368: The Way to Take Ownership and More Questions, with Tom Henschel
Published September 3, 2018
37 min
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    Tom Henschel: The Look & Sound of Leadership
    Tom Henschel of Essential Communications grooms senior leaders and executive teams. An internationally recognized expert in the field of workplace communications and self-presentation, he has helped thousands of leaders achieve excellence through his work as an executive coach and his top-rated podcast, The Look & Sound of Leadership.
    Listener Questions

    Jennifer asked about how to not take criticism personally when she receives it.
    Matt wondered if highly emotional intelligent leaders experience self-doubt.
    Lillian asked how she could influence the work that is being delegated to her.
    Amber wanted to know what she could do to address organizational change fatigue.

    Resources Mentioned

    Jennifer Garvey Berger at Growth Edge Coaching
    How to Stop Worrying and Start Living* by Dale Carnegie
    Leading Change* by John Kotter
    Our Iceberg is Melting* by John Kotter
    Start With Why* by Simon Sinek
    The EQ Edge* by Steven Stein and Howard Book
    Difficult Conversations* by Douglas Stone, Sheila Heen, and Bruce Patton
    Thanks for the Feedback* by Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen
    Who Moved my Cheese* by Spencer Johnson

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