421: Help People Learn Through Powerful Teaching, with Pooja Agarwal
Published July 22, 2019
38 min
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    Pooja Agarwal: Powerful Teaching
    Pooja Agarwal is an expert in the field of cognitive science and is passionate about bridging gaps between education and the science of learning. She is the founder of RetrievalPractice.org and Assistant Professor at the Berklee College of Music, teaching psychological science to exceptional undergraduate musicians.

    She also serves as a consultant and facilitates professional development workshops on the science of learning around the world. Pooja is the author with Patrice Bain of the book Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of Learning*.

    In this conversation, Pooja and I discuss the key strategies that leaders can use in order to maximize their effectiveness as teachers. Since almost every leader is responsible for talent development in some capacity, becoming a more powerful teacher will help you develop others more successfully.
    Key Points

    The three stages of the learning process are encoding, storage, and retrieval. We tend to focus too much on getting information into peoples’ heads (encoding) and not enough on getting it out (retrieval).
    Stop reviewing past discussions and meetings. Instead, invite people to recall and articulate prior interactions.
    Cramming works, but only in the short-term. For long-term retention, spacing is much more effective.
    There is no significant evidence that visual, auditory, and kinetic preferences correlate to actual learning. Instead, effective learning combines all these methods.

    Bonus Audio

    Why struggling is a good thing for learning

    Resources Mentioned

    Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of Learning*
    Are You a Visual or an Auditory Learner? It Doesn’t Matter

    Book Notes
    Download my highlights from Powerful Teaching in PDF format (free membership required).
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