409: Gallup Findings on the Changing Nature of Work, with Jim Harter
Published May 20, 2019
39 min
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    Jim Harter: It’s the Manager
    Jim Harter is the Chief Scientist for Workplace at Gallup. He has led more than 1,000 studies of workplace effectiveness, including the largest ongoing meta-analysis of human potential and business unit performance. He is the co-author with Jim Clifton of the new book, It’s the Manager: Gallup Finds That the Quality of Managers and Team Leaders is the Single Biggest Factor in Your Organization’s Long-Term Success*.
    Key Points
    Millennials and Generation Z have influenced the changing nature of work. Six key findings from Gallup:

    People don’t just work for a paycheck — they want a purpose.
    People are no longer pursuing job satisfaction — they are pursuing development.
    People don’t want bosses — they want coaches.
    People don’t want annual reviews — they want ongoing conversations.
    People don’t want a manager that fixates on their weaknesses.
    People say, it’s not my job — it’s my life.

    Resources Mentioned

    It's the Manager: Gallup Finds the Quality of Managers and Team Leaders is the Single Biggest Factor in Your Organization's Long-Term Success* by Jim Clifton and Jim Harter
    CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsFinder) assessment
    Gallup Access

    Book Notes
    Download my highlights from It’s the Manager in PDF format (free membership required).
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