307: How to Make Inclusion Happen, with Deepa Purushothaman
Published July 24, 2017
43 min
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    Deepa Purushothaman: Inclusion at Deloitte
    Deepa Purushothaman is a National Managing Principal of Inclusion at Deloitte. She speaks extensively about Deloitte’s focus on women and has been featured at national conferences and in publications like Bloomberg and Harvard Business Review.
    Key Points

    You don’t have to always do things they way they’ve been done before — you can find a new way that is authentic to you.
    As society evolves, companies need to think about how they provide inclusion for their employees.
    People are less worried about seeing a diverse leadership team than they are about feeling like they belong.
    Individuals need to feel a sense of belonging and connection.
    Inclusion is starting to play an important role in talent acquisition and retention.
    One of the biggest mistakes is not knowing where to start and then doing nothing.
    Employees join and leave companies based on whether or not there is an inclusive culture.

    Resources Mentioned

    Responding When Your Expertise Is Challenged
    Deepa Purushothaman on Twitter

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