310: How to Reduce Drama With Kids, with Tina Payne Bryson
Published August 14, 2017
41 min
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    Tina Payne Bryson: No Drama Discipline
    Tina Payne Bryson is the co-author, with Dan Siegel, of two New York Times bestsellers, The Whole Brain Child* and No Drama Discipline* — each of which has been translated into over twenty languages. She is a psychotherapist and the Executive Director of The Center for Connection in Pasadena, California, where she offers parenting consultations and provides therapy to children and adolescents.
    Key Points

    Much of what we do in the name of discipline is counter-productive.
    The original meaning of the word “discipline” is to teach.
    To effectively discipline (to teach kids skills to do better in the future), children have to be in a state of mind in which they can learn.
    Consequences can be counter-productive.
    If you’re being an effective disciplinarian, you should be disciplining less over time.
    “Time-outs” don’t teach kids anything, but taking the time to step away from the situation to talk to your kids does teach.

    Resources Mentioned

    No-Drama Discipline: The Whole-Brain Way to Calm the Chaos and Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind by Daniel Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson*
    The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind by Daniel Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson*
    The Yes Brain: How to Cultivate Courage, Curiosity, and Resilience in Your Child by Daniel Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson* (pre-order)

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