306: Five Steps to Hold People Accountable, with Jonathan Raymond
Published July 17, 2017
43 min
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    Jonathan Raymond: Good Authority
    Jonathan Raymond is the founder of Refound, a firm that believes we should all be aiming for more Yoda and less Superman. He is the author of the book, Good Authority: How to Become the Leader Your Team Is Waiting For*.

    Many managers and leaders recognize when more accountability is needed, but few use a process that invites high performance and embraces the whole person. In his work at Refound, Jonathan invites leaders to imagine a world where personal and professional growth are one thing, and where improving your relationships and owning your strengths translate directly into the rest of your life.

    In this conversation, Jonathan teaches us a common language around accountability that works for almost everyone. Plus, he teaches us the five key steps of the accountability dial.
    Key Points

    Micromanagement is focused on tasks, but accountability is focused on relationships.
    Accountability doesn’t work unless there’s a context of personal caring.
    Employees want growth, and growth comes from productive discomfort. If you if you orient your day towards acknowledgment only on the positive side, you’re missing the better part of it.

    The 5 Steps of the Accountability Dial:

    The Mention
    The Invitation
    The Conversation
    The Boundary
    The Limit

    Resources Mentioned

    Good Authority: How to Become the Leader Your Team Is Waiting For* by Jonathan Raymond
    Download the Accountability Dial
    Refound (Jonathan's Firm)

    Book Notes
    Download my highlights from Good Authority in PDF format (free membership required).
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