podcast to my regular playlist. I have not interfaced with Craig Mazin, but John August has been very generous and helpful with his time. Thanks for putting this podcast out, have found most of it very helpful. :)
Best Podcast on Screenwriting
Simply put: this is the best podcast in the genre. You get wonderful insight from actual screenwriters, yes real working professional screenwriters. Typically you can only find advice about writing from "gurus" with IMDb credits as long as a film student, top 10 lists churned out by rejected screenwriters turned screenplay competition blogger or aspiring screenwriter/filmmakers who are in the same boat as you are. Forget all that garbage and just listen to this. Good day!
Box of Bisquik
Am I the only one who deleted this podcast after 3 episodes because, while the information was useful, I just couldn't get past John August's manner of speaking like he just swallowed a box of Bisquik. Sometimes he is barely intelligible! Good thing he's a writer. A shame, I would have liked to be a follower.
The best advice I can give you...
Israel Curtis
During a meeting with one of John’s former assistants - a now highly successful writer/director, I asked what their best piece of advice is for someone new to the entertainment business. They started to tell me a few philosophies they live their life by — negotiate from strength, don’t be a jerk and don’t be a robot— but then stopped abruptly, and said “you know, you should just listen to the Scriptnotes podcast by John August. John wrote Big Fish. That’ll teach you way more than anything I could tell you right now.” 2 years later, I’ve learned more about writing and show business listening to Scriptnotes than I could’ve in 4 years of film school and I’m so grateful for that.
John and Craig are great
Thanks, guys.
The Definitive Screenwriting Bible
John and Craig are highly specific examples of successful Hollywood screenwriters, but they nonetheless excel at generalizing on the craft from a place of deep experience and wisdom.
Should you give up?
Great episode. Interesting points made. I love the idea that being a professional writer comes from writing and not the other way around. I'm a writer, even if I never get paid and never write anything great. It helps me order my thoughts and experiences.
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