314: Three Steps to Establish Your Leadership Brand, with Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster
Published September 11, 2017
39 min
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    Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster: Your Leadership Brand
    Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster are from Root + River. They are brand strategists and marketers who believe that your brand is how other people experience what you believe.
    Key Points

    Branding is something that begins inside of you.
    Much of branding is just uncovering what’s inside of you, articulating it, and then reflecting it outward.
    We’re living in a world where we can no longer get away with pretending to be something we’re not, so we have no alternative but to be ourselves.
    If you reverse engineer a brand failure, it’s usually because of a poor leadership decision, not a marketing problem.
    Whenever there is an outward branding problem, look inward.
    The most successful brands are the ones that have a minuscule chasm between their public brand and how they operate internally.
    Most missions come from suffering.
    What problem does the organization solve in the world?
    When there’s a connection to a belief, it becomes the message that then permeates every aspect of an organization.
    Branding becomes an invitation to believe what you believe.
    Our obsession with branding and marketing being finished is part of the problem.
    It’s always good for your brand to take a stand.

    Three questions to ask when building a brand:

    What do you believe in?
    What’s your mission?
    How do you create value in the world?

    Resources Mentioned

    Root + River
    An Open Letter on Branding
    Oatmeal v Bacon: Oatmeal is Boring, Bacon is Not - The Branding Book for People that Care* by Justin Foster

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