367: How to Support Peak Performance, with Nada Wentzel
Published August 27, 2018
36 min
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    Nada Wentzel: The Jonah Group
    Nada Wentzel is Global Solutions Director at the Jonah Group. She is a master coach, facilitator and international speaker, with qualifications in mechanical engineering, neuroscience, and organizational psychology.
    Key Points

    In terms of decision-making, the brain doesn’t actually know the difference between imaginary and real.
    The thought of something bad happening can shift our direction.
    Pain is an 8x stronger motivator than pleasure.
    We’re designed to respond well to stress, but we are not designed to be in a chronic stress mode.
    This about a 2-degree shift and how far a little adjustment can take you.
    Create an optimal stress level that keeps people engaged but not burnt out.
    Discuss the three H’s: Heartache, hero, highlight

    Resources Mentioned

    Nada Wentzel
    The Jonah Group

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