412: How to Address Underperformance and More Questions, with Bonni Stachowiak
Published June 3, 2019
35 min
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    Bonni Stachowiak: Teaching in Higher Ed
    Bonni Stachowiak is the host of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast, a professor of business and management at Vanguard University, and my life partner. Prior to her academic career, Bonni was a human resources consultant and executive officer for a publicly traded company. She joins me monthly to respond to listener questions.
    Listener Questions

    Elizabeth asked about a tricky issue with an underperforming team member she inherited.
    Gordon wondered what he could do to support resilience during a time of massive change.
    Leona asked how she might think about the disconnect from what her organization espouses and what she sees in practice.
    Anthony was curious about when it’s appropriate to ask “why” and when it’s not.

    Resources Mentioned

    Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It … and Why the Rest Don’t* by Verne Harnish
    Scaling Up Growth Tools
    Analyzing Performance Problems* by Robert F. Mager and Peter Pipe

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